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Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club™ 2017 and Tube Traffic Secrets™ 2017

Welcome to my Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition by Jeff Johnson review & training tutorial.

The market for video marketing and YouTube training is hotter than ever. If you’ve been active on any list recently you’ve likely heard about Tube Traffic Secrets by Jeff Johnson!

[Last Updated] Saturday, May 27, 2017 (EST)

New “short and sweet” video


Jeff posted a new “shorter and sweeter” version of his latest video for you.


No opt-in necessary – watch the video click here


He was so aggressive in the editing process that the video just “jumps right in” and starts telling you exactly what you get without even introducing himself first.


So that pretty little voice you hear at the beginning of the new video is actually Jeff Johnson’s pretty little voice 🙂


The new video is 10 minutes and 24 seconds shorter, sweeter, and gets to the point, faster…


It’s all about telling you exactly what you get, how your training works, all the benefits of being a member of Tube Traffic Secrets™ 3.0 offers, and all the really cool bonuses that you’ll receive when you join today during this special Grand Opening Sale.


Learn more about your benefits and bonuses here

[Last Updated] Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (EST)

The doors just opened


Some people think that YouTube is filled with nothing but freebie seekers and “cute little kitty” video-junkies that aren’t willing to buy your products or services… but that just isn’t true and you’ll discover why in Jeff’s new video.


Other people believe that you have to be able to produce really slick looking, high production value videos in order to build a list and find new clients on YouTube… but thousands of Jeff’s students have proven those people wrong.


In Jeff’s new video he walks you through his…


7 simple steps that are guaranteed to help you get more views for your videos… build a bigger list, faster… and find new customers for your business… all by tapping into the marketing power of YouTube.


He also reveals the single biggest problem that the almost everyone has when it comes to marketing on YouTube… and what you can do to easily fix it in 30 minutes or less.


Plus, Jeff tells you how you can get your hands on a piece of video marketing software that has helped him personally sell millions worth of his products and services online… in as little as a week… and he tells you how you can get it for free.


Jeff also shares his secrets of how to get one of the biggest, most powerful corporations in the entire world to promote your business for you…

  • Without spending a penny on advertising.
  • Without having to pay a dime for your traffic.
  • Without having to do any of the promotional grunt-work yourself.

They’ll do all of it for you… for free.


Jeff talks about this, and more in his new video




Jeff just opened the doors (for the first time ever) to his the newest version of his bestselling Tube Traffic Secrets™ training program.


If you’d like to learn how to build your list, get more traffic, and find new customers by tapping into the marketing power of YouTube…


I strongly recommend that you check out Jeff’s all-new Tube Traffic Secrets™3.0 while he’s still accepting new students (he’ll be closing the doors to new students in just a couple of days, if not sooner).

[Last Updated] Monday, May 22, 2017 (EST)

Cart opens tomorrow (Tuesday) – what to expect


Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the big day so I just wanted to make sure you had everything you need to jump on it.


Jeff Johnson will be giving away some really cool bonuses, but he only have a very limited supply and I didn’t want you to miss out so I thought I’d give you a quick heads-up so you can be ready for tomorrow’s big announcement.


Here’s what I’m talking about:


For the first time, ever… Jeff Johnson opening the doors to his all-new Tube Traffic Secrets™ 3.0.


It’s the first all-new “completely rebuilt from the ground up” version of Tube Traffic Secrets™ in over 4 1/2 years.


And to make it an even sweeter deal for you…


He’s giving away an insanely valuable Grand Opening Bonus Package that is designed to help you rank higher, get more views for your videos and build a bigger list, faster.


However, the doors will only be open for 2 ½ days and some of the bonuses will be in extremely short supply.


Which means you have to be handed out on a strict first come, first served basis and…


Once they are gone, they are gone.


The best way for you to get ready for it is to make sure you have reviewed the free training material on his blog (it’ll help you decide if you’d like to learn more about the right way to use videos to get free list-building traffic from YouTube and Google).

Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0 by Jeff Johnson

Think of it this way… if you think the information Jeff have been giving away for free on hus blog is good… just think about how great the training inside the private membership site has to be (and how much more of it there will be).


So, here’s a direct link to all of the free video traffic-getting training that I posted on his blog last week for you:


1. Watch your free “How To Get More Views On YouTube” video tutorial to learn How to quickly and easily uncover the best video traffic-getting keywords that will help you easily grab more views for your YouTube videos.


Plus, you’ll discover the truth behind YouTube’s newest algorithm update… and how to use that information to practically force YouTube to send your videos significantly more views for free.


2. Download your free “How To Get More Views On YouTube” PDF Cheat Sheet and Presentation Slides (105 PDF pages of 100% pure YouTube Traffic-Getting content to download).


3. Watch your free “How To Rank YouTube Videos On The First Page Of Google” training video.


You’ll learn the secrets of how to get your YouTube videos ranked on the first page of Google in as little 5 minutes using some killer “video friendly” keyword research techniques and some good old fashioned search engine optimization.


4. Download your free “How To Rank YouTube Videos” PDF copy of the presentation slides.


5. Download your “Blog Post SEO For YouTube Videos” PDF Checklist with over 100 Blog Post SEO Tips that will help you optimize your blog post for YouTube videos (so they rank higher in Google and get more views).




Leo Reynolds




Here’s a few very important things to remember about tomorrow:

  • The doors will only be open for 2 ½ days.
  • Jeff is only able to accept a very limited number of new students.
  • Jeff is giving away a lot of cool free stuff as part of the Grand Opening Bonus Package that he’d really hate to see you miss out on.

So, please… keep an eye out for the update tomorrow and get ready to jump on this special deal as fast as you can.




Here’s a tip:


Each video has its own set of PDF downloads that are unique to that video… so make sure you look each of the videos and download all 184 PDF pages of pure YouTube traffic-getting content.

[Last Updated] Monday, May 15, 2017 (EST)

Google’s backdoor is WIDE open – How To Rank Videos in Google Fast


Jeff Johnson just posted another fantastic “YouTube SEO” video on his blog and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you are looking to learn how to use your videos to grab free traffic from both Google and YouTube at the very same time.

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 How To Rank Videos in Google Fast

You’ll learn how to “sneak into the backdoor of Google” and get your YouTube videos ranked on the first page of Google and getting views in as little as 5 minutes.


This new video shows you exactly how it works (PLUS Action Plan Cheat Sheets) Click Here




Don’t forget to download your PDF Cheat Sheets, Presentation Slides, Action Plans and Check Lists… you’ll find them below the video, right underneath the 947 comments that people have already (they love his free training, and so will you).

[Last Updated] Friday, May 12, 2017 (EST)

New freee PDF and training video (YouTube SEO)


Jeff just posted a brand-new free PDF Cheat Sheet for you and it’s all about getting more traffic for your YouTube Videos.


(You’ve never seen this one before because he just posted it a few minutes ago, and it is brand-spankin’ new.)


Plus, he also posted a free PDF copy of the “How To Get More Views On YouTube” presentation slides the other day and I completely forget to tell you about them.


That means that you now you have a free 105 PDF pages of 100% pure YouTube Traffic-Getting content to download.

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Video SEO Video

You’ll find your free PDF Cheat Sheet and presentation slides just below the 938 comments that people have already left on Jeff’s blog about the free training…


Obviously they love Jeff’s free training, and so will you!


Grab Your free 105 PDF pages of 100% pure YouTube Traffic-Getting training Click Here




Leo Reynolds

[Last Updated] Wednesday, May 10, 2017 (EST)

The launch of “Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition” officially starts 3pm Eastern (NYC time) today.


So I wanted to let you know a quick overview of what to expect from TTS 2017 pre-launch videos.


Here’s how the ‘Tube Traffic Secrets 2017’ pre-launch works:


There are THREE pre-launch videos for you to us right away, and EACH pre-launch video also includes at least 1 PDF Cheat Sheet or Worksheet for them to download.


Each pre-launch video is jam-packed with rock solid content that you can put to use right away in your business and see almost immediate results!


Here are the release dates for the pre-launch videos:

  1. Video 1 (May 10th) – Video 1 reveals – YouTube SEO – How To Get More Views on YouTube
  2. Video 2 (May 15th) – Video 2 reveals – Google’s backdoor is WIDE open – How To Rank Videos in Google Fast
  3. Cart opens (May 22nd)
  4. Cart Closes (May 25th)

Yes, the cart is only initially open for 3 days.

It has been almost 4 ½ years since Jeff Johnson released an updated version of his hottest selling Tube Traffic Secrets™ (Jeff Johnson’s YouTube traffic-getting, list building and customer finding training program).

However, instead of simply releasing another updated version of the existing product, Jeff is tearing the old one down and completely rebuilding it from the ground up.

It’s the All-New 2017 Edition of Tube Traffic Secrets™, and it’s going to be an insanely hot offer.

Jeff Johnson is finally releasing Tube Traffic Secrets™ All-New 2017 Edition and you can expect it to be LOADED with value and quality content to help you get traffic.

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition is jam-packed with nothing but 100% pure video traffic-getting content. And Tube Traffic Secrets™ has been his best selling training program of all time!

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Jeff Johnson
  • Product Name: Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition
  • Launch Data: 2017-May-22
  • Price: $497 one time or 3 payments of $199 each
  • Niche: Video, Video Marketing, YouTube, Traffic, List Building, Training
  • Launch Network: InfusionSoft
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Discount Click Here

What is Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition?

Tube Traffic Secrets™ All-New 2017 Edition is a private membership site and training program where Jeff Johnson teaches how to build a bigger list, get more traffic, and find more customers by tapping into the marketing power of YouTube.


The Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Editio will show you how to get more traffic to your YouTube videos from both Google and YouTube, how to build a list with your videos, and how to find more customers with your videos.

So this course is NOT about “just one way” to make money with videos, it’s about how to get more views for your videos and build a bigger email list list.

The assumption is that you already know how to make money with your list once you have it, however, Jeff does briefly cover several ways to monetize your videos including affiliate marketing, Adsense and being a YouTube partner.

The course really covers the whole range of video marketing and making money with videos from how to set up your video (easily) and how to optimize, how to get traffic and then how to monetize and improve!

Who’s Behind of Tube Traffic Secrets 2017

Jeff Johnson has one of the largest followings in the IM space and he’s associated with some of the biggest names in internet marketing such as Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss.


Tube Traffic Secrets™ All-New 2017 Edition by Jeff Johnson

His specialty is traffic generation, particularly through SEO and Video. He’s a 7-figure affiliate who actually practices what he preaches, walks-the-walk.

He’s released many traffic generation ‘blueprints’ over the last decade and has an excellent reputation of producing very detailed, step-by-step strategies that smoothly guide a person from beginner to advanced.

Having sold millions of dollars worth of physical products and digital products, as well as generating millions of targeted visitors for himself and his clients, Jeff is typically on the cutting-edge of free traffic and his methods are meticulously tested.

Jeff is thoughtful, concise and precise.

Bottomline, he is one of the most successful ‘gurus’ with some of the best customer support in the industry.

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Launch Schedule

The Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition Launch Dates:

  • Pre-launch begins on May 10th
  • Cart opens on May 22nd and closes a few days later

Here are the dates for the pre-launch content:

Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0 Explained Video #1

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Explained Video #2

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Explained Video #3

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Explained Video #4

How Tube Traffic Secrets Work?

Lets say that you’ve been dreaming about becoming a full-time, successful internet marketer for a couple of years… but unfortunately your dreams aren’t turning into reality.


The biggest problem has been getting traffic to the various Clickbank offers you’ve tried promoting… from Green Energy stuff to Registry Repair, the trickles of traffic you generate die a quick death.

You’ve always heard the money’s in the list, but you’re not quite sure of the best ways to build a list and how to monetize it. You can’t afford paid traffic because it seems so expensive and risky… you’re not trying to lose your shirt when bills gotta get paid.

So you come across this Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition course by Jeff Johnson, who has a pretty good reputation so you decide to take a plunge into the course.

Does Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Really Work?

Alright so why does Tube Traffic Secrets work so well?


The main reason it works well is because it shows you how to discover the ‘low hanging’ keywords for your niche… and then helps you manipulate ALL of YouTube’s comprehensive ranking factors to help you rank faster.

And another BIG benefit is that it reveals how to maximize leads and conversions from your video, which allows you to maximize your earnings and commissions from each visitor. Basically, more money with less effort.

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition Price

The price is $497 or 3 payments of $199.00 each.

Here are the fact:

Tube Traffic Secrets™ All-New 2017 Edition is one of the least expensive products Jeff Johnson have ever sold.

Tips On ‘ YouTube SEO Made Easy’ by Jeff Johnson

Judging from how often I get this question from my students I’m guessing that not everyone knows the answer to it.

And even if you know the answer to it, that doesn’t mean you know how to solve the problems that come along with it.

The question is “can I completely change the primary keyword phrase that my video ranks for?”

I’m not talking about simply adding a new keyword or two in hopes of generating more “related/suggested” views (they normally account for more than half of all YouTube video views)…

I’m talking about completely changing the primary keyword phrase that the video ranks for inside YouTube’s search engine.

The answer is “yes, you can definitely change your primary keyword phrase” for your video.

However, here’s the problem:

Once you do that you run the risk of losing the built-in ranking power that your video has built-up over time.

That means that the ability of your video to rank high for all keyword phrases could be seriously damaged, especially for highly competitive keyword phrases.

If it’s a low competition long-tail keyword phrase, then you can actually hit the top of the search results within a day or two (I just ran several new tests that confirm how easy it can be to quickly rank high for new keywords).

But if it’s a fairly competitive keyword phrase, then you may have to fight even harder than before to claw your way  to the top of YouTube’s search results.

Here’s the good news:

There are several effective ways to help your video regain some of that lost ranking power.

And one of the most effective ways to do that is to send your YouTube and email subscribers a message asking them to watch the newly re-optimized video (possibly for the second time), and to leave their comments and share it on social media… YouTube’s ranking algorithms love that kind of stuff.

(Did you notice that I said ranking algorithms, as in more than one? That’s because there is more than one.)

However, not everyone has a list of subscribers that’s large enough, or responsive enough to do that.

So here’s an even more powerful way to help your YouTube video rank higher for any keyword phrase (even highly competitive phrases), and that pretty much anyone can do…

Build backlinks to that video’s watch page on YouTube, and use the new keyword phrase as the anchor text.

Even better, you should also embed that video on your blog (in a 100% original and unique blog post) and run an incoming links campaign to that blog post…  and rotate several variations of your keyword phrase as the anchor text.

By embedding your video on your blog and by running an incoming links campaign to both the video on YouTube and on your blog…

You have just significantly multiplied the opportunity for that the video to show up in Google’s search results… once as a video on YouTube, and once as a blog post that happens to have your video embedded in it.

And the incoming links pointing to both (the video and the blog post) is one of the most powerful ways to get any video to rank higher for any keyword, especially the most competitive phrases.

I have personally had a simple butt-ugly affiliate blog with just 3 pages and one video produce hundreds of profitable Affiliate sales using just this one strategy alone.

So what are you waiting for?

Start building backlinks to your videos right now, and supercharge the ranking power of your videos!

My Personal Exclusive “Tube Traffic Secrets 2017” Special Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “Tube Traffic Secrets 2017” System)

Social Vid PressBonus #1: Social Vid Press

This software is a ‘split testing’ software that allows you to split test Videos or even images. The software then shows you what video or image is performing the best!













Logo StudioBonus #2: Logo Studio Software

Creates amazing logos with the push of a button from hundreds of high-quality templates. Get ready to get your minds blown away?





1500 NichesBonus #3: 1500 Niches

Don’t know what niches to go in to? Then this list will show you 1500 niches that are profitable and ready for you to go into a dominate!










FB Hot Content SeekerBonus #4: FB Hot Content Seeker

Do you really like to discover how to quickly and easily find and share the hottest Facebook content? Because Facebook doesn’t give you the option to search based on popularity, this type of high-quality content can be tough to find.







Keyword-SuggestionBonus #5: Keyword Suggestion Software

Discover thousands of low-competition keywords NO ONE ELSE is ranking for, to get free organic traffic for your videos or pages – all with just a single click of a mouse!








Bonus #6: Article Buddy Software

It’s the longest-running bestselling software that works now. Article Buddy generates 100% unique content at the push of a button.







Video-Analytics-pluginBonus #7: Vid Analytics WP Plugin

This plugin will display clicky web analytics data and statistics inside your WordPress dashboard from embed a responsive video, YouTube channel, playlist gallery, or live stream!








Video Squeeze Page GeneratorBonus #8: Video Squeeze Page Generator

Create stunning video squeeze pages with a few clicks of a button! Easily match your video squeeze pages to products you are promoting!









Fresh Animate SoftwareBonus #9: Fresh Animate Software

Add powerful visitor mesmerising animations to any sites in 3 minutes! 50+ animation effects, 200+ animation combinations and built into WordPress editor with no coding skills required!








Video Essence SoftwareBonus #10: Video Essence Software

The ULTIMATE all-in-one video site builder + fully automated video marketing system! Build a mega authority video site in minutes. Inbuilt customisable HD video player. Loaded with elegant & class theme for maximum results. 100% mobile responsive!








How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Simply contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 – Questions Answered By Jeff Johnson

Here’s a few questions came in that Jeff thought he’d answer for you today, so here they are:

Q. How do you know for sure that your “butt-ugly 3 page affiliate blog” made hundreds of sales with your video?

That was an “Affiliate Marketing with Videos” case study that I did for my students so I was extra careful about tracking my results.

I used tracking tags in my referral links that let me know specifically where a sale came from, including those from that “butt-ugly 3 page affiliate blog” we used in the case study.

I also registered an exclusive domain to use as a watermark and call-to-action in my video that was redirected through a tracking link, so I knew if a sale was a result of someone watching that video, even if they didn’t click any of my tracking links.

I also placed unique tracking links in the description of the video on YouTube so I was also able to track traffic and sales that came from the video description as well.

Q. When I embed a video in my blog post can I just use the same video description that I used on YouTube?

No. Your blog post should be 100% original and unique; do NOT simply reuse the video description you have on YouTube.

And longer blog posts tend to rank higher in Google so try to write a blog post with at last 750 or so words.

The general rule is that if it’s a low competition word, then you can write shorter posts. If it’s a more competitive phrase with lots of competition, write a longer post.

Q. How many variations of my keyword phrase should I use for my anchor text?

That depends on how many incoming links you are building to your video or blog post.

The more backlinks you build, the more variations you should use. I typically start with between 3 and 5 variations of my primary keyword phrase for the first few hundred incoming links.

However, you don’t need hundreds of incoming links to rank your video higher in both Google and YouTube.

It’s quite possible to shoot your video up to the top of the search results with only a few higher-quality incoming links… we do it all the time.

It’s really more dependent on the type and quality of the incoming links you build than the quantity, and it also depends on how many backlinks your competition has.

The good news is that most videos on YouTube don’t have a lot of incoming links…  most people don’t know that they should be building links to their videos to rank higher so it’s easier for you to swoop in and dominate the rankings with as little as one or two higher quality links.

Q. Will backllinks help my videos get traffic if they are hosted somewhere other than YouTube?

That depends on where they are hosted. But in general, yes… at a very minimum you can embed your videos from any video sharing site (or even your own servers) on your blog and help the video post get ranked higher in Google with incoming links…  which should help your video get more views.

Q. Will embedding my video on more than one blog help me get even more views for my video?

In theory, yes. YouTube’s algorithms definitely reward you for having your video viewed on external sites, but views on external sites aren’t as powerful (for multiple reasons) as they are directly on YouTube.

Also, just having your video embedded on an external site doesn’t guarantee views so you have to make sure those external sites are optimized so they rank higher in Google and you can get more views.

A good strategy would be to build incoming links to all of the external pages that have your video embedded on them (so you help those pages rank higher in Google), that includes linking to pages on websites you don’t own or control.

Just be careful about who you link to…  you don’t want to help your direct competition to rank higher than you do!

Well, that’s if for today’s YouTube SEO FAQ…

I hope you put it to good use in your business!

Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition Guarantee

Money back guarantee period is 30 Days. Test drive the Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition for 30 days RISK FREE.

Final Thoughts

You will get a very well designed and factual course that is not to say that you cannot get all of the information elsewhere but that takes time if you are just starting out.

If you need a reliable course that has already been PROVEN and has been remade BETTER then Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition is an excellent alternative.

Because it’s first launch is already so successful in having taught numerous marketers how to make money and generate traffic online with video… this one is even better!


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Tube Traffic Secrets 2017 Edition by Jeff Johnson review & training tutorial.

P.S. About “Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club™ 2017” 


Jeff Johnson’s Coaching Club™ 2017 is training and coaching program where Jeff Johnson also personally help you build their list, get more traffic, and find new customers.


The training inside the Club is broken down into 4 primary phases:


Phase 1: During the initial phase of their training Jeff Johnson will help you build a bigger and more profitable list using highly optimized, fully automated systems designed to convert significantly more of their traffic into subscribers and leads, faster.


Phase 2: This is where Jeff Johnson personally help you get more traffic by leveraging the power of affiliates, the search engines, and social media… and by using software that puts it all on autopilot.


Phase 3: During phase three of their training Jeff Johnson will personally help you build a constant stream of new customers from multiple sources… including from your extremely – responsive new list that Jeff Johnson helped you build in phase 1… and the new sources of traffic that Jeff Johnson helped you put into place during phase 2 of their training.


Phase 4: The final phase of the training is where Jeff Johnson personally help you generate more sales and more profits, as quickly as possible.


And Jeff Johnson show you how to set it all up using automated marketing systems so it all runs as hands-free as possible.


Here’s the best part:


You will also have an unprecedented level of direct access to Jeff Johnson in the private forums where Jeff Johnson will personally answer your questions on an almost daily basis, and where Jeff Johnson will personally help you implement and profit from the training.




Six Month Coaching Program = $1,999.00 or 6 payments of $399.00 each.


Twelve Month Coaching Program = $2,999.00 or 6 payments of $599.00 each.


Here is the Link

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