VidiFire Review – Ultimate Sales Video Creation Formula that Sells

VidiFire Review

Welcome to my VidiFire review & training/template tutorial.

[Last Updated] Thursday, March 30, 2017 (EST)

Video Creation Training With A Twist – VidiFire – is now LIVE!


It’s a proven system that one of the top video marketers has used to create effective videos online.


No hype, no click button software. This is for you if you’re looking for something different.


Planning and creating video content online is easy, doing it well is a skill.


No doubt you already have video software, but how do you actually go about creating a video that captivates, captures and converts?


VidiFire is comprehensive training that helps you plan and execute your video creation using a number of angles often overlooked.


This Training Shows You:

  • How to plan out a video and produce compelling sales videos
  • Gives you a method to produce a video without the need to get on camera yourself
  • How to construct it in a way to take advantage of human psychology
  • When to introduce the pricing part for the optimum close
  • And A LOT more

Beyond the core training for video there is also a number of extra tools and training provided to help you build great sales pages as well.


What Sorts Of Videos Is This Helpful For?


This is ideal for marketers looking to create:

  • Sales Videos
  • Videos For Clients
  • Online Ads
  • Product Trailers
  • Review Videos
  • eCom Product Videos

or just any video online.


Why VidiFire is Different to ALL the Other Video Creation Courses Out There?


There have been lots of video training products in the past.


This one stands out to me as one that cuts past just simple “hype” and gets to the core of a great video.


Some of the key differences I have noticed when reviewing this training is:

  1. It helps you do the all crucial planning. Most training series jump right in and overlook this stage.
  2. It takes advantage of the way we as humans operate, instead of the hype, it breaks down how to structure your video to maximise human decision making.
  3. It shows you how to add animations for maximum effect, and where to find them and the software for little cost.
  4. It has more than just the video training, there is also a number of template downloads to help you produce nice looking videos.

I will tell you now, this is not for people who are looking for a quick 5 minute success template.


This is for you if you are looking to build great videos from the ground up, but may be lacking a little direction.


If this is you its worth a look.


Check it out here

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and like your online business will never fully “takeoff”?

If so, it’s probably not your product or the offer you’re promoting.

It’s probably not even what you know or don’t know.

It’s most likely your VIDEO (or lack of one).

We both know how video is the BEST way to reach our target audience and sell our stuff.

But, are your videos actually… selling?

Using video in your marketing is one thing, but using it “EFFECTIVELY” is a whole other story.

One person who’s really cracked the code to selling with video is my friend Peter Beattie.

While most people are working their tails off trying to get sales, Peter has figured out a way to craft simple videos that do all the selling for him.

They grab ATTENTION & get him noticed, even in the most competitive niches.

They systematically ENGAGE viewers and convert complete strangers into buyers.

And they develop celebrity status so customers never forget him, and keep coming back for more.

So what’s his secret?

Well, he wouldn’t tell me directly but he’s revealing everything he knows in his upcoming product called “VidiFire”.

VidiFire Discount

VidiFire Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Peter Beattie
  • Product Name: VidiFire
  • Launch Date: 2017-Mar-30
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Niche: Video, Video Creation, Video Marketing, Video Template, Training
  • Launch Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

So What is VidiFire?

VidiFire is a two part program (sales video 4 part framework templates + ultimate training) that allows you to create powerful pitch video that sells.

It’s the universal pitch video framework Peter Beattie have developed and perfected over several successful product launches & promotions over the last 7 years.

This framework has been used in over 30 of his most recent product launches and has played a crucial part in over $2.5 million in sales on JVZoo in the past few years alone.

It’s also been used to kickstart entire businesses not only for him, but for his several clients as well. Some of these businesses were sold to investors.

In short, if you want to create sales videos that get the money QUICKLY, you will love this.

VidiFire comes with all training modules + framework templates, community access, priority support and a 60 day – money back guarantee.

It Works.

VidiFire Works Proof

Who Needs VidiFire?

1. Newbies

Newbies who are struggling to make a consistent online income and want a proven way to get leads & sales.

2. Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketers who want to stand out and turn their commissions into overdrive with powerful video persuasion tactics.

3. Product Creators

Product Creators who want to 5-10x sales of their online courses, coaching programs, software and info products.

4. eCommerce Site Owners

eCommerce site owners who want to create epic product videos that increase sales and build a loyal following around physical products.

5. Coaches & Consultants

Coaches & Consultants who want to create celebrity status and command high end prices for their services.

6. Authors, Speakers & Experts

Authors, Speakers & Experts who want to cement themselves as THE authority in their niche while selling more of their products & programs than ever before.

7. Offline Businesses

Offline Businesses who want to attract their target customers into their business every day by the truckload.

8. YouTubers

YouTubers who want to double or triple their earnings from ad revenue by selling their own products and services.

What is the “VidiFire 4 Part Framework” Template?

So, how does the “4 Part Framework” work and why is it 100x BETTER than other video selling methods?

In simplest terms, it’s a 4 step process that tells you 1) EXACTLY what to say in your videos and 2) HOW to say it to break through the noise, command attention and convert complete strangers into buyers… repeatedly.

Peter do this by borrowing PROVEN storytelling tactics used by the TV & Film Industry to keep the mass market GLUED to their seats and TV screens, waiting to see what happens next.

VidiFire Tutorial

These guys have MASTERED the art of grabbing attention of an audience and KEEPING them hooked until the very end.

The “4 Step Framework” taps into these same strategies and uses them to tell the story of your business in a way that:

  1. Cuts through the noise and grabs your target audience’s attention
  2. Keeps them HOOKED and gets them interested in what you are talking about.
  3. Gives them a solution to their problem in a way that sets up the sale of whatever you’re selling
  4. Takes them from a random viewer and complete stranger and gets them to pull out their wallet and give you money.

It’s that simple.

No more “shots in the dark” or guessing what will work.

So what you get with VidiFire system?

You will get 2 part system: the Training and the “VidiFire 4 Part Framework” Templates.

Part 1: The Training

VidiFire Demo

1. Module #1: Your Video Attack Plan

How the heck are you supposed to get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you’re going?

2. Module 2: “The Rubberneck Effect”

This is the very first (and most important) step to crafting that video that’s going to take your sales to the next level.

3. Module 3: “Interest Cultivation”

Now that you’ve hooked them in, you gotta keep them there by creating interest about the topic… in relation to how it will make them want to buy whatever it is you’re selling at the end.

4. Module 4: “The Seduction Stage”

This is where you are perfectly setup to introduce your solution to their problem, your product, service or whatever you’re selling.

5. Module 5: “The ASK Stage”

This is where you reveal the price of what you’re selling and ask for the sale.

6. Module 6: Epic (and Legit) Social Proof

Want an easy way to increase the effectiveness of ANY video by at least 120%?

7. Module 7: Emotional Soundtrack

The mind is an amazing thing… but it CAN be persuaded into doing what you want and thinking how you want it to think.

8. Module 8: Animations Simplified

While not necessary for an epic video, animations can add a lot to your videos when used sparingly.

9. Module 9: The Voiceover

A voiceover can either make or break your video.

10. Module 10: Lights, Cameras, Mics!

Most people think that you need some absurdly complicated “video production setup” to product high quality videos, it’s not.

Part 2: The Templates & Swipe Files

VidiFire Download

1. The “VidiFire 4 Part Framework” Template

You’ll get the entire “VidiFire 4 part Framework” template that tells you exactly how to create your videos from beginning to end.

2. The Million Dollar Script Swipe Files

Peter will handing you the EXACT video script swipe files for 5 of his hottest videos that have done over 6 figures in sales each.

VidiFire Explained Video

My Personal Exclusive “VidiFire” Special Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “VidiFire” System)

Bonus #1: Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

VidiFire Bonus #1 Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

All the tools and equipment Peter uses to create his marketing videos! Everything from software, cameras, lighting, secret resources and more!

Bonus #2: Video Template Mega Pack

VidiFire Bonus #2 Video Template Mega Pack

A collection of DOZENS of done for you animated video templates you can use RIGHT NOW to sell more of your products. No video editing software needed. Just open in Powerpoint.

Bonus #3: 100+ Background Music Track

VidiFire Bonus #3 100+ Background Music Tracks

Over 100 Professional Quality Royalty Free Background Music Tracks that you can use to enhance your YouTube videos!

Bonus #4: 60+ Stock Video Backgrounds

VidiFire Bonus #4 60+ Stock Video Backgrounds

Over 60 Professional Quality Scenery and Motion Video Backgrounds to set your YouTube videos apart from the competition. Use these in your sales videos, upsell videos & product launch videos too!

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

After making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside the “VidiFire” members area, so you don’t have to wait for your bonuses!

But If you missing your bonuses for any reason, then contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:

VidiFire Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special ” pricing is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

VidiFire Guarantee

60 Day Test Drive: VidiFire do a full 60 days no question asked money back guarantee.

Get full access to “VidiFire” for a 60 days and if for ANY reason, this isn’t for you… just send them an email, and they’ll give you 100% of your money back.

My Thoughts

In the past 18 months alone, Peter’s “Epic Videos” have generated over $1.5 million in sales.

And he’s been a part of over 30 (THIRTY!) best selling products on JVZoo, most of which have done 6 figures each.

And you guessed it… his “Epic Video” formula was the secret ingredient behind those crazy numbers.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, eComm store owner, product creator, coach, consultant, author, speaker or even a local business owner…

You are going to have Peter’s EXACT templates and formulas for crafting Epic Videos that get you noticed, command respect, attract more leads and increase your sales.

This will be $297 after the launch but when it goes live you can get it at the 72% OFF Early Bird Discount for the first couple hours.

jvzoo wso launch review buy now1

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Pullii review & training/template tutorial.

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