20 Minute Results Review: Never Seen Before Proof is Insane


Welcome to my 20 Minute Results review & training tutorial. My most favorite products are those that I have not seen before NEW creative ways to make money and todays product is EXACTLY that.

The checks of proof of income are CRAZY.

20 Minute Results Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Mark Barrett
  • Product Name: 20 Minute Results
  • Launch Date: 2016-Oct-19
  • Launch Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $6
  • Niche: Training
  • Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site: Get the Early Bird Discount Here

How To Get Paid Without EVER Making A Sale?

The number one reason why most people fail with Internet Marketing is this: In order to get paid, you have to actually sell something. And not everyone is good at that.

Whether you do Fiverr, Flippa, affiliate marketing, SEO or anything else, unless money changes hands, you can’t profit online.

Hold your horses.

There’s been a huge change, and you’re about to benefit BIG from it.

Two experienced marketers, Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick were discussing this very problem some time ago, and together they came up with a solution. And noooo, the solution was not CPA.


After Paul had field tested the method, making tens of thousands on it (without ever selling anything) he found that by following very specific steps, ANYONE could earn 176 every day from it.

By the time Paul and Mark had finished the course, they’d gotten it down to 20 minutes a day. That’s all it took to generate 176, without any cash changing hands.

But they didn’t stop there. In their course, which is called 20 Minute Results, they show you how to scale that 176 a day to a job-destroying 250k a year.

After going through this course and seeing it for myself, I know that’s not an exaggeration. That’s how good this stuff is.

Here’s why I like it:

  • It’s BRAND NEW, which means the market is untapped
  • It requires no experience
  • You don’t ever have to sell, or push anything
  • It only requires 20 minutes a day
  • It’s crazy clever 🙂

So exactly what is 20 Minute Results?

The 20 Minute Results is a step-by-step video training course and one of Paul’s (the creator of 20 Minute Results) fantastic methods for getting paid without ever having to make a sale, perfect for anyone struggling with affiliate marketing, or making sales in general.

Extremely scalable, and best of all, works well everyday!


This real life case study shows you exactly how to make 176 per day with just 20 minutes to spare and no cost traffic…

They will even show you how to scale this brand new method to 250k In Less Than 12 Months.

The other thing I really like about this is IT’S NOT AFFILIATE Marketing or PPV or anything else you have seen its COMPLETELY NEW.

  • This has NOTHING to do with CPA, PPV, Facebook ads, social media, YouTube traffic, PPV, PPC, SEO, or Offline Marketing…
  • No product creation required
  • This method is 100% BRAND NEW – You haven’t seen this before and it’s NOT affiliate marketing
  • You don’t need any prior experience
  • No marketing budget needed – Do this with 100% FREE traffic (they’ll show you how)

If you’ve got 20 minutes (or less) per day… you’re good to go. Quickly get to $100+ per day and then scale up to a “fire the boss” SIX FIGURE income.


You might think that the 250k in less than 12 months?!!

Yeah, I agree if you think thats a big number and there was a time I used to feel like that also but to be honest with you If you have the right system in place anything is possible… It really is..

The PROOF is there, I’ve seen the product and I am impressed.

This is like NOTHING you’ve seen before… You need to check it out.

The 20 Minute Results Method Work?

Yes. There’s a real life case study.


And of course, you have a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for any reason it’s not, just send them an email, and they’ll get you a prompt refund. No question asked.

20 Minute Results Proof

The “newbie test case-study” there. Here’s how this case study was set up:

  • They started with NOTHING… as if we were complete newbies
  • They didn’t use any of our connections
  • They didn’t use any of our prior marketing experience or tools

And here’s what happened…


20 Minute Results Video

20 Minute Results OTO

There’s the front-end offer, 3 upsells and 3 downsells:

  • Frontend ($5.95-9.95): Main video training course. You DON’T need to buy upsells, everything is there.
  • OTO 1 ($27): 10 Untapped extra sources to get paid fast without the need to make sales + our proven to convert followup series.
  • OTO 1 downsell ($17)
  • OTO 2 ($27): 50 high quality blogs that your clients can use to monetise this method even further.
  • OTO 2 downsell ($17)
  • OTO 3 ($197): 20 Minute Results Masterclass Series
  • OTO 3 downsell ($97)

20 Minute Results Bonus

  • Bonus #1 – Your First $1,000: Value $97
  • Bonus #2 – Instant Affiliate Machine 2.0: Value $67
  • Bonus #3 – Instant Traffic Specialist: Value $47

20 Minute Results Discount

The early bird discount price is $6.40 as of writing this review but the price is going up with every sale. If you come back later, you will pay more for this course.

Final Thoughts

2 days ago, my friend brought me this course. I did explored it a bit. He told me it was newbie friendly and that I don’t really have to do much…just set it up and wait until hundreds of bucks enter my account…

Think of it as a walkthrough similar to what you get when you’re stuck in one level of a video game. Results are definitely guaranteed! After setup, all you need to do is wait… hey, it’s that easy. I’m really thankful that I was introduced to this money making scheme that actually works!

You don’t need to sell anything. If you have 20 minutes to spare everyday then you’re good to go.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my 20 Minute Results review & software tutorial.

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