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Welcome to my 4 Hour List Building review & training tutorial. I wanted to let you know that, if you’ve been struggling, then you’re not alone. IM world is tough.

Get this recent surveys say that, on an average 78% of marketers make less than the salary of low level McDonald’s employee. You see, there is a strange reason most marketers never get success they deserve.

Here it is: Guru’s like to tell everyone that the most important thing you should focus on is traffic. Most marketers are getting killed out there because they spend all their time focusing on cheap traffic, cheaper traffic and cheapest traffic.

But, you see traffic is not the answer. And, the Guru’s know that. And, that is why even though they tell you to focus on cheap traffic. They themselves are focused on something else.

That’s why if you want to get successful in the shortest time possible, then you should be working on the opposite side of the equation. The “4 Hour List Building” is all about where you will find out more answer.

4 Hour List Building Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Nishant Hinge
  • Product Name: 4 Hour List Building
  • Launch Date: 2016-Nov-15
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $6
  • Niche: List Building, Training
  • Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Discount Click Here

The Real Reason Why This Product Was Created…

You and me, as affiliates and/or product creators, we both know that email marketing is ‘the’ most profitable way to make long term money.

4-hour-list-building-bonusYet, it’s not that easy to get your first profitable list set up, especially for newbies. For them, it does get quite overwhelming to set up their whole funnel. It’s because, there are so many moving parts which go into it.

On the other side of the coin, free traffic is dying, conversion rates are sinking, competition is on the rise. And this, makes it even tougher for them.

Still, we can’t give up on building a list, can we? That’s how ‘4 Hour’ List Building was born. It’s a unique course that combats both those problems.

So What is 4 Hour List Building?

The 4 Hour List Building is a 33 page straight-to-the-point book… it has actionable tips. No fluff. No stories. No B.S. This course took over 6 months to be finished.

4-hour-list-building-discountThe first part of the course shows newbies the easiest way to set up their first funnel. It’s called ’10 minute’ affiliate funnel, because it can be designed from scratch in 10 short minutes without having a free bribe, or even creating a headline. It’s super-simple.

There is a 3 step-by-step guides (shown in the picture above) which cover everything, from the basics of setting up a funnel, different ways to get traffic, how to do the tech setup, etc.

Moving on to the second part of the course.

This Is Where Things Get Interesting…

The second part of the course is what makes this course unique. It’s called List Building Cheat Codes. It is a collection of 33 unique Secrets which you can fine tune any funnel into a high conversion machine.

Nishant Hinge (the creator of 4 Hour List Building) have discovered them after analyzing 100s of 6-to-7 figure funnels across various niches. He extracted them.

Nishant have spent over $10,000 of his own and his client’s money testing and tweaking them. Whenever, you apply these cheat codes to your funnel, your conversion rate goes…BOOM. With these tactics any beginner can actually make profit, even if they go head-to-head against BIG guys.

These 33 Secrets are highly powerful…but at the same time they are easy to implement for newbies. They are beginner friendly and it won’t take more 5 minutes to implement them. They are have more to do with the psychology of the marketing than…with actual work.

Why 4 Hour List Building?

I am going to tell you a dark myth that is propagated in the internet marketing circles. You see a lot of internet marketers desperately want you to believe this fact (I said it was “traffic”) because it keeps their business running.

But, in reality, it’s crushing your business. It’s stopping you from growing big. And, frankly, I’ve had enough of it. So, I’m going to tell you like it is.

The ugly fac that all the marketers want you believe is that you need to make bucks online is TRAFFIC. And, they want you to believe that traffic is scarce.

4-hour-list-building-tutorialIf you’ve been around for a while, you must have seen majority products in our marketplace around this THEME – Get cheap traffic. Or, Secret traffic source. Or, I have discovered a virgin traffic source.

You see what they are trying to do is sell you on the fear of missing out. When, in reality there is plenty of traffic around. Adwords. Facebook. Solo ads. Bing. JV traffic. (that’s just off the top of my head)

You name it. There are so many traffic sources around that will feed your product with traffic for a lifetime. But, here is the deal. Although, there is plenty of traffic for everyone, the harsh truth is that traffic is getting expensive.

But, again, you already know that old ways aren’t working as well. You need something different. You need to upgrade your marketing arsenal. You need new weapons to crush your competition.

That’s why I want to you introduce you a new product that Nishant Hinge developed, to help to do exactly that.

Inside of 4 Hour List Building

Nishant Hinge have put them all in complete package (that covers everything from start to end) – called the “The 4-hour List Building System”:

1. 10 Minute Affiliate Funnel:

Only way to build funnel within 10 minutes. It doesn’t require you to have your own product. You can make even more money selling other peoples products. It converts like bonkers! And, doesn’t require you to be a writer, programmer, or marketing skills of any sort.

2. The List Building Cheat Codes:

How To optimize your list-building to its maximum potential…with minimum effort. This is the secret weapon that will allow you to beat competitors from day 1.

4-hour-list-building-download3. Top 2 Ultra Profitable Traffic Sources:

Here you’ll discover how you can start building profitable traffic for FREE. Or, you can choose to fast paid traffic. Anyways, when you try this new list building system, remember that you don’t pay for traffic.

4. Easy Tech Set up Guide:

Here you’ll discover the easiest…and the quickest way to get started in less than 4 hours. How to setup your entire list building funnel without any hassle.

You’ll get a complete new list building system that will help you passively earn a profit of $60…$160…$320 per day starting tomorrow. Nothing is left out.

4 Hour List Building Guarantee

100% Risk-Free for 60 long days – Guaranteed!

30-days-money-back-guarantee-jvzoo-wso-launch-reviewHeck, if you don’t like the book for any reason what so ever, the color is too bright or the logo is not right, any other silly reason why you might not like it… you can send it back in the first 60 days, Nishant Hinge will refund every single penny – no questions asked. You can still be friends with Nishant, no hard feelings 🙂

Also, note that once the product launch is over (or for any other reason), Nishant will be switching off the $5.95 price tag. And, it will fall back to the original price of $97.

If I believed that, deep in my heart, that this information is not urgent to your survival, I wouldn’t have bothered writing to you.

Final Thoughts

How often do you catch yourself saying this to yourself? If Only I had Money/JV contacts/Copywriters/Experience, then I would be successful. The list goes on and on.

But, deep in your heart you know that’s not true. And, top marketers know that truth is that You don’t need all that to be successful and happy. To become an ultra-successful in your market, you only need one thing.

If you have this one thing, your business will have the powerful edge to rule the market, the power to crush your competition, and you will have the freedom to never be a part of the rat race.

What is that tne thing? What is the trump card that rules them all? It’s not traffic. It’s not customers. It’s not money. So I recently read this “4 Hour List Building” course that reveals this secret, you will find your answer there.

IF you don’t have one thing going for you in the business, you will constantly keep struggling, and one step behind top completion that owns the market.

Check it out, you won’t regret it.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my 4 Hour List Building review & training tutorial.

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