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Inbox Blueprint 2018 Review

[Update] Sunday, February 4th, 2018 (EST)


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Inbox Blueprint 2018 – The Last EVER Launch – is now LIVE!


Inbox Blueprint 2018 by Anik Singal The Last LaunchOk, I’ve got a confession.


I don’t believe in the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ saying that seems to be pretty much everywhere in January.


Virtual Yawn. (Is that a thing? It is now 🙂 I just think it’s such an empty saying.


But, what I do believe in is that, this is as good a time as ever, to launch an online business. Not because it’s January 2018, or because it’s the New Year…


…but because right now it couldn’t be more straightforward.


Shall I explain?


So, last year, everyone was talking about building a business online and ‘making it’ online. And I don’t blame them, because the rewards you get, and the lifestyle it allows you to have is pretty awesome.


That’s all well and good though if you know how to do it.


But if you don’t, then it’s like baking a cake without a recipe, if you’ve never done it before, the chances of your cake being a success is pretty slim.


Anyways, it sucks to hear about all of the perks and benefits of having your own online business but having 0 clue how to even begin to try and start one.


Don’t you think?


Cue: Anik Singal.


If you have heard of him, you’ll know this is not an opportunity to miss.


If you haven’t, he’s an internet marketing powerhouse, who’s been in the business for over 15 years. He helps so many people build online businesses, not because he has to but because he wants to.


It’s all very well KNOWING email marketing is big. KNOWING that you should be doing it…


… but how many of you are actually doing it?


How many of you can say you’ve generated millions of dollars using nothing but an email list…


Because Anik can.


Anik has sold millions of dollars in products online in 10 different niches…


…all while generating over 4 million leads.


And right now, Anik is running a Free Digital Bootcamp to literally walk you through building a business online.


He’s gone through a LOT of trial and error, but he now has a simple 5-step process he wants to share with you… FOR FREE.


As soon as you click on the link below, you’ll have instant access to 8 of his training videos.


Go here to get instant access to the digital bootcamp!


– Leo Reynolds


P.S. I just know that demand for Anik’s live workshop is going to be HUGE because everyone knows it’s an unmissable opportunity. So, don’t waste any more time. Get ahead of everyone else and secure your seat.


P.P.S. Don’t be silly and miss this amazing training, YES they’re selling something at the end – I won’t lie – BUT even if you don’t spend a dime you’ll still learn a ton of ACTIONABLE things you can start using immediately to improve your business!


Click here to secure your free seat

Get Anik Singal’s 3 Million a Year Strategy


Anik Singal's Inbox Blueprint 2018 ReviewI want to tell you about the best way to make a living online.


It’s super simple…


Actually, it’s the foundation of his multiple 7-figure businesses:


You’re using it right now…




Yes, Email.


But here’s where I often get some pushback. When I say “email,” sometimes people come back with:

  • “No way! The REAL dollars are on Facebook!”
  • “What about Instagram?! YouTube? Google?

Well, those people aren’t necessarily wrong. Because you can make a GREAT living on social media!




The thing about social media is that you don’t own it.


You have no control over it.


That’s because you’re building a business on somebody else’s foundation.


And when you do that, out of nowhere, your business can disappear in one night.


For example:

  • Google can shut down your account seemingly out of nowhere
  • Your YouTube channel can get banned
  • Your Facebook account can get banned
  • Your Instagram account can get banned

Seeing a pattern here?


If you build an entire business s on social media and they shut you down, your income and business get shut down too.


Not the case with email.


When you start an email business…


…you own your list!


Nobody can shut you down because you control EVERYTHING:

  1. The list
  2. The emails
  3. The products & offers you’re sending out.

It’s all controlled and OWNED by you.


And what’s even better?


Email marketing is something anyone with the internet can do:

  • It has the lowest learning curve and a low barrier to entry
  • There’s no experience needed (to get started)
  • It doesn’t put a strain on your time and resources
  • You can generate income by selling products with just one email to your list!

This is why Anik call it his $3M a year strategy!


His entire business is based off of email.


And that’s why when people ask him whether they should get started on social media, email, or even SEO, he always point them to email.




Think about it.


If you’ve been kicking around the idea of being your own boss or starting your own online business, he’ve got something to show you in something all-in-one strategy (training, 1 on 1 coaching and $400,000 worth of automation software!)…


It’s the simplest way to get started online and it all revolves around – you guessed it…




You’re going to love what Anik have to show you.


Life is complicated enough and you don’t want to jump through 1001 hoops online to try make money.


You want fast.


This is it.


Leo Reynolds 2017









Wishing you a viral success,

Leo Reynolds

So What is Inbox Blueprint System?

You don’t know it yet, but your life is about to change.

Inbox Blueprint 2018 Review – Quick Overview

Inbox Blueprint 2018 is the exact STEP by STEP email and affiliate marketing blueprint that you can copy it exactly. You’re about to have an enormous financial breakthrough.


Before we continue, I want to be very clear about one thing. The blueprint reveals is NOT (I repeat, NOT) a “get rick quick” scheme.

Let’s get one thing straight before continuing… clicking a button and making money is NOT possible.

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Anik Singal

Listen, Anik Singal (the creator of Inbox Blueprint System) is going to be showing you some income proofs below. It’s important you know that he’s NOT doing this to hype you up, to promise you ridiculous results or blow smoke up your bum.

The course only sharing these income proofs because he want you to see what is possible if you just follow the Inbox Blueprint 2018. So just make a determination now to NEVER stop until you succeed.

That’s it. The rest will be history. Ready?

So, Why email marketing?

Everyone is running around and talking about Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more and more on MOBILE. Everyone claims that mobile is destroying email…

Inbox Blueprint will prove you this wrong. Email is here to stay. Forever. Period.

  1. You don’t need any experience.
  2. You don’t need any technical knowledge.
  3. You don’t need to wait weeks or months

Pure and Simple.

Inbox Blueprint System is a profitable, life-long business you can operate from anywhere in the world.

At inside of Inbox Blueprint course, Anik Singal shared his first $10 million story because he know that with this secret, you can make your first $10,000.

How To Legally Print Money

So, obviously (we all know) email is a way of communicating. But, how do you use it as the backbone to an internet business?

As a matter of fact, how do you BUILD an online business using just e-mail?

And how do you do it so that it’s easy, quick and simple?

You become an “Inboxer.”

Here’s the crazy benefits of focusing on becoming an Inboxer:

  1. Your entire website is just 1 page.
  2. You can start the business in less than 3 hours.
  3. Works in almost EVERY niche online.
  4. Takes LITTLE training to start.
  5. Simple free traffic strategies work amazingly.
  6. You can make money ON DEMAND.
  7. As long as you have traffic, you’re GUARANTEED to build a list.
  8. As long as you have a list, you’re GUARANTEED to make money!

What do Anik mean by GUARANTEE? (of course the course cannot guarantee you any results or any money).

The system works.

What works mean is that if you can get opt-ins using the RIGHT method (which is what Anik teach), then you will have a qualified list. And you WILL make some income from it! What you make will be completely dependent on your list, your marketing and the efforts you put in!

So, does “Inbox Blueprint” really work? – The exact way an Inboxing Business works

Believe it or not, this it the entire business model (nothing more).


Just like any business on the Internet – you need traffic. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Inbox Blueprint will show you exactly which traffic strategies to focus on.

  1. Free
  2. Easy enough to start within 3 hours
  3. Scalable
  4. Targeted, High Quality traffic!


There are so many business models out there that are all too complicated.

  1. Some involve Blogging.
  2. Some involve eCommerce sites (yikes).
  3. Some involve making your own information product.

Most involve having to buy expensive traffic and sending directly to an affiliate links.

Forget all about ALL of them right now.

As an Inboxer, you only have to have ONE page – that’s it. Your website has absolutely nothing else.

Inbox Blueprint actually going to give AWAY the templates for FREE. Basically, this page is small. It has the following:

  1. Headline
  2. Bullet Points
  3. Opt-in form (this is where the email address is entered)

Want to see an example?

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Demo

(Oops, he even forgot the bullet points on this – yet, it still works like crazy)!

Can you believe this? That’s IT. That’s what your business will look like! No complication at all.

Moving on…

#3 & #4. Thank You Page (T.Y.P. Method)

100% AUTOMATED. This is where Inbox Blueprint teach you something called the T.Y.P. Method. This step is 100% automated. You just copy and paste a URL. That’s it.

#5 & #6. Email Gets Stored in Database – 100% Automated

These companies give you a SIMPLE code. You just copy and paste that code onto your 1 page website.

#7. Automated Emails – 100% Automated

You can set up Emails ahead of time that will get mailed automatically. All 100% automated! AUTOMATION is the best way to run any business.

#8. Printing Money

So, let’s say you wake up Wednesday morning and decide to buy an Apple iPad. Just send a mailing that morning and within the next 8 to 10 hours – Done. Hence, Anik call this the ‘Printing Money’ business model!

Proof #1 – 18,760 subscribers

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Download

Here’s what happened in November of 2013 (It’s getting better and better every month):

$26,567 Commissions – November 2013

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Discount

Proof #2 – 42,690 Subscribers, $56,600 in 6 Days

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Software

Ready to PRINT money?

This list of 42,000+ subscribers is now about 12 months old. It’s in the ‘internet marketing’ space. All Anik did was promote a WEBINAR for someone else. He sent about 6 emails over 6 days. That’s it. The rest of it was all automated. He did nothing other than send a few emails.

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Works

** Results are not typical. You have to follow the Blueprint and learn and work hard!

So… over $56,600 in just 6 days! All thanks to the Inbox Blueprint!

Proof #3 – 268,760 subscribers

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Tutorial

$2.86 Million in Sales just in 2013. Anik estimating over $7 Million in 2014!

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Membership

Where else in the world can you do things like this in less than a YEAR? All thanks to the Inbox Blueprint!

** Results are not typical. You have to follow the Blueprint and learn and work hard! The above are he’s results and I’m not guaranteeing you overnight millions 🙂

Inbox Blueprint 2018 Explained Video

Inbox Blueprint 2018 Demo Video (including the “LaunchPad”)

You get

1. The “Inbox Blueprint 2018” System – Easy to follow, step by step system and progress tracking that gets results!

2. The “LaunchPad” Email Marketing Software – A $400,000 software, 100% automation

3. The “Proprietary Content Engine” – Full content automation (100% unique – an industry first)

4. The “Guided Assignment Based Training” – Focused on ACTION

5. The “Launch Business” For FREE – Complimentary SendLane start

6. 12 Months Unlimited Support and Help

7. Official Bonus #1: FREE 12 Month Membership – Lurn VIP

8. Official Bonus #2: Traffic Academy

9. Official Bonus #3: 6 Week FAST Start Program – Over The Shoulder Training

Here’s My PERSONAL “Inbox Blueprint 2018” Bonus Offer for You:


(Connect & monetize your new leads with my bonuses!)


1. Bonus: Over 100 Proven Autoresponder Messages


2. Bonus: 70 IM Sales Letters Swipe


3. Bonus: 49 Internet Marketing Promo Emails Swipe


4. Bonus: 30 Day Email Cash Kit


5. Bonus: Bonus Page Template


6. Bonus: Easy Copywriter Software


7.Bonus: The Top Secret Affiliate Promo Checklist


How To Claim Your Bonuses?


After making your purchase, simply contact me subject “Inbox Blueprint 2018 Bonus” with your receipt, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:


IMPORTANT NOTE about bonuses delivery: Most of my bonus emails will be sitting in your email inbox “spam folder” because the word ‘bonus’ catched by your email provider spam filter so always check your email spam folder before ask me again. Thanks!

Will You Join Me?

Am I guaranteeing you’ll make millions overnight?

Guys… NO! I’m not.

There are NO ONE-CLICK RICHES. That doesn’t exist.

I know we love to dream about it. But at the end of the day, every Inboxer is a hard worker who earns every penny in his bank account.

The Inbox Blueprint 2018 is here to coach you. Guide you. Show you the Blueprint. You have to actually take action and listen to the SYSTEM. The system do it to show you what’s possible.

Now, maybe this is what you’re saying:

Hey, this is all easy for YOU – but can ‘I’ really do it? I have zero experience…”

Rather than you taking my word for it, I decided to prove it to you.

A few months ago, Anik decided to FULLY test the Inbox Blueprint system before he even considered teaching it to you.

He got 5 people (REAL PEOPLE, NOR ACTORS) from all over the country.

Inbox Blueprint 2017 LaunchPad Demo

Inbox Blueprint 2017 Webinar Replay

They flew in and met me at a hotel. Anik had ONE challenge and goal.

The Mission:

  1. Change Their Lives.
  2. Start Their Online Business.
  3. Make Their First Money In Less Than 24 Hours!

The results these students got using the Inbox Blueprint method are absolutely astounding. Jaw dropping.

At inside of the Inbox Blueprint course, Anik have prepared a documentary film of what happened. You’ll see just what Anik did with these 5 students (each of whom was failing online for at least 3 years).

He spent LESS than 24 hours with each of them. The documentary will be LIVE in Inbox Blueprint course.

So, Are you ready?

Get your copy, put the method in action and start making money and change your life.


Buy Inbox Blueprint 2017

Inbox Blueprint 2018 Launch – Useful Links:

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