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Welcome to my Social Responder review & software tutorial. SocialResponder is going to change the way people build their business online.

This software will AUTOMATE your Facebook sales, BUILD your high quality Facebook user email list, AUTOMATE your Facebook page support, BROADCAST message straight to your customers and prospect’s Facebook inboxes, customize UNLIMITED campaigns and INCREASE your Facebook pages’s reputation.

That’s where Social Responder, with all the cutting-edge features has really changed the game.

Social Responder Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Michael Somerville
  • Product Name: SocialResponder
  • Launch Date: 2016-Oct-06
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-end Price: $47
  • Niche: Social Media, Software
  • Affiliate Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site:

Who’s Behind the Software?

socialresponder-creator-michael-somervilleAfter over 2 years, Michael Somerville is back… and not just back, but releasing the single most important platform available to our industry.

Introducing Michael Somerville:

Michael Somerville the guy that banks like MAD on Facebook. Not using voodoo magic or methods that the “Gurus” want you to exhaust. He’s quietly doing stuff that doesn’t even look like it’s making insane amounts of money.

Michael Somerville, is an Online Entrepreneur, has a very high reputation in the Facebook marketing industry, famous for creating wildly profitable marketing promotions without being obnoxious or even remotely sales.

Why He Created the SocialResponder Software

This is the official interview of Michael Somerville and its briefing:

We’ve been working in the internet marketing & online business opportunity industry for over a DECADE helping tens of thousands of people make money online and work from home! Not only that, launched over four top noted 6 & 7 figure products and software launches. With that being said, we know what it takes to create incredibly valuable and powerful software & systems that people WANT to buy!

When it comes to marketing online, we have to look at where our audiences spend most of their time. Even though you might want to think that is important, you’d be wasting valiant efforts doing anything else.

Every day over 900 million people logging into Facebook, either with their phone or desktop computer. We know that more than 80% will communicate with the platform over mobile devices, and we also know that over 1.1 billion people are using messenger. So, if we can combine both monster platforms, we can without a doubt narrow, target and capture our audience’s attention.


This is how Social Responder is different from anything available on the market today, we don’t rely on “one” specific stream of traffic. We have to ability to target within Facebook, pull those people into our funnels and marketing system, all while capturing them into our “messenger” campaigns and boosting our engagement without sitting there doing things manually. Not only that, we can do all this without a website, landing page or even hosting.

When you couple this with old school marketing, via a marketing page, or website – you take engagement and disruption marketing to the next level. Again, still pulling them back into your Social Responder campaigns, avoiding any opportunity to break the connection or lose the attention of your audience member.

Often, we focus on “automated” softwares, and shiny new platforms that will NEVER actually add value to our business. People think that commenting, or pulling comments via a software will show their audience an opportunity to purchase or engage. The problem with that, it’s become to common, people know what is going on and those automated tools – look like just that.


That’s where Social Responder, with all the cutting-edge features has really changed the game.

Without looking like an automated system, or robot – you can – capture, communicate and deliver the purpose without being present in the moment. You see, when you can look almost there, without actually being there – the trick – that isn’t present, doesn’t disconnect the audience member you’re attracting.

By actually engaging and pacing them, through the campaign you’ve set up. They will ultimately see value and get the result they want in that moment. Giving them the desire to do business with you, even though again, you didn’t speak with them directly.

All the human mind wants is to be responded too. When we ask for something, we want the results, more often than not, we want it now.

Social Responder empowers our customers to see the results all while carrying out their daily lives, without having to directly communicate with their customers until an outcome has been made. Our general outcome would be the purchase of our products and/or services.

So Exactly How SocialResponder Work?

So now, how do Social Responder software and Facebook work together? These are briefly explained below:

  1. Build a List of Highly Engaged Facebook Users: Reach your customers & prospects where they are always going to see your message! The Facebook INBOX!
  2. Automate Your Online Sales: Sell ANY product or service 100% automated utilizing the power of the Social Responder technology together with the ever popular Facebook messenger platform!
  3. Automate Your Online Facebook Page Support & Increase Your Page’s Reputation: Sell ANY product or service 100% automated utilizing the power of the Social Responder technology together with the ever popular Facebook messenger platform!
  4. Broadcast Messages Straight to Your Customers & Prospects Facebook Inbox: Forget email marketing! Hit your customers and prospects with your important messages right in their Facebook INBOX!
  5. Customize Unlimited Campaigns & Responses: Set up, create & customize UNLIMITED campaigns with UNLIMITED keywords! Basically, whatever you can think up for your bot to do… you can do it!
  6. INSTANT 1 Click Messenger Lead Generator: Using our proprietary technology, your prospects will click 1 button and INSTANTLY be added to your Social Responder Facebook contact list! Put this button on ANY website of your choice or use it in your email marketing efforts.
  7. Build an EMAIL List Without a Website: Our software will integrate with all major autoresponders allowing you to capture your customers & prospects EMAIL ADDRESS right within the Facebook messenger platform and have it sent to YOUR chosen autoresponder system!
  8. Text, Photo, Audio & Video Replies: Set up any number of automated replies in all media formats! Text, photos, audio and yes…even VIDEO replies!

Social Responder Demo Video

Inside SocialResponder: in this video we explain more about SocialResponder and how it works. You’ll see live engagement and more!

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Who Needs This Software?

  • Complete Beginners: Build a highly engaged contact list from scratch and promote affiliate offers with no website and no product of your own!
  • Affiliate Marketers: Promoting multiple offers has NEVER been simpler! Build a list of highly engaged, targeted buyers for each affiliate offer you promote and CASH IN with the automated selling abilities of Social Responder!
  • Network Marketers/MLM: Whether your prospects are looking for information about your company, product or compensation plan… Social Responder is the PERFECT solution to deliver that information INSTANTLY while building a list of HIGHLY ENGAGED prospects & leads for ANY network marketing company!
  • Ecom Sellers: Drive more sales of your products by allowing customers the ability to receive more information about your product and even purchase right from the Facebook messenger!
  • Offline/Retail Businesses: Quickly & easily send coupons, discounts and other deals right through the Facebook messenger!
  • Realtors: Instantly provide information about your multiple properties and even allow customers quick & easy access to home tours and more!
  • Facebook Page Owners: Increase your page’s reputation by offering INSTANT replies to your fans!
  • Social Media Marketers: Invite followers to engage with your messenger bot through your social media posts and build a highly engaged list that you can quickly & easily follows up with and send updates regarding new posts & offers!
  • Freelancers: Showcase your work INSTANTLY right on Facebook and allow prospective clients to contact you RIGHT AWAY!

As you see, the potential uses of Social Responder software are literally unlimited.

Final Thoughts

The Social Responder is really exciting brand new cutting-edge cloud based software, forcing your customers online business to become unstoppable. No longer do you require your traffic to come through an online sales funnel, SocialResponder can now to everything via Facebook Messenger, with even more empowerment.

The platform empowers all users to build massive customer engagement, email lists with clean emails, integrate with most common platforms and use Facebook Custom Audiences too.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my SocialResponder review & software tutorial.

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