Impact Income Review – Entrepreneur or employee?


Welcome to my Impact Income review & tutorial. Impact Income takes a unique approach to succeeding with an online business. Impact Income team teaching 4 complete business models that can easily generate six figures per year! Impact Income teame help customers choose the right business model that fits them, and then increase their chances of success by helping them customize that business model for them.

Long time entrepreneurs Paul Evans and Paul Counts are going to reveal to you the mindset it takes to be successful in not only business, but in life as well!

They’re showing you exactly how one little trick of theirs boosted sales by over 4,000%!

These guys have cracked the code on what it takes to achieve success in business and life. They want to share their “Make More. Give More. Live More.” plans with you live today!

Impact Income Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Paul Evans, Paul Counts
  • Product Name: Impact Income
  • Launch Date: 2016-Sep-26
  • Launch Time: 12:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $1,997
  • Niche: Training
  • Affiliate Network: ClickBank
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site:

What is Impact Income?

The purpose behind this project is to equip people with the knowledge, coaching, and training they need to make more so they can give more and live more!

You will see the big breakthroughs you are seeking due in large part to our one-on-one coaching, the life changing Impact Income 4 forces live sessions, our complete business models (product launch system, affiliate marketing system, mini-membership site system, and coaching system), Impact Income group coaching sessions, Impact Income intensive live 2-day workshop, lifetime access to Nicheology, special licensing rights, plus too many more bonuses to list!

Impact Income Review Video

What’s Different?

Paul Evans and Paul Counts teaching how to make more, give more, and live more! “Impact Income” takes a unique approach to succeeding with an online business. Impact Income team help people choose the right business model that fits them, and then increase their chances of success by helping them customize that business model for them.

Other things you will discover live include:

  • How to make the shift from puppet to person.
  • How your “Origin” is the best place to build your business.
  • Finally gain the clear direction you have been looking for!


Behind Story – Entrepreneur or employee?

“I’ve tried everything.”

He said it with disappointment.

“What have you tried?” Paul asked.

He shared his lists of online business attempts.

“See? I’ve tried everything.”

Then Paul added, “Have you tried you?”

“What?” he looked confused.

“Have you tried you?” Paul questioned. “You’ve tried everyone else. You tried all those different people, but have you tried you?”

He argued with, “I haven’t tried people, I’ve tried products that promised to help me succeed online.”

I didn’t want to be a pain, but I countered, “There’s no such thing as trying a product. Because each product was designed and based on a person’s experience and education and skill and talents and preferences and more. The products you bought work for the person who created them because they were based on and in the specific individual. That’s why you buy things and think they don’t seem to work.”

“Then what is the answer?” he wanted to know.

Then Paul showed him.

Paul showed him how to create a business based on and in him. He will never again have to copy another’s system.

Would you like to know what Paul showed him?


What Will You GET

Here’s some of what you’ll discover from Impact Income:

  • How to make the shift from puppet to person. Take control of your business and never put your fate in the hands of a scammer.
  • Maybe you want to make $100 a day. Maybe you want mid to high six figures a year. We will lay out what that takes to so get clear. It’s not about about magic like so many try to sell you, it’s about mechanics that you can duplicate.
  • Understand the power of a Customized Mission Model. If you want real freedom then you have to build your business around ONE thing. Skip this and you might as well not get started.
  • Paul Evans will share how he got started in online business and made it big right out of the gate. Then how he lost his way and almost lost it all only to return to the original path.
  • Discover how your Origin is the best place to build your business.
  • Paul Counts will share his Box of Cheerios story. How he hit rock bottom while making everyone else money but himself. Paul will share how he turned that around to dominate his niches and help others do the same.
  • We will share six of our current businesses that are NOT in the “how to make money” niche.
  • Most folks teaching courses today on making money online have never owned a real business. They haven’t made money in real niches. We have and we will show you how too as well!

You are going to map and plan the perfect lifestyle based on the business you create. A business based on YOUR hopes and dreams and not another’s. This is how you separate yourself from the crowd who is just trying to copy what everyone else is doing.

Become an original!



Entrepreneurs take risks, employees perform tasks. Entrepreneurs invest, employees divest. Entrepreneurs plan, employees produce. Entrepreneurs do the maximum, employees do their job.

Yes, at times we have to be both, but we better heavily weigh ourselves on the entrepreneur side:

  • We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We accept failure along with successes.
  • We work harder and longer than anyone else.
  • We don’t expect something to be handed to us, we believe we should earn it.
  • We see money as the result of accomplishment and serving our markets honestly.
  • We don’t live in the world of hype and hope, but of initiative and action.
  • We rise early and stay up late. We work on problems and find solutions. We study and apply and test and gauge and tweak. We dream and plan and mold and shape and produce. We celebrate small successes and use them to fuel greater things. We believe in achievement. We believe in results. We believe in impact and influence before income.

Join Paul Counts and Paul Evans as they show you how to create impact income. They will take you far away from the land of a “business in a box” and how you how to make it big.

Final Thoughts

Learn WHY most people starting their business online don’t achieve the success they wanted, and HOW TO achieve success with one little trick of theirs boosted sales by over 4,000% by the SIMPLE TWEAK to fixing that!

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As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Impact Income review & tutorial.

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