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Ultimate Banner Plugin Review – WP Plugin by Cindy Donovan

Welcome to my Ultimate Banner Plugin review & software tutorial.

[Last Updated] Monday, December 5, 2016 (EST)

The Ultimate Banner Plugin is now LIVE!


Create ‘Animated’ grabbing banners in minutes!


Ultimate Banner Plugin is a new ‘banner creation’ software that works within WordPress.


It allows you to create ‘Animated eye catching banners’ with ease.


You can use these banners or ads effortlessly on your own WordPress blog or copy some code and add the banner to ANY html website.


Not only that but this software also includes over 40+ done for you templates.


These templates include:

  • Page/Post/Sidebar Ads
  • Page Only Ads
  • Full Width Banners
  • ‘Animated’ Video Ads
  • Testimonial Ads

The software includes an easy to use editing interface that makes it easy to customize your ads fully as you want.


Not only that when you’ve finished editing your ads the software allows you to download the ad embed code or use a short code to instantly add the ad into your WordPress website.


When you start generating traffic to your ads the software allows you to split test ads against each other…


…and it tracks how successful or unsuccessful your ads campaign is through analytics.


You can use this software to:


Advertise your products, affiliate products or Opt-in pages on your websites


OR you could use these ads on external websites you’ve paid to have them show.


These ads really stand out and will allow you to advertise effectively and generate a high amount of clickthroughs to where ever you want people to go.


Take a look at a fully walkthrough of the software: Click Here

Cindy Donovan is partnering with 5-time million dollar business creator, Matthew Pollard, to release a WordPress plugin that makes it SUPER easy for you to create and display high converting banner ads on your blogs.

Matthew has been featured in a lot of media, including Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines – and even a spot on Fox news.

He is very well respected in the wider digital marketing community and when Cindy mentioned that the JVZoo space would be ALL OVER this little plugin he created for use on his blog – a partnership was born.

Using Cindy’s own experience, having built 25+ Product of the Day WordPress themes and plugins, Cindy and Matthew have made it something that will be and irresistible product you will be excited to use!

The Ultimate Banner WP Plugin meets a real need you have!

Here’s a different point of view:

See, most people don’t have a “GET THE EMAIL” focus because it’s a hassle. You need offers on your site that look great, which means you need a designer. And while you can always use Fiverr.com, you have to hope they didn’t steal a copyrighted image. Plus, every little change you need down the road is a big task.

So unless you have a designer on staff, getting good-looking, mobile-responsive, and up-to-date offers on your site is just a huge nightmare… Until now.


With the Ultimate Banner Plugin, all you need is an idea, and you can have a banner up in minutes. YES, MINUTES!

Even better, it’s all centrally managed, so you can make changes across your entire site in seconds. Compare one offer against another, testing to see what works best.

Creating professional, customized banners, sidebars, and opt-ins has never been easier. Present different offers on different pages, make changes anytime you like, tailor your call-to-action buttons, and watch your email list explode with subscriber increases up to 1375%!

Check it out here, and take advantage of limited time early-bird pricing

Ultimate Banner Plugin Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan
  • Product Name: Ultimate Banner Plugin
  • Launch Date: 2016-Dec-05
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Niche: Graphics, Software, WP Plugin
  • Affiliate Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Discount Click Here

The Main Idea of Ultimate Banner Plugin

Increase your subscribers up to 1375%!


You know that the key to making money on your website is building your subscriber list. And you know that to build your subscriber list, you’ve got to get people to opt in.

But did you know that double opt-ins are up to 70% more effective than single opt-ins? And that split testing further increases opt-ins by up to 69%? Here’s one to really knock your socks off:

When double opt-ins and split testing are combined with pattern interrupt technology, you can see a subscriber increase up to 1375%.


That’s right, 1375%!

So does this mean you have to hire a designer and a developer to create your double opt-in, then embed the code onto your site, and work with an analytics expert to perform your split testing, then rehire the designer to tweak the opt-in offer based on the testing?

That sounds exhausting… and expensive.

What if I told you that you could do all this yourself, with one simple tool?

You can bypass all the hiring, and create customized opt-in offers yourself, quickly and simply. You can track what’s working, make site-wide changes in an instant, and choose which offers go on which pages.


The Ultimate Banner Plugin offers all this and more, putting you back in control of your offers, banners, sidebars, and opt-ins.

Whether you’re an experienced affiliate or a newbie blogger, the Ultimate Banner Plugin is the easy, low-cost way to grow your list and increase your sales.

Ultimate Banner Plugin Review: Product Review

The Ultimate Banner Plugin is came about out of dire necessity while Matt (Matthew Pollard, the creator and one of Ultimate Banner Plugin Launch Team) was trying to effectively advertise on his blog and finding every solution out there falling SUPER short of satisfactory.

The Ultimate Banner plugin lets you manage all of your banners in one convenient admin area, resulting in as much as a 300% increase in revenue effectiveness.

And a huge bump in webinar sign ups, optin form registrations and more…


All conveniently inside your WordPress admin area.

You can now intelligently control how, when and to whom banners are displayed to your visitors.

Use Ultimate Banner Plugin as a List Building Magnets

Affiliate promotions are great for NOW money, but for ongoing, automated income your blog needs to be building a subscriber list too…

And Ultimate Banner Plugin have made that easy too, by letting you create banners pops up a subscribe box when clicked.

So you can use your banner graphics to build your subscriber lists quickly, easily and for whatever list you choose to build.

And it’s really easy too, with seamless integration with Thrive Themes, LeadPages and all major autoresponders:


How Ultimate Banner WP Plugin Work?

You can create and display really profitable banners using UBP’s built-In template gallery with every piece editable & instantly customisable.

Below are the examples:




Ultimate Banner Plugin Key Features

It’s a banner management plugin with:

  1. Built-in banner creator with easy editing
  2. Make sidebar ads, in-post ads, video banners, testimonial ads and more
  3. You choose where you want it to show and to whom
  4. Easily use shortcodes
  5. Connect using thrive leads code
  6. Turn banners on/off
  7. Use any banners you like
  8. Intelligent banner display tracking
  9. Categorise your banner groups (easy category creation)
  10. AR integration, so you can send to an affiliate offer OR have a pop up with lead capture display on your blog
  11. Great track views/conversions system and more

Ultimate Banner Plugin OTOs Upsells Downsells

When I purchase products online, I’d always like to know if there are any one time offers (OTOs).

So let me share a sneak peek of my one time offers with you.

There are a front-end offer and a total of 3 OTOs (Upsells) that you’ll run into if you grab this Ultimate Banner Plugin.

  1. Front-End: Ultimate Banner Plugin ($17)
  2. OTO 1: Ultimate Banner Plugin Developers License + The “Continuous Engagement” Plugin ($27)
  3. OTO 2: The “Context Cash Easy Monetisation” Plugin + With Amazon Contextual Ads ($37)
  4. OTO 3: The “Copy Traffic Automatic Backlinking” Plugin – Enables Attribution Control ($37)


Ultimate Banner WP Plugin Explained Video

Ultimate Banner Plugin Demo Video

My Ultimate Banner Plugin Bonuses

1. Content Curation Blueprint

ultimate-banner-plugin-bonuses-content-curation-blueprintWith The ‘Content Curation Blueprint’ you can now save hours of time and effort to generate the content you want for your sites.

  • Fill Your Site With Amazing Content
  • Without Having To Write A Single Word
  • Save Hours In Writing Time
  • Become THE Authority In Your Niche

2. WP Social Press Theme

ultimate-banner-plugin-bonuses-wp-social-press-themeWP Social Press is an internet marketing theme for social marketers.

It is a complete WordPress theme versatile enough to be used for any online business or general purpose website

Fully mobile repsonsive, flexible layout and desgins, all fully customisable from an easy to use dashboard.

3. WP Link Tweet

ultimate-banner-plugin-bonuses-wp-link-tweetShortcode To Tweet Anything! Create tweetable content with sweet tooltip popups.

Click to tweet any text you want!

Twitter is one of the best source of quality traffic and if you want to become successful in the internet marketing industry, tapping this technique is necessary.


How to get your bonuses?

Contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/contact-me/

Ultimate Banner Plugin Questions Answered

Q: Does This Work On Any Website?

A: This is a WordPress plugin, so it only works when installed on a WordPress website. If you’ve never owned a website before, this is the best way for you to start! WordPress is easy to install (usually with one click installs with your hosting provider) and puts website ownership in your hands fast.

Q: Do I Need To Have An Autoresponder?

A: The Ultimate Banner Plugin let’s you paste the html code you get form your email autoresponder provider, to capture email addresses, so if you want to use it for that, then yes – you will need one (there are some free options available), however, many of members usually use the banner builder mainly for creating banners for affiliate promotions really quickly. The plugin lets you choose either (or both).


Q: Can I Use This On All Of My Websites?

A: Ultimate Banner Plugin have different licensing options, you can choose which one suits you best, but the best value option – especially during release, is the unlimited option. When you buy the unlimited license (ONLY included with the unlimited license) Ultimate Banner Plugin are also including developers rights, meaning you can create these for clients and sell this as a service, for even more earning potential!

Q: Is There An Actual Human I Can Talk To If I Have Questions?

A: YES! Ultimate Banner Plugin support team is available and ready to help answer any questions you have about the plugin, setting it up and getting the most out of the functions. Ultimate Banner Plugin have fast start videos, walking you through installation – and if you prefer to read, also a fast start PDF so you can choose and get your website more profitable sooner.

If you have any question, contact Ultimate Banner Plugin support (http://www.wildfireconcepts.com/contact-us/) or email to Cindy Donovan (at cindybattye@gmail.com) or Skype her (cindy.battye), that’s it!

Final Thoughts

You can create banners inside your WP admin, publish them and control them in one centralised admin area, track and deliver ads however you choose, to whomever you wish. The Ultimate Banner WP Plugin makes “irresistible banners”, instantly increasing optins and affiliate sales by as much as 70%!

Everything you need is built in, so no expensive extras to buy.

And this is huge: Everything is mobile responsive. As you know,most banners look terrible on mobile, because they’re just image blocks that don’t resize.

If you want them to be responsive, you’ve got to fork over big bucks to a programmer to get the code. No more. Ultimate Banner Plugin generates the code for you when you create the banner, so it’s simple to have great-looking offers on any device.

Have a look now and take advantage of the early-bird discount. Also, wait until you see the bonuses. So much extra value!

Join me for a whole new round of manage all of your banners in one convenient admin area.

P.S – Let’s  RECAP here about the most important thing…

How do you get them to make you actual…‘in your pocket’cash?

Your banners will Get ‘Buyer Traffic’ like never before with this list building, attention grabbing banner creation tool that ALSO has powerful call to action and social proof/testimonials templates!

If you are sick of constantly paying money to Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for traffic, and never really seeing anything come from it then, this plugin is your go-to app!

  • Put up affiliate offers and email opt-ins to build your list with slick, polished, attention-getting banners and graphics to cut through the noise of other online offers and ads.
  • 100% copyright compliant.

It’s time you started cashing in on your hard work in a seriously simple and ridiculously cheap way.

Finally, get yourself back in the driver’s seat of monetizing your website ONLY with Ultimate Banner Plugin – All in one simple, easy to use, WordPress plugin.

Everything you need is built in, so no expensive extras to buy.

Everything is mobile responsive. As you know, most banners look terrible on mobile, because they’re just image blocks that don’t resize. If you want them to be responsive, you’ve got to fork over big bucks to a programmer to get the code.

No more.

Ultimate Banner Plugin generates the code for you when you create the banner, so it’s simple to have great-looking offers on any device.

And it comes at an attractive Early Bird price for the first few hours!

Don’t miss the chance to have the most profitable promotions and subscriber building ads on your blog, anywhere… ready in moments, with no fuss or hassle ONLY with this super ultility!


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Ultimate Banner Plugin review & software tutorial.

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