Jungle Scout Review – How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Jungle Scout Review

Welcome to my Jungle Scout review & software tutorial.

Anyone can sell on Amazon. But not everyone can succeed.

There is a proven blue print (set of software and training) to finding products that will be profitable on Amazon.

It is quantifiable, straightforward, yet not well known or used.

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What Product Do I Sell on Amazon?

This is usually the FIRST question we get from people who see all the crazy success people have had on Amazon.

Choosing the RIGHT product to sell is critically important.

These are the criteria we currently recommend:

  • Price – $20 to $70
  • Best Sellers Rank – 500 to 1,500
  • Weight – Less than 3lb
  • Reviews – Less than 500

You COULD go digging through all of Amazon manually to hunt for products that meet these criteria…

Or, you could do this in 1/10th the time with a powerful tool – called Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Team Who Are They

So What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a set of Amazon product finding software suite and training that shows you the exact products that will make you money.

You can use this tool to:

  • Instantly comb through millions of products on Amazon to find the HOTTEST product opportunities
  • See how much each product sells – and makes – on Amazon so you know what you’re getting into
  • Use that same data to laser-target your promotions if you already sell on Amazon so you don’t waste money

This is one of those tools EVERY Amazon seller must have in their toolkit if they want to compete.

Jungle Scout was founded by Greg Mercer in 2014 as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon.

Since launching as the first Amazon product research tool on the market, Jungle Scout have carved their place as the go-to tool for novices and power-sellers alike.

With this powerful tool, you can make finding RED HOT product opportunities on Amazon a matter of clicking a few buttons (and only spending a couple minutes to find the BEST opportunities on all of Amazon).

But product research isn’t the only reason why we use this tool everyday…

How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Jungle Scout Demo

Jungle Scout Download

Do Not Run an Amazon Promotion Without This

So you’ve just learned the newest strategy for ranking for search terms on Amazon.


Not so fast… How do you know HOW MUCH of a promotion to do?

How much do you spend on ads? How many giveaways or discounted offers do you do?

You’re missing one critical piece of information to run a successful search term ranking promotion…

What your missing is the number of sales per day of your top competitors.

Armed with that information, you know exactly how many sales you need to target per day with your promotion to rank above them for the search term you’re targeting.

The best way we and the top Amazon sellers we know get this information every day is the same powerful tool we use for dramatically speeding up product research.

Changes Everything about the Way You Use Amazon Research

Simplify your amazon research:

1. Find opportunities

The easiest way to find products that sell, in niches where opportunity is high, with REAL Amazon sales data to back it up.

2. Save time

Say goodbye to manual research and save your precious time for things that matter.

3. Stay ahead of competition

Navigate a growing marketplace with the Amazon sellers smartest toolkit & start making more profit today.

How Jungle Scout Work?

I spend a lot of time researching “THE” product and Jungle Scout has allowed me to save a lot of time.

I found my product randomly because the “Jungle Scout Extension” extracts all the data on a page, and I didn’t notice that product on that page (it was in the “recommended product section”).

I then used the “Jungle Scout Web App” to check if the product has constant sales, and decided to launch my own with some improvements.

So, with Jungle Scout, you can stay ahead of the competition and find opportunities and product ideas that you are confident in.

Jungle Scout Software

Jungle Scout Works

Jungle Scout Tutorial

Jungle Scout Product Details

1. Jungle Scout Web App

The ultimate combination of accessible, powerful data and inspiration – it’s the #1 product research platform.

  • Explore – Don’t know where to start? Browse thousands of products that are already making money and see all of their data.
  • Track – Automate your product tracking and make sure your ideas are profitable with the most accurate amazon product tracker.
  • Discover – Keeping on top of trends and niches has never been easier.

1) Product Database:

Effortlessly search and filter through thousands of items and find out what sells. Designed for sellers, the product database gives you all of the key metrics you need to make data-backed purchasing decisions.

2) Product Tracker:

Save hours of time with the hassle-free product tracker, making manual research and excel a thing of the past. Automatically track products to double-down on your initial product research or keep a close eye on every move your competitors make.

3) Niche Hunter:

Become a powerful seller with inside information that becomes a catalyst for your next big product. Find exciting new revenue streams in new niches, and stay ahead of Amazon consumer trends.

Jungle Scout Web App Pricing

Jungle Scout Web App Pricing

All Jungle Scout Web App Plans Include These Features:

1. Unlimited Database Filtering

Find your perfect product idea in one click by filtering the largest Amazon product database. Refine your search based on key seller metrics, like demand, competition and depth of market.

2. Unique Seller Catalogue

Behind the database sits a comprehensive, reverse engineered Amazon product catalogue for sellers. Find the products and data that matters to you!

3. Competitor Tracking

Collect all of the data you need to assess the competition of a product or niche – track sales, reviews, best sellers rank and more without having to do any work.

4. Accurate Estimated Sales

Find out what sells well already from the most expansive and reliable estimated sales data. Powerful data at your fingertips.

5. Low Competition Opportunities

Eliminate the guesswork and scout out which products sell and which niches have high opportunity.

6. Great Support!

The Jungle Scout Web App is the Amazon sellers smartest toolkit with the smartest customer support team. So if you need a hand, our friendly, round-the-clock team will be there for you.

Jungle Scout Web App – Questions Answered

Q. What is the Difference Between Jungle Scout Extension and Jungle Scout Web App?

The Web App is a powerful toolkit that runs in the cloud on our own website. It has a suite of three tools; an Amazon product database specifically for sellers, a product tracker and the niche hunter. In comparison the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension runs by pulling data, including estimated revenue, directly from the Amazon website as you browse it.

Q. Is There a Free Trial?

While we do not offer a free trial, we do offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you decide the product isn’t the right fit within 14 days we will give you a refund, no questions asked. Simply email us at support@junglescout.com to speak to the team.

Q. What Countries Does The Web App Support?

Currently the Web App supports the FR, CA, DE, UK, and US stores. We would love to expand into other marketplaces in near future.

Q. Can I own both the Web App and the Chrome Extension?

Definitely. Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of being able to get data at their fingertips with the Chrome Extension, as well as the ability to track products and find new niches and product ideas via the Web App.

Jungle Scout Membership

Jungle Scout System

2. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Instant Amazon Product research in your browser – Imagine being able to get accurate, real-time metrics about products as you browse Amazon.

Put the power of real-time Amazon data at your fingertips and discover countless possibilities.

Turn your Amazon browsing into actionable insights, find out what sells and plan your next launch – or export your thoughts for later!

Aamplify your product selection:

  • Browse Amazon – Browse your Amazon marketplace and find products of interest.
  • Generate with one click – Click the Jungle Scout extension and see the data generate before your eyes.
  • No more guess work – No need to rely on intuition, with comprehensive metrics on sales, revenue, reviews and more.

Connect to the data, build a scalable research strategy, and launch your most successful products ever!

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pricing

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pricing

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension – Questions Answered

Q. Which version of the extension do I need?

The Lite Extension is good for new potential sellers who are tight on budget and curious about the sales potential for various products on Amazon. The Pro Extension is perfect for people who are serious about selling on Amazon, and want to invest in knowing all the necessary details to find a profitable product: monthly sales, FBA fees, monthly trends, and more.

Q. Do I need a professional sellers account?

The Pro extension’s full functionality is only available to people with professional seller accounts on Amazon, as you are required to enter your API keys. If you don’t have this yet, you can get it free for the first month, or try the Lite extension.

Q. Will I need the Web App too?

We recommend the Web App for sellers looking to find and track product opportunities with greater ease and certainty. Many who want to supercharge their sales on Amazon will pair both the Chrome Extension and the Web App, which ultimately saves a lot of time and allows them to maximize their research.

Jungle Scout Explained Video

  1. Who Are They – How to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon
  2. Amazon Product Research Made Easy
  3. Product Database Demo
  4. Product Tracker Demo
  5. Niche Hunter – The Easiest Way to Find Profitable Niches on Amazon
  6. Chrome Extension Demo

More Top-Quality Amazon Tools from Jungle Scout Team

My Personal Exclusive “Jungle Scout” Special Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “Jungle Scout” System)

  • Bonus #1: $21,730 In 30 Days With Amazon & eBay Method – Learn how Leon earned $21,730 in 30 days with Amazon and Ebay. Inside you learn 3 different methods to SELL products on Amazon and Ebay.
  • Bonus #2: 1500 Niches – Don’t know what niches to go in to? Then this list will show you 1500 niches that are profitable and ready for you to go into a dominate!
  • Bonus #3: 2,500 Top Selling Physical Products
  • Bonus #4: Physical Products Training Course
  • Bonus #5: Winning Dropshipping Training Course
  • Bonus #6: 9,730 Top Selling Physical Product Niche Markets
  • Bonus #7: Spy On Your Competitors On Shopify
  • Bonus #8: List Of 15 Amazing Apps For Shopify
  • Bonus #9: SEO for Shopify
  • Bonus #10: Mastering Facebook Course / Video Training – Learn how to research your audience, how to get your ads through the approval process & how to manage your campaigns properly.
  • Bonus #11: 524 FB Interests Lists
  • Bonus #12: FB Hot Content Seeker
  • Bonus #13: Master Conversion Hotspot – How to find the HOT spots in marketing!
  • Bonus #14: FB Ads Made Easy Course
  • Bonus #15: Facebook Powerhouse Training Course
  • Bonus #16: The 50 FB Ad Templates – Edit text, color, images and what wver to your needs! You can use it with Keynote or Powerpoint.
  • Bonus #17: The FB Targeting Cheat Sheet – All of Facebook’s targeting options in one EPIC cheat sheet! Use in conjunction with customer worksheet and FB ads manager.
  • Bonus #18: Native Advertising Exposed – Want to get more exposure to your Amazon, eBay listings or websites? Use native advertising to get massive traffic in no time and increase your profits.
  • Bonus #19: eCommerce Ads Map – Learn about the exact new product launch map, that will show you the overview and strategy that come with releasing new product for eCommerce.

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Simply contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/contact-me/

Jungle Scout Guarantee

Jungle Scout 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If at any point in the first 14 days of your license you are not satisfied simply email them to support@junglescout.com and they will get you a refund, no questions asked.

Jungle Scout – Questions Answered

Q. Which Marketplaces Does Jungle Scout Support?

Both The Web App and The Chrome Extension have full support to the following marketplaces: Germany, France, Canada, US, UK, India, Spain, Italy, Mexico

Q. Can I Use Jungle Scout on My Phone/iPad?

  • Jungle Scout Web App:

Even in the world we live in, where we love to do everything on our mobile devices, the online Jungle Scout web app is best viewed on a computer.

However, we are as addicted to the web app as you are, so feel free to use it on your mobile device. The web app displays nicely on most tablets, though it is usually too much information to display in an easy-to-read format on smartphones.

  • Jungle Scout Extension:

We hate being the bearer or bad news but, unfortunately, Google Chrome does not support extensions on mobile devices (tablets/smartphones/ipads) at this time.

If, in the future, Google makes Chrome extensions mobile device-compatible, we will be sure to make JSLite and JSPro available for tablets and smartphones.

For now, though, we are limited to using the JS extensions on our laptops and desktops.

Q. Can I own both the Web App and the Chrome Extension?

Definitely. Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of being able to get data at their fingertips with the Chrome Extension, as well as the ability to track products and find new niches and product ideas via the Web App.

Jungle Scout Testimonials

RECAP – Jungle Scout Price

Jungle Scout Price

Where to Contact Jungle Scout Support

If you need assistance with the Jungle Scout product or have questions regarding their product, you can contact their 24 hour support team with the following email address: support@junglescout.com

My Thoughts

Jungle Scout helped me quickly find a product to sell that I would have never thought of, I didn’t even know people bought this type of product.

For the chrome extension it made it much easier for me to filter through ideas I came up with on my own and it probably saved me from going into a product line (mens socks) that would have been very difficult and barely profitable.

I recommend Jungle Scout to everyone I know who is looking to sell on Amazon and I think it is a must have tool.

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Jungle Scout review & software tutorial.

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