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Trust Jacker Review by Gerry Cramer – My Trust Jacker Review here, so what is Trust Jacker, its copy, paste and share your way system to profits… in as little as 30 minutes. Period.

Trust Jacker Review – Quick scan about Trust Jacker

1. Product Name: Trust Jacker
2. Vendor: Gerry Cramer
3. Launch Date: 2013-11-04
4. Launch Time: 15:00 EST
5. Niche: Social Media
6. Type: WordPress Plugin, Software
7. Front-End Price: One time $39.95
8. Money Back Guarantee: Yes, No Questions 60 day money back guarantee.
9. Creator Rating: Reputation? – Excellent
10. End User Score: Authentic? – Excellent
11. Membership: Yes. Membership Area Training Course
12. Product Rank: Screened found outstanding. Not scam.
13. Bonus: Yes. Check it here.
14. Official Site:

What is Trust Jacker?

trust jacker jvzoo wso launch review

It is an wordpress plugin.

Who is Gerry Cramer (the creator)?

Gerry CramerHi, my name is Gerry Cramer and for the last 11 years, I’ve been busy. Really busy.

And, let me just say, product launches are HARD. I’m working on the sales letter, upsells, email templates, affiliate pages, list mgmt., funnel strategies, managing 25 outsource staff, securing jv’s, installing scripts, video production, interlinking pages, (& browsing FB) all at the same time.

I have at least 3-5 products at all times that I’m actively working on and no less than 6-8 products coming down the pike at any one time + 40 other product ideas sitting in the staging area.

Oh, and I sleep when I can. But heck, I LOVE Internet Marketing! The rewards are GREAT, and it’s FUN. Everything is on MY terms. No boss. No threat of being fired.

No waking up at 6 AM (more likely going to sleep at 6 AM). I never have to commute to work because I work out of my house which is located in San Diego, California. So, I spend as much time as possible on the beaches near my home, walking, biking, surfing — you name it. I can’t complain.

trust jacker review

It’s my TJ member area capture

A Simple Little Tweak (Can Make All The Difference)

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new software in town and it’s called Trust Jacker. It has gotten a lot of attention lately. See for yourself why everyone is talking!

Trust Jacking is a brand new concept in making money online. In a sense it lets you monetize… anything… almost everything you do online… without changing a thing.

The cool thing is, your friends don’t even know you’re making money doing it. It’s completely transparent. I have never seen anything quite like it. It is amazing. Let me try to explain to you what this terrific product does…

Trust Jacker lets you post links to ANY authority website from Facebook, Twitter, any forum, your own blog or from any other page you like.

Posting these links are super easy.

But, these are no ordinary links… Trust Jacker links come stocked with devilishly delicious little twist. After a person clicks through a Trust Jacker link into a website, they notice nothing out of the ordinary.

BUT… as soon as they go to exit the site or close the browser window, the visitor is served an unstoppable popup or an IFrame of a web page of your choice. It can serve opt-in or lead pages, affiliate offers, video sales letters, CPA landing pages… you name it, you can serve it to the site visitor as seamlessly as if it were being served right on your own site. This is HUGE!

usd 9 CPA test pulls in $113.40 in 24 hours_n

$9 CPA test pulls in $113.40 in 24 hours!

Now, don’t confuse this with regular exit popups or the popups you’re used to.

Trust Jacker actually pops up YOUR ad over OTHER people’s content!

In essence, you could send someone to a popular, trending article on a high-authority web site like, Dr. Oz, WebMD or any other high- authority web site and deliver a timed popup or an exit pop after they’ve viewed the article.

Again, I hope this is getting through because this is truly mind-blowing.

Here’s a link to the video.

Trust Jacker actually helps you leverage the trust and credibility of top sites in any niche you like.

Have an offer you want to promote but the landing page is not equipped with an exit offer to maximize your earnings off of the promotion?

No problem. TrustJack the link instead and serve your own exit popup for a related Clickbank item or a targeted CPA offer and see an immediate 15% to 25% increase in revenue off of your promotion. It couldn’t be easier.

I have to say, this is one of the most brilliantly simple, new marketing concepts I’ve seen in a long, long time.

You can click the link below to visit the sales page and watch a video of how ordinary people are earning $100’s within just a few hours of putting
Trust Jacker to work for them.

Go watch the video now!

==> Trust Jacking Official Site

Here’s a little more on this cool software…

Now, this is possibly the best part, so pay close attention:

Trust Jacker has built-in share buttons for the most popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. When you share a Trust Jacker link on Facebook, it looks perfectly natural. No one even knows you’re Trust Jacking the links you share.

This means when anyone goes through a Trust Jacker link and you earn money from it, they don’t even realize you made money.

I can see MANY possibilities for this.

Trust Jacker Review: Video Reviews


Getting Started – Step 1 of 2: Overview

Getting Started – Step 2 of 2: Adding Your Campaigns

Success Tips – Finding Trending Articles

Success Tips – Finding Top Performing CPA Offers

Success Tips – Finding Top Performing Clickbank Offers

In my opinion, this is WAY BETTER than any Link Cloaking tool or URL shortener out there by a country mile. It’s not even in the same ballpark. You can monetize almost any link you share anywhere on the web like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I honestly think Gerry & Rob have created a real winner with Trust Jacker and I can’t imagine NOT using it in nearly every aspect of my business going

Now when I first heard about Trust Jacker, I thought it sounded interesting, but I was a little intimidated by it because I thought it would be difficult to use. Nothing could be further from the truth.

==> Go directly to official site and see video

It is an AMAZINGLY easy system to work with that I believe anyone, even someone totally new to web marketing, can handle.

To get a real feel for how this product works, I highly encourage you to click the link below to checkout the sales page and watch the video.


fitness gear shopper arrows belowGet Instant Accesas 1

Just a subtle little tweak in what you’re already doing everyday online and suddenly… cash flow! I only wish I had thought of this!

It’s pure genius. Super easy! Super effective. A total no-brainer that everyone should own before it sells out!

Thanks for stopping and reading my Trust Jacker Review!

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