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Welcome to my Evergreen Income Machines review, software and training tutorials.

How I make money giving these away…

The following review details a product based around a system I have been using under the radar for years… which in a nutshell revolves around giving PDFs away for nothing (but then getting paid), at least that is how I do it.

I’ll explain more about how my method differs to this in a moment… but first, take a look at this.

Evergreen Income Machines Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Declan Mc
  • Product Name: Evergreen Income Machines
  • Launch Date: 2016-Nov-22
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Niche: ListBuilding, Lead Gen, Software, Training
  • Affiliate Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Discount Click Here

What’s This?

The product is called… Evergreen Income Machines, and it works like this:

  1. Take these articles, curated content and turn it into an ebook (PDF)… Perceived value
  2. Place these PDFs in front of the specific audience
  3. Anyone interested in the publication (your PDF) will give you their email address in order to read it… and they really do!

Viola… you build a list in any niche you like and follow up with an email series where you have the opportunity to promote related offers.



Plus… with Evergreen Income Machines as well as the video training you also get the tools (software) to make the whole thing a reality…

You get:

  1. 5 Videos (Complete Training)
  2. PDF re-brander (Software)
  3. Landing page creator (Software)
  4. Dropbox Direct Linker (Software)

So this is a complete method in a box… a complete system and the tools you need to make the whole thing work. I.e make money.

But… It could be better

Remember I said that I had been doing something similar for years?

Well the truth is I use a very similar process but I actually have a way of turning each one of those PDF readers into a potential customer right there and then.

They Buy straight from the PDF

I.e they opt-in, they read the PDF and they buy either my own products or a product I want to promote through cloaked links right there in the PDF.

It’s like they are opting in to my list in order to read my promotions (however they don’t see them as promotions) and a good % of them click the link and buy…

I actually sold this very system to a small number of people last year.

So you’ve got an idea?

So what exactly is Evergreen Income Machines?

Evergreen Income Machines is a unique software and over the shoulder video training that will let you convert simple articles into a brandable and professional giveaway reports so you can start building your list.

This business model is based on the most powerful method to make money online since the beginning of the internet (that’s why it called “evergreen”) and also comes with its own easy-to-use squeeze page/landing page creator.


It’s a ‘3 in 1’ lead generation system.

It’s a two part system that first includes training to show you how to use the software.

1. Training Part (5 Complete Video Training)

The training walks you through the money making strategy and how to best monetize your new subscribers.

2. Software Part (3 pieces of Software)

The software is a 3 part software:

2-1. Ebook Creator:

This part of the software allows you to easily create an Ebook with PLR article content.

It walks you through the creation of the book guiding you through what information you need to fill in.

Once you’ve filled in all of the information the software generates an Ebook for you that you can give away.

2-2. Basic Landing Page Creator:

This software walks you through step by step what details should be included in your Landing Page.

It allows you to add your ‘autoresponder’ code to generate a subscriber and is customizable so that you can create a landing page that looks how you want it to look.

2-3. Dropbox Direct Linking Software:

This final part of the software allows you to ‘direct link’ inside of Dropbox.

When people ‘subscribe’ to your list then they can click on your Dropbox link and they’ll be able to download the file without having to visit Dropbox itself.

Things I Like about the Evergreen Income Machines


Here’s why I love this system:

  1. It takes automation to the next level. Using two pieces of software, it automates the hardest parts, leaving it to you to simply set up more streams.
  2. Two of the guys who helped build it are also some of my best buds and partners (Simple Spencer and Declan Mc), and I trust them completely.
  3. It makes affiliate marketing easier, and more profitable than I ever imagined it could be. I WISH I had this when I was first starting out!

Watch Evergreen Income Machines Demo Video

Members area walkthrough begins at 03:45

My Evergreen Income Machines Bonuses


Check Out My Bonuses Here

  1. Bonus #1: VALUE: $67 – The Evergreen Income Machines Cash Cannon: This 30-minute method puts cash into your PayPal!
  2. Bonus #2: VALUE: $97 – Facebook Live Authority: Easily attract more customers, sales, and $$$
  3. Bonus #3: VALUE: $197 – Discount Motivator Pro: Boost Sales And Motivate Your Visitors To Buy!
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  5. Bonus #5: VALUE: $97 – Affiliate Contest Secrets: Win Big Affiliate Contests – No Huge List Needed!
  6. Bonus #6: VALUE: $297 – 100 AutoResponder Marketing Emails: Plug-N-Play Email Marketing Messages
  7. Bonus #7: VALUE: $37 – Supersonic List Machine: This is a current TOP seller at WarriorPlus..
  8. Bonus #8: VALUE: $97 – Pro Copywriter: Simple Way To Boost Conversions Overnight!
  9. Bonus #9: VALUE: $97 – Make 1k to 3k Per Sale: The ‘Oh S***, I Better Make Some $$$’ Method
  10. Bonus #10: VALUE: $97 – Six Figure Blueprint: Simple 5-Part Video Course To 6 FIGURES
  11. Bonus #11: VALUE: $47 – InstaProfit Machine: $150+ Per Day Profit MACHINE – Even if you Have NO LIST, No Product and No Experience or Tech Skills.

See my bonus details

My Thoughts

Well, the verdict is in. The training system works and the software works. I’ve gone through and tested it.

If you haven’t yet generated a subscriber list and you want to then you should get a lot out of this problem.

The software itself works well and is all that you need to create a ‘lead funnel’. Be aware though that this software is not as advanced as other solutions out there.

Imagine logging into your PayPal account to find dozens of new payments you received overnight.

All from completely automated, simple to set up, evergreen niche sites that require no experience using a process that’s easily repeatable. Wanna learn how?

Click the banner below to find out whether or not this method actually works AND for information about this method that NO ONE else is willing to tell you.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Evergreen Income Machines review, software and training tutorials.

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