Viral Payment Software VPS Review – New Content Lock Technology

Viral Payment Software VPS Review

Welcome to my Viral Payment Software VPS review & software tutorial.

I just finished reviewing this cool new software that comes out yesterday and I thought you might be interested.

If you’d like to ethically force people to share your links and make your sites go viral, then check out this software.

Viral Payment Software (or VPS for short) is a powerful software for building buzz around your sites and getting free viral traffic by using 1) content lock and 2) micro payment system.

It allows you to lock up your content (content locker) and force people to either give their email address, share your link on social media sites or pay you a small fee with PayPal to unlock it.

Viral Payment Software VPS Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Simon Harries
  • Product Name: VPS
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jan-12
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37-$47
  • Niche: Content Locker, Micro Payment, Software
  • Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

What is VPS?

VPS is the first of its kind micro payment and cloud based content locker referral system (software).

Viral Payment Software VPS Discount

VPS goes out of its way not only as a content locker but also integrates with PayPal as a micro payment locker, where a user must pay $1 or whatever said amount is to unlock the content/article/download page or coupon.

It’s a software that helps you to generate more visitors, leads and sales.

Who It’s For

If you’ve been wanting a software to help you to generate more visitors or turn your current visitors into referrers of your website then this software will help.

ALSO if you want to generate traffic for a client then you’ll probably find this software really useful to.

Viral Payment Software VPS Software

One Issue from Testing

After testing the software I noticed that there is no way of integrating your email marketing software inside of VPS.

I talked to the creator about this and he has told me that when you generate subscribers they are stored in the software.

You can export your subscribers but they wont be automatically added to your subscriber list.

They are working on integrations at the moment I am told however for now you will need to manually export your subscribers as you generate them with this software.

Viral Payment Software VPS Demo


How Viral Payment Software VPS Work?

Here’s how it works:

This software allows you to create a range of ‘incentives’ for your visitors.

The incentive could be getting access to a ‘bonus’ a ‘discount’ or something else of value.

All your visitor needs to do is either:

1. Share

Visitors of your website can share on Facebook, Twitter or Google + to unlock rewards.

2. Pay a micro payment

You can charge visitors a small payment to skip having to share and instead get access to what they want.

3. Subscribe

You can lock content until a visitor subscribes to your list.

4. Refer other visitors

Lock content until a visitor of yours sends X amount of people to your website or page.

You can choose what they need to do.

When your visitor has done the necessary task then the incentive is unlocked and they can get access to your chosen ‘reward’.

This incentivising helps you to get more visitors, make more money or generate more leads.

In Marketing

Here are just SOME companies that use “incentive-based” marketing to build their business:

Viral Payment Software VPS Download

Each of these brands experience EXSPLOSIVE growth within their business due to incentive based marketing techniques.

How to Use VPS?

VPS is a next generation incentive marketing tool.

With advanced features not seen anywhere else:

1. Use it on any website or platform: WP sites, HTML sites, ANY page builder, eCom stores, funnel & sales pages

2. Autoplay videos INSIDE your campaign lockers

3. Give users MULTIPLE options to claim their incentive

4. Direct PayPal integration so you can even sell from inside the dash

Viral traffic is hard NOT to get when you use this. Video training gets you up and running fast.

Viral Payment Software VPS Tutorial

Here’s how Viral Payment Software Delivers

1. eCommerce

Offer discounts or coupon incentives to both existing customers and 1-time site visitors. Effortlessly generate high quality REFERRAL-based traffic to your stores.

2. List Builders

Say goodbye to fake email addresses and build a list of qualified leads with CONFIRMED contact info. Built-in tech ensures you only add confirmed leads to your list. Build a separate list of VERIFIED buyers from the traffic that pays to unlock your content.

3. Membership Site Owners

Enticing basic members to upgrade has never been easier. Simply include icons of your site’s PREMIUM levels on the dash, then set a campaign locker with a payment option to upgrade. Effortless upsells and backend sales with zero extra work on your part!

4. Product Launchers

Create a viral buzz about your next release by offering a special incentive, getting even more people excited about your launch. Get viral traffic to your next special event by offering incentives on your social media pages.

5. Digital Product Owners

Easily drive more traffic to your products with the power of incentive-based marketing. Sit back and watch as prospects HURRY to drive you traffic to unlock a discount code.

6. Webinar Hosts

See the TRUE power of this software by filling the rooms of any online event you host. Just offer a giveaway that visitors can get once they refer a certain # of leads. Leverage the video feature for even greater conversions.

7. Affiliate Marketers

Build a MASSIVE list of engaged buyers by sharing valuable info on review sites, then requiring prospects to refer your site to get their freebie.

8. Consultants/Freelancers

Drive traffic & conversions on demand for your clients and set your own price … using the built-in technology of Viral Payment Software.

VPS Content Locker Software

Is VPS for you?

Absolutely, YES! VPS can be applied to all the online business models.

Whether you are a blogger, product launch vendor or owner of a physical product store, VPS is an extremely powerful viral system that will automatically get you more traffic to whatever offer you have running.

Here’s a list of features for you to implement by VPS:

  • Leaderboard Unlock
  • Unlock Via Referral
  • Time Delayed Popup
  • Exit Popup Triggers

Is it Worth the Price?

If you own any website, blog, or even a YouTube channel that looks for revenue, then you’ll definitely benefit through VPS.

Whether you make your money through list building, affiliate, or even sell actual products, there’ll be some kind of campaign you can run to increase referrals and revenues. This makes it a must use.

Viral Payment Software VPS Explained Video

Viral Payment Software VPS Demo Video

My Personal “Viral Payment Software VPS” Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “Viral Payment Software” System)

Bonus #1 JVZoo Instant Commission Affiliate Product Feed PluginBonus #1: JVZoo Instant Commission Affiliate Product Feed Plugin


This is an awesome plugin that automatically adds affiliate products from the JVZoo marketplace to your blog posts. You choose where the product feed will go on your site.

Choose between in the page header, above the blog post, below the blog post, in the page footer, or even set it to only show on specific posts. You can see the plugin in action at the bottom of this post.


Bonus #2 ReVisitor ContentBonus #2: ReVisitor Content


Facebook does it. Amazon does it. Google certainly does it. It’s called retargeting, and it’s an incredibly powerful marketing method that helps turn one-time visitors into fans, and fans into buyers.

You’ve probably seen it in action when you return to Amazon after having browsed through the latest kitchen gadgets or bestsellers.


Bonus #3 Content CreationBonus #3: Content Creation


Content, content, content! This package will help to train you how to create more professional content.

Want to learn how to find your audience’s pain points, organize your content ideas, book your content calendar for the next 3-5 months, and prepare your content to be monetized?



Bonus #4 Content Curation BlueprintBonus #4: Content Curation Blueprint


The simple, easy and effective way to generate content without the writing!

For people who want to explode their online traffic stats and are looking for easy ways to create: cool, unique, trending, creative and enjoyable website content… that more importantly is super hot, highly engaging and very like-a-sharable…


Bonus #5 Viral Marketing Tips and Success StrategiesBonus #5: Viral Marketing Tips and Success Strategies


The viral marketing effect! Viral marketing 101 is not only a simple manual about viral marketing.

Instead, it offers critical strategies, tactics, and tips on how to launch your own campaigns so that your message becomes the voice of thousands as they willingly share it among themselves as fun and interesting conversation.


Bonus #6 Blogging Traffic SystemBonus #6: Blogging Traffic System


Today you’re about to discover a proven system to get free traffic with your own network of autopilot BLOGS.

Everything from choosing the right domains, to setting up, securing and ranking your sites is covered in this easy step-by-step training. So you can substantially increase your traffic and finally start earning passive income online.


Bonus #7 Buyers Traffic SecretsBonus #7: Buyers Traffic Secrets


Discover insider news as creator let you in on the secrets of how highly successful online marketers generate exceptionally high website traffic and convert them into sales leads.

A quick way to transform yourself into an online marketer superstar by generating high traffic and attracting potential buyers to your website.


Bonus #8 Free Traffic System AdvancedBonus #8: Free Traffic System Advanced


In this specific video training course, you will get to watch over creator’s shoulder – step-by-step, click by click – how to successfully drive traffic to your site!

Secure your website’s bandwith to receive tons of tTraffic that will come using this advance free traffic system!


Bonus #9 51 Social Media Marketing MethodsBonus #9: 51 Social Media Marketing Methods


If I could show you 51 social media tips to build your business would you be interested.

Just like most internet marketers, we are all trying to make more revenue from the web.


Bonus #10 How to go viral in the marketing worldBonus #10: How to go viral in the marketing world


How to go viral in the marketing world – is not only a simple manual about viral marketing.

Instead, it offers critical strategies, tactics, and tips on how to launch your own campaigns so that your message becomes the voice of thousands as they willingly share it among themselves as fun and interesting conversation.


How To Get Your Bonuses?

  • Step 1: Buy “VPS” via below link.
  • Step 2: Bonuses delivery – after making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside the “Viral Payment Software” members area so no wait for your bonuses.

Viral Payment Software VPS Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special” pricing is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

30 days 100% money back guarantee

Viral Payment Software VPS Guarantee

14 day test drive (free return if you are not 100% satisfied): You’re covered by a 14-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Try out the software for 14 days, completely risk free. See how simple it is to set up “viral loop” traffic campaigns, while increasing conversions and putting payments directly into your PayPal.

Add qualified subscribers to your list, sell more products and generate more free traffic … or your money back. It’s that simple.

Viral Payment Software VPS – Questions Answered

How Does This Software Drive Me Traffic?

Simple – by providing your audience with an incentive to REFER your offer to friends and contacts. This referral-based traffic is proven to convert at a MUCH higher level than any other formof advertising … meaning more leads and profits in your pocket.

How Does This SoftwareDrive Me Profits?

In multiple ways. First, by generating viral traffic. Second, by building your list. And third, by giving prospects the option to PAY YOU directly for content. With direct PayPal integration, all payments received go straight to your account.

Does This Really WorkIn Any Niche?

Yes, and that’s the beauty of this technology. It’s based on human psychology, so wherever there’s a market of buyers, this flat-out works. By triggering the motivations of consumers in any market to give you what YOU want to get what THEY want.

Are Updates Included?

Absolutely. As a charter member, you’ll receive automatic software updates. We use this tool ourselves so keep it up to date with any network changes.

What If I Use A Mac?

This is a cloud-based solution, so there’s nothing to install and it works on ANY platform. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

What If I Need Support?

Full training videos are provided within the dashboard for your access anytime. We also have a dedicated support team on-hand to answer any of your questions or solve any challenges you could possibly have with the software.

VPS Micro Payment System Software

Final Thoughts

The software is easy to use and it does what it says it does.

Other than the one issue with the email integration (they told me that they are working on this at the moment) everything else worked well.

You can even do exit pops with incentives or timer pops which is really cool.

The software can be added to any website through an embed code and it is easy to use.

You can also see the stats as people visit your website and see your traffic grow.

jvzoo wso launch review try it

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Viral Payment Software VPS review & software tutorial.

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