WP Site Guardian 2017 Review – How To Hack A Site In Seconds

WP Site Guardian 2017 Review

Welcome to my WP Site Guardian 2017 review & plugin tutorials.

If you think your WordPress sites are safe… think again …. watch below video WP Site get HACKED IN SECONDS…

Michael Thomas & Chris Hitman, specialists in IT/security found that 6 TOP Security plugins were TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE against exploits…

They even managed to hack sites with Cloudflare & Cache Running.

Worse still some of the best security plugins were hiding dangerous exploits:

“Most WP plugins are written by amateurs without any defensive coding skills”…  said the vendors.

THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM as 92% of WP sites are hacked this way…

WP Site Guardian 2017 Software

Common Hack Attack Types Explained:

1. EXPLOIT – (92% of direct hack attacks) – a badly written plugin/theme allows a hacker to execute a command/script that gives them control of your site…

FACT – popular security plugins & services DON’T offer any protection against this.

2. BRUTE FORCE ATTACK – (8% of direct hack attack) – Multiple attempts to guess your username/password & take control of your site.

FACT – most popular security plugins & services are good at blocking this attack… but can’t deal with new amplified XMLRPC attacks.

3. DDOS – (“break the site” hack attack) – this is an attempt to flood your site with requests so your server falls over.

FACT – Plugins CAN’T deal with this attack – you would need to use a third party service like Cloudflare or bespoke hardware protection.

In a nutshell… If you run WP sites – you need to act NOW & protect against exploits as you are not covered against the #1 risk to your site.

WP Site Guardian is ONLY tool on the market with REAL TIME Intrusion detection, LIVE EXPLOIT ATTACK BLOCKING + Intruder attempt notifications.

Short on time? Watch: Click Here

WP Site Guardian 2017 Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Chris Hitman
  • Product Name: WP Site Guardian 2017
  • Launch Date: 2016-Dec-18
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Niche: WP Security, Software
  • Affiliate Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

Uninstall All Your Security Plugins

WordPress security plugins don’t always live up to their expectations…

Get WP Site Guardian 2017

If you think your WordPress sites are safe because you use Wordfence, Bulletproof Security, Sucuri, AIO WP Security or any other free/paid security plugins then you may be at risk.

I’ve just spent time UNINSTALLING numerous plugins from all my wordpress sites….

  • All-in-One Security Plugin
  • Better WP Security Plugin
  • Bulletproof Security Plugin

That’s just a few of them.

Clearly, as much as I think I’ve protected my websites (and my income) by installing these plugins, these top security plugins are NOT doing their job.

I just cancelled my monthly subscription to Spyder Spanker too.

It’s clear why I had to after I read THIS

Did you know that in April 2015 over a million sites were left wide open to hackers when a vulnerability was found in popular cache plugin?

I didn’t.

But listen to this…

Last month WordPress admitted that there was a major vulnerability that allowed hackers to launch amplified brute force attacks leaving ALL 73 million wordpress sites TOTALLY exposed.

Can you imagine that, in this day and age…

Technology was supposed to make our life better, more secure, more protected…

…but technology is leaving us and our online income, reputation, search engine rankings completely exposed.

Just one bad plugin or update and your site can be completely taken over (because many wordpress plugin and theme writers are not trained in secure coding practices).

I don’t know if you’ve ever been hacked before but I have – quite a few times. (I’ll tell you more about that in a moment).

That’s why I’ve just now uninstalled all the top security plugins that were supposed to be protecting my websites and I installed this instead with 2 clicks!

When you use this new technology it will massively reduce your risk of getting hacked by CURRENT and FUTURE exploits.

WP Site Guardian protects your WordPress sites where other popular free and paid plugins FAIL.

Buy WP Site Guardian 2017WP Site Guardian 2017 Tutorial

So, How WP Site Guardian 2017 Work?

Here’s how:

It will monitor and block hackers based on BEHAVIOUR rather than the attack code used.

When any suspicious activity is detected the IP of the hacker is “instantly blocked” and the hacker is “banned”.

This will prevent the exploit from executing and will also shut down all further hacking attempts.

You can use it too on all your niche sites.

  • Simple 2 Click Setup
  • Blocks XSS, SQL, Header & Directory Exploits
  • Auto-Blocks Attacks By User BEHAVIOUR not Code
  • Get Instant Hacking Alerts
  • 12 Hourly/Daily & Weekly Backups
  • Works With ALL Major Page Builder, Membership, Security & Cache Plugins/Solutions

WP Site Guardian 2017 Demo

I Also Got Two Upgrades, and I’ll Explain Why.

1. Live Vulnerability Alerts – Early Warning System

Currently there’s no way of knowing if the plugins or themes you are using have known vulnerabilities.

Even if you’re a security expert you would need to constantly check your site for vulnerabilities, which is an insane amount of work.

This constantly scans your plugins and themes on a daily basis and checks against the current vulnerability database for problems.

If and when a vulnerability is found an alert will be sent to you via email.

This allows you to deal with problems even before hackers spot them.

2. Smart Firewall – Boots the biggest scumbags, spammers, bots and scrapers automatically.

I sure like the sound of that.

Do you know there’s a communal list of scumbags, spammers, fake bots, and scrapers which is updated by the security industry daily?

The powerful SMART firewall in this new tool will look at the communal IP blocklist daily and block them automatically.

I’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that I’m blocking the latest and biggest troublemakers automatically.

Now the second upgrade that I got was WP Shields-UP.

WP Site Guardian 2017 Download

Here’s Why I Consisdered this Important.

It works very hard behind the scenes 24/7 to actually make my wordpress sites “invisible” to hackers and actually reduces hacking attempts by 95%!

In fact, it hides 99.9 percent of WP “tell tale” signs like:

  • Php files access
  • Directory Browsing Disabled
  • Moves & Hides login areas
  • Hides WP pluging & themes
  • And of course it’s a secure coded plugin.

If you have just one wordpress site then you need this because it’s the latest technology right now and the price is very affordable. (I used to pay $150.00 a month for security).

Now back to my personal hacking story…

The amount of money it cost to fix was mindboggling.

So, firstly, to get it fixed and to repair the hole cost me a lot of money – around a $1000 to be honest.

Then there was the time involved to repair my site vulnerabilities (see if they manage to get into one blog in your hosting account they can very easily get into ALL of them).

How To Hack A Site Demo Video

How To Hack A Site In Seconds

Imagine having 10, 20, 30, 50 sites affected at once?

So I was out of pocket paying for security fixing but I was also losing income because of my sites being hacked.

Then, if that’s not stressful enough, I had my webhost breathing down my neck because they will ban you from their hosting AND kick you out if they think your hack could affect their other customers too.

The stress in this situation is just unbelievable.

But let’s add something to the mix…

…I had worked very hard to build some high ranking sites over a long period of time.

When I got hacked Google D-U-M-P-E-D me.

That’s right, I lost all my rankings because my sites/webhosting was infiltrated by someone else.

So then not only was my immediate income affected, so was my future income.


Now that’s S-T-R-E-S-S.

Who’s not stressed in all this?


Once a hacker discovers what vulnerability your site has it’s a simple case of Googling “plugin name exploit” downloading the code and deploying it to your site!

Your site, your reputation, your rankings, and your domain value destroyed.

Hacking is actually the least of your worries, the headaches that come afterwards are going to keep you busy for a very long time afterwards and affect your income for months ahead.

This test showed that none of the top plugins or solutions offered any real protection against exploits.

WP Site Guardian 2017 Plugin

WP Site Guardian 2017 Explained Video

WP Site Guardian 2017 Demo Video

Final Thoughts

As I see it, you’ve got everything to lose by not adding this to your sites today.

It’s entirely up to you, but having been the subject of multiple hacking attacks in my 10 years online, I’d rather invest in this tool which is going to give me the best chance of securing my sites and my livelihood than risk becoming another hacking/phishing statistic.

I REALLY don’t want you to have to go through what I did.

Use this new technology and fingers crossed you will never have to.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my WP Site Guardian 2017 review & plugin tutorials.

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