Push Button Cash Machine Review and Triple Threat Marketing Review Case Study


Push Button Cash Machine Review – Triple Threat Marketing Review Case Study – 11.97% ROI in 24 Hours – 5 Minutes Work Per Day.

Push Button Cash Machine (Triple Threat Marketing; http://triplethr3at.net/) is a product which I’ve been asked to look at with a view to promoting it on launch.

In a hurry? Detailed Case Study here.

IMPORTANT: My Views On This Course

I know that a lot of you have purchased PBCM to Triple Threat Marketing already and if you have taken action you should be already making money.

I am going to be very upfront and honest here about my views on this Course.

First up, I have had emails from some of you guys who described the Course as promoting a Ponzi Scheme and weren’t impressed by the information provided in the course.

To address this, No this method will not be for everyone.

Point 1: I have to say I hate the name… Sounds like some kind of scam so I’m calling it PBCM.

But then having read through the training I can kind of see why they named it this way – so don’t let the name put you off.

Point 2: This isn’t something I have ever done before so in order to prove to myself and anyone else who may be interested, I have decided to run a day by day case study.

Triple Threat Marketing Review

Push Button Cash Machine and Triple Threat Marketing – What is It?

I’m sure by now you have at least heard of ‘Push Button Cash Machine’ (yeah; bad name lol). It’s kind of taken JVZoo by storm… probably because it’s completely different to everything else.

Basically you sign up to one Particular Revenue Share Site (Triple Threat Marketing; http://triplethr3at.net/) which has a monthly fee of $10, you then need to buy credits I believe the lowest amount in credits you can buy is $10 so the lowest initial cost for starting this is $20 after paying for the course.

Once you buy the credits you then do the 10 minutes or so work involved, this entails visiting websites for 10 seconds at a time, this is automated in the Revenue Share Sites Dashboard, the push button aspect is just clicking on a button..really.

Is This All To Good To Be True? – Case Study

Personally if I promote a Push Button earnings Method to you guys I need to know that it works myself so I did sign up and I invested $150 in credits. Please whatever you do don’t go investing what you can’t afford.

Anyway I signed up on 2015-11-17 21:34:49 and it is now 2015-11-18 19:15:59 and my total earnings are $17.96 (11.97% ROI)… so that is my daily profit, the idea is that I will compound the profits by investing this in further credits.

Not for Everyone

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should buy it simply because it’s different and very popular. No, far from it… I know that this model for making money isn’t for everyone.

But it is a way of making money – there is no disputing that, I’ve followed the method and made money doing so… In fact I carried out a full case study to demonstrate.

I won’t give away the method but I will say there is NO actual work to do? Click a button and spend 5 minutes online and you’re done.

You will need a few dollars to get started too: $20 minimum.

If this works then small profits are accrued and compounded I.e. start small and grow/ scale earnings.

So Case Study Again…

In order to test this method out I invested $160 in this system. $10 into their subscription level and $150 into something called ‘AdShares’. Adshares are really what PBCM is about and so I purchased 50 of the lowest value ($3 each).

Let me clarify…

On the 17th Nov I invested $150 in AdShares. Today the value of those 50 AdShares has increased to $167.96 (11.97% ROI)

Total Workload:

Click 1 button and spend 5 minutes online. That really was it.

First impressions… could be scaled on compounded earnings easily.

What did I have to do to increase my ROI?

Well it really does amount to a few clicks and about 5 minutes of time.

Please Note:

This system is not internet marketing or niche marketing and it is unlike anything else I have ever mentioned. But it has worked for me.

NO Work?

It’s possible to make money in hours because it details a Revenue Sharing method which requires no work… I know that sounds like a scam lol, but it does work.

There is NO work (apart from a few clicks which need to be carried out at a certain time), plus: an investment.

Please Note:

  • This is not Internet marketing
  • Not Niche Marketing
  • Not CPA
  • In fact probably not anything you have seen before (unless you familiar with RS)

I’m aiming for $100 a day.

And you should be realistic… consider this a side project… it can be scaled but only to a certain level. I’m aiming for $100 a day (the max you can withdraw per day is now $200) so take that into consideration ? I.e. this is not a Get Rich business model, but it takes less than 5 minutes per day and it does make money.

So Does Push Button Cash Machine Work?

Love it or Hate it PBCM has taken off and people are making money within hours (not kidding)

Will I continue to do this?

100% yes. Whether you like this kind of investment model or not it has worked.

My AdShares will expires in another 2 to 3 days I’ll be at around 100% ROI, at this point all investments are from profit and all increases are 100% profit…and it takes 2 minutes ? why wouldn’t I continue?

Push Button Cash Machine Review and Triple Threat Marketing Review Case Study


At the moment I see this as a side income to my main business and I aim to reach $100 a day with it and invest those profits in something more stable such as e-commerce or building out my Niche sites Further.

Like I said above I want to be transparent with you guys, this isn’t a risk free option but you can still start with $20 but it will take a while to build your earnings.

Don’t Invest what you can’t Afford.

Don’t Make this your Only or Primary Income Stream.

Don’t Buy if you feel Uncomfortable about this product.

PS: Anyone who wants to see screenshots of my earnings or wants to discuss Push Button Cash Machines with me drop me an email at leo@jvzoowsolaunchreview.com for those of you who have purchased and are making money I’d love to hear your opinions and results as well so please email.

PPS: So if you haven’t purchased yet and want to take a look at what all the fuss is about.

Click the button to learn more about Triple Threat MarketingPPPS: If you using my link and invest at least $20 (that’s minimum) then inbox me with your username to leo@jvzoowsolaunchreview.com. I will personally send you a FULL detailed guide immediately.

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