Exact Model Review – Create Email and Sales Templates in 10 minutes

Exact Model Review

Welcome to my Exact Model review & software tutorial.

[Last Updated] Sunday, December 18, 2016 (EST)

Two More Days Left!


Hi Leo here,


As you probably know, Jimmy Kim (the creator of Exact Model) never joke about his CLOSE of offers.


And when he say CLOSE, it means, he is slamming the doors SHUT on the 20th at 11:59PM.


No evergreen page, no price changes – just doors CLOSE.


And WHEN he do decide to re-open – the pricing will be 497 a year OR 97 a month.


So you have 2 days left at this price, he close Tuesday night, so don’t hesitate to grab your copy of Exact Model.


It’s a MUST HAVE for any serious marketer.





[Last Updated] Wednesday, December 14, 2016 (EST)

Exact Model is now LIVE to the public!


Over the past 12 months, Anik and Jimmy’s team have collaborated to create something POWERFUL. Something that they felt the market was missing.


Giving you the ability to both LEARN while DOING – something that’s been missing in this marketplace.


A true SOLUTION to a BIG problem. Something no one talks about but EVERYONE knows how powerful and necessary it is! Check it out Click Here

Discover the ultimate “fill in the blank” direct marketing and copywriting software that can help ANYONE launch a digital product in 10 minutes or less!

Sales letters, VSLs, upsells, downsells and even best emails copy and paste them into your business. You can now ethically steal Anik & Jimmy’s highest converting copy!

Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal have been working on this for 12 months that helping you write better sales messaging and emails.

It’s called ‘Exact Model’ and it’s a brand new digital marketing copy-writing and direct marketing software.

The product includes 200 Done for you scripts, that are professionally written by Jimmy and Anik’s team of copywriters, 50 done for you emails that allow anyone to become a overnight email expert in over 12 categories!

Exact Model Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal

And it’s all done with an easy to use interface that you literally plug and play to create their next copy!

It can be done in just minutes and it TEACHES while it creates!

You can see how it works and the problem/solution below.

Exact Model Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Jimmy Kim & Anik Singal
  • Product Name: Exact Model
  • Launch Date: 2016-Dec-14
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $297
  • Niche: Contents, Copywriting, Training, Software
  • Affiliate Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes Click Here
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing (Limited Time) 50% Discount Click Here

What is Exact Model?

Exact Model is released by Anik and Jimmy, veterans in the Internet Marketing Space, allowing anyone regardless of skill to simply fill in the blanks and start churning out high converting sales and email copy in minutes.

Exact Model Download

The one thing that most digital marketers struggle when it comes to releasing products and services online is…


The word “Copywriting” is scary. The idea of creating “words that sell,” has always been a struggle for most people starting online and even experienced entrepreneurs.

With a proven track record and over 22+ years of experience, Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal are ready to help you create their direct marketing copy for their next project simply by Filling In The Blanks.

All done while TEACHING you how sales copy works!

Exact Model Demo

The ‘Exact Model’ is a copywriting software and training package – Unlike the traditional “fill in blanks” on a questionnaire copy writing software that split out a copy that makes sense sometimes.

Exact Model is a very unique setup where it teaches while it writes copy for them.

Exact Model will come with over 200 templates in niches from internet marketing to weight loss to personal development.

You will learn the art of copy, while developing high converting, professionally written copy of your own.

Over 240 High-Converting Copy in Over 12 Categories – Immediately Available

Anik and Jimmy had to honor of teaching and working with over 100,000 inter marketers just in the last few years. Recently they did a thorough survey of their syudents and they found the following 12 nicjes:

Exact Model Ready For 12 Niches

You can now download copy for each of these niches. You can personalize the copy and be in business withing just minutes!

  • Top converting funnels in every niche…
  • Specific market research for each niche…
  • Special industry lingo and jargon that they used in the copy!
  • Particular benefits and pain points that are personal to that niche!

Each copy has been written with great research and market in mind. They didn’t just blindly use their formula and make it stretch to all niches. The formula was personalized based on the speficic market!

How Exact Model Work?

With over a 22+ years combined experience building sales funnels for cold traffic and product launches, Jimmy Kim & Anik Singal have proven formula’s to maximize conversions for your traffic.

Here’s how Exact Model works:

  • Step 1: Select – Pick from 12 unique categories with over 200 unique sales messages and 40 email templates.
  • Step 2: Create – Simply “fill in the blanks” and create high converting sales copy or email in a matter of minutes.
  • Step 3: Publish – In just minutes, you’ll be 100% ready to go! You can export your copy in Word, Text, or PDF – ready to copy and paste!

This can save you tons of time and headache and ultimately get you more sales and leads.

Exact Model Tutorial

From Emails To Sales Page To One Time Offers To Downsells

Every piece of your funnel is now 100% done.

From the very first step of getting traffic to your funnel, to the sales pages and even the upsells and downsells – your copy is 100% complete!

1. High Performing Email Templates – DONE!

With over 21 years of combined experience and thousands of emails written, these are the best emails they’ve ever created!

Just fill in the blankds & create emails in any niche!

2. Powerful Written Sales Letters – DONE!

Even though it’s the age of VIDEO – too many marketers are ignoring one of the best ways to sell someone – WRITTEN WORDS.

As a matter of fact, it’s more effective to use a written sales letter for LOW TICKET products. However, these sales letter still cost you $10,000+ for a good one… well, not anymore!

3. Amazing Ready-To-Record VSLs – DONE!

Selling a product between $27 to $97? The #1 sales method to use is a video sales letter. However, the structure of a VSL is completely different than a written sales letter.

No one even really teaches this. However, they’ve done over $50 Million in sales using video. Steal their formula with these pre-written video sales letters!

4. Profit Boosting Upsells – DONE!

The #1 way to increase your customer value at the very beginning is by adding in a funnel of amazing upsells. However, 90% of marketers will avoid this…


Copy! Well, not anymore. They’ve used their best converting formula and pre-written upsells for you!

5. Sales Saving Downsells – DONE!

What do you do if you offer someone a product and they say no? What if they try to leave your site? Well, don’t do what most do.


Downsells have their own formula – thay’re very simple but have to use the right words. Anik & Jimmy already created all these for you!

Bottom line, any copy you need to build your ENTIRE funnel is 100% done for you. All you need to do is just choose your niche and you’re off to the races!

Buy Exact Model

The problem/solution and here’s what’s included:

  • 200 Sales templates (includes both upsell and downsell scripts)
  • Covers 12 unique categorise
  • Over 40 email templates from their personal collection
  • “Fill in the blank” style software
  • Download and use or sell
  • And much more..

On training, they will be unveiling the secret exact model that NO-ONE is talking about.

The exact model that is generating HUGE results.

Exact Model Software & OTO

Exact Model Software System FE and OTO

1. Exact Model – Full & Instant Access (FE)

Instant Access to the Exact Model Software & Training Package.

With 200 Done For Your Pre-written Copy In multiple Niches – From Front End Copy to Upsells to Email.

2. Exact Model Template Club – 30 New Templates Per Month (OTO)

Monthly Membership includes 30 new templates a month! Automatically loaded into the software and ready to go!

Exact Model Demo Video

Watch the Exact Model in Action – Demo begins at 02: 38

Final Thoughts

Here’s the thing – you have a great landing page builder, video player, email marketing tools, graphics builder and more…

But problem is.. the WORDS that you put on the page, graphic, or video are all WRONG.

It’s the reason you’re not making as many sales or leads.

Exact Model software is loaded with over 240 sales and email templates that you can create high converting sales copy and emails in 10 minutes or less..

Allowing you to maximize the tools you already have and make more sales. This is the ONE THING that can FIX your marketing RIGHT AWAY.

Claim your 50% discount for Exact Model!


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Exact Model review & software tutorial.

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