ReplyTap Review – All In One Customer Support Management Platform

ReplyTap Review

Welcome to my ReplyTap review & software tutorial.

One of the biggest reasons visitors are leaving your website without buying is that they had questions that werent answered.

If your salespage or website doesn’t answer the questions that your visitors have and they can’t find the answer then they’ll leave your website.

What can you do to stop this?

Use a ‘live chat box’.

You’ve probably seen many of the top web companies using them now.

It’s like having someone who can help your visitor right there on the page.

Problem is that most ‘live chat’ technology costs a high monthly cost.

Well here is a simple solution:

It called ‘ReplyTap’

It’s a new software at an affordable price that allows you to immediately increase your website conversions by adding it to your website.

ReplyTap Discount

Here’s how it works:

Add it to your website then when someone is visiting your website or your clients website it will pop up greeting them.

From there if your visitor has a question they can ask through the software.

Once that’s happened you will be notified and you or your support staff can then engage in a conversation on your website.

Once you’ve answered their questions its likely they’ll purchase.

AND if you’re not around to answer their question immediately the software will save their email so that you can get back in touch with them when you’re ready and bring them back to make a purchase.

ReplyTap Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Karthik Ramani
  • Product Name: ReplyTap
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jul-19
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $197
  • Niche: All-In-One Customer Service Management, Live Chat Box App, Software
  • Launch Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

Sell More with this ‘Personal’ Selling Tool

Did you know that it’s takes 5 times more investment to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one?

Because you’ve already spent all the sweat equity and advertising $ to get those customers.

Studies have shown that if you only focus on getting new customers, you will lose big money with all the customers who opt out of your lists.

In fact Harvard Business School reports that increasing customer retention by a mere 5% can increase profits by 25%-95%.

Assist Your Customers When They Need You

You know the one thing that is common among all successful companies?

They assist the potential customer and ensure that he remains a vocal advocate of the brand.

We live in a time where the small and medium companies can leverage on the power of word of mouth communication with people able to reach each other from the corners of the world.

If you are not in a position to support your customer when needs you the most, chances are they will leave your page and go right to the next site at the click of a button.

A survey conducted revealed that more than 70% of the companies are not able to manage the support functionality owing to 2 major constraints:

  • Lack of a system to handle the process
  • Lack of resources to implement them

Well, things are about to change.

ReplyTap is an online tool that empowers you to reach out to your audience in more meaningful ways and address their support queries like a pro.

ReplyTap lets you reach out via an audio call, video chat, share the browser if needed and a lot more.

It’s a brand new, cutting edge, easy to use, piece of customer response technology that can retain more customers and close more sales for you.

It’s all about customer engagement and retention – something you can’t afford to ignore.

So this is the easiest way to engage prospects or customers and drive more revenue.

ReplyTap Demo

So What Exactly is ReplyTap?

ReplyTap is a brand new, cutting edge, easy to use piece of ‘customer response technology’that can retain more customers and close more sales for you.

This tool lets you manage your complete support function from a single dashboard and run it like a pro.

With the built-in RT Video technology, you can do a video call with your customer and also assist your customers by accessing their screen simultaneously.

And a lot more features:

  • Audio calling. You can call the prospect while they are on your site.
  • Multi-purpose chat widget.
  • Send broadcast messages to site visitors.
  • Co-browsing features to help close more sales.
  • Knowledge base to quickly get customers answers to their questions.
  • Intro & Exit Video Templates.
  • Chat skins so you look high-end and professional.
  • Advanced analytics so you can quickly see what your customers are looking for.
  • Hashtag based canned responses.
  • See what customers are typing before they hit send.
  • Multiple agent support.
  • Survey at the end of the chat.

This is a piece of technology that is user friendly and can create a massive increase in your conversions almost instantly.

ReplyTap Download

How ReplyTap work?

Turn ‘Cold’ Traffic into Sales and Leads – This web-based app that lets you reach out to your audience in more meaningful ways and address any concern like a pro.

1. Broadcast messages

You have a flash sales that is coming to an end, no worries. You can do a one-click broadcast for all your web-visitor and let them know about it.

2. Audio calling

Not just a text chat. Your support agent can now receive an audio call directly from the customer through the chat widget.

3. Video Calling

You can now instantly receive video chats from your clients on a need basis.

4. Co-browsing features

Got a complicated process in your system that you can not explain to your customer? Now you can let your customer to share a screen with and explain it easily.

5. Knowledge base

You can manage your complete set of “How-to’s” from this single link with an advanced search functionality. When a customer has a query, all he/she has to do is just swift through the knowledge-base and get it resolved.

6. Video chat templates

ReplyTap also comes with its own set of video templates that allows you to play welcome videos on the chat widget. Interaction at a whole-new level.

7. Advanced Analytics in the dashboard

Get complete details about the prospects who visit your sales page. Get vital statistics about the members in your membership or shopping carts.

8. Hashtag Based Canned Response

Your agent can save your canned response and retrieve them hashtags easily. This lets you address the Frequently Asked Questions faster.

9. Inland typing

Know what your prospect is typing even before they hit on the “Send” button. This helps your agents to be prepared to answer instantly as soon as your customer posts.

10. Multiple Agents

Now, you can create multiple agents for the same campaign to run the team like a pro. You get complete insights on the workload of your agents and managing it accordingly.

ReplyTap Works

ReplyTap Benefits

You launch products consistently, you have lead capture pages, sales pages, and the necessary support systems in place to convert your prospects and retain them… Right?

And you would be currently using multiple platforms including one for lead generation, one for support, one for calls, one for screen share, one for the knowledgebase and the likes.

The problem with it is that all of your customer data gets stored in different places and trying to integrate them closely under a single platform and managing them is a tough task. That’s what made me develop ReplyTap in the first place.

ReplyTap has everything from bringing in customers to converting and supporting them, been in development for over a year now.

ReplyTap consists of two types of Widgets:

  • One on the sales/landing pages that assists in chatting live with the web visitor and answering their query.
  • One inside of membership area assisting to the queries with regard to the product.

Both these widgets are equipped with the complete features that makes this whole process seamless and Effortless.

ReplyTap Software

Level Up Your Customer Service Rating Today

We all appreciate quality service and expect it all the time. But it is not always feasible for small and medium business because they need to have a process and system in place to offer service. Not just that, they need to monitor it at a regular basis and ensure its smooth functioning.

With too many tools in place, anybody tends to falter making it impossible to move forward without crossing the complexities involved. Many give up.

ReplyTap(RT) equips you and your customers to run your support functions like a pro.

With this tool, you can now reach your prospects in more meaningful ways within a single dashboard.

Not just built-in RT Video technology,  ReplyTap also comes with RTBot, an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that lets you reply to your site’s visitors or customers without breaking a sweat. This is literally taking automation to the next level.

With ReplyTap(RT), you can now reach your prospects in more meaningful ways within a single dashboard.

ReplyTap Explained Video

ReplyTap Demo Video

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ReplyTap Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special ”pricing is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

ReplyTap Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Join ReplyTap with full confidence – your purchase is backed by a solid 30-day money back guarantee!

We trust the competence and performance of the software we’ve built here that we’re willing to bet on it. So, here’s the deal… Go ahead now, purchase ReplyTap, deploy them on your landing pages and marketing campaigns… Just test it for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied let us know and we’ll refund you – no tricks, no questions, no hassle. Either you’ll love this superb software, or you’ll have your money back.

How To Contact the Ctrator of ReplyTap for Support

  • Name: Karthik Ramani
  • Skype: car_ssn
  • Email:

My Thoughts

As an online marketer and customer myself, I’ve come to realize that the most important thing to consider for any business to be successful is putting enough value towards your customers.

By creating a good relationship between you and your clients you are able to forge a connection that would benefit your business in the long run.

Providing your customers with exemplary customer service from time of contact gives you better chances of closing a deal and building your brands credibility. However, only a few businesses are able to meet good customer service standing due to the extra cost needed to handle such activity.

Starting today anyone can give their clients excellent customer service through this brand-new application.

ReplyTap is a brand-new system that allows you to provide and manage your complete support functions from a single dashboard and run it like a pro, allowing you to provide professional customer assistance to your clients fast and easy.

This new system empowers you to reach out to your audience in a more efficient and meaningful ways by addressing their support and product queries in a timely manner. It lets you interact with them through audio call or video chat, and share browser if needed.

So with ReplyTap you get to close deals fast and easy and be able to retain customers on your website. This is a cost-effective platform that would allow you to build strong connection with your clients without spending huge amount of money.

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my ReplyTap review & software tutorial.

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