Traffikrr Review – Create Money Making Viral Video Sites

Traffikrr ReviewCreate Profit-Pulling Viral Video Sites With Free Content!

[Last Updated] Wednesday, August 9, 2017 (EST)


Use Other People’s Popular Videos As Your Personal ATM!


Hey this is Leo again.


Yesterday I told you some tutorials about a new video marketing software, called Traffikrr. This software has been on FIRE, and it even won JVZoo Product of the Day… and for good reason.


Traffikrr allows you to turn ANYONE’S YouTube videos into your own money-making machine, by posting those videos to your website, as well as your Facebook Page.


Since yesterday, I have had a few more questions, so I thought I would do a quick FAQ.


1. Is it legal/ethical to use other people’s videos?


A: Yes! You are simply sharing the video on your site and page, which is how YouTube is supposed to work. When someone puts a video on YouTube, they are giving permission for people to share and embed that video.


2. How does sharing these videos make money?


A: It does this in a few ways. If you have a site that makes money already, this will improve your SEO and get more traffic to the site. If you are a local business, it gives you fresh, relevant content, and you can promote your services on each post. If you are starting a niche site, it gives you relevant content, and allows you to place offers on each post.


3. Is this newbie-friendly?


A: Yes. If you watch the demo video, you will see how easy it is.


4. Does it only pull new videos?


A: You can have it only pull new videos, or you can choose to have it grab older ones, if there are no new ones. HINT: Do not set it to check for videos every five minutes & turn on the old videos, or you will be posting new pages every 5 minutes! đŸ™‚




So the way Traffikrr works is that the plugin scans YouTube channels (or keywords) for new videos, and then automatically posts the video to your site, on a new page. You can have pre-set content and offers on the page with the videos. It also posts these videos you your FB page as well. It also then shares the new pages with other social media sites… and this is ALL done automatically!


I hope this clarifies some of your questions.


Wishing you a viral success!

Leo Reynolds

[Last Updated] Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 (EST)


Hey this is Reynolds. Getting some of questions from my readers so here we go again:


1. Once again, what EXACTLY is Traffikrr?


Okay, we all know that video marketing us very powerful.


But how would you like to triple that power, and do it automatically, every time you or any channel uploads a new video?


This is EXACTLY what Traffikrr, a brand new video marketing plugin does for you.


What Traffikrr does is monitor your favorite channels (your channel or ANY channel) for new videos.


When a new video is posted to that channel:

  1. Traffikrr creates a post on your website, sharing that video
  2. Adds YOUR content above and below that video
  3. Removes any links from the description, and can add YOUR links
  4. Adds an overlay to the video (like an ad)
  5. Posts the video to your Facebook page as well
  6. Shares the new page on other popular social media sites for even more traffic

Why would you do all this? Because fresh content is a major key to proper SEO, and for getting more traffic.


New content on your website means better rankings and more opportunities for people to find you. Having your ad on the video and your links means more sales. Having the fresh content on your Facebook Page means more opportunity for your page to get attention… and to send more traffic to the page.


2. How to USE Traffikrr – here’s some Examples


So, imagine a plumber, posting videos from a how-to channel and a channel for Moen Faucets. Every time either channel posts new videos, the machine goes into action, providing new content to his site and his FB, all with links to him, offering to help with plumbing issues, or to his link to buy the Moen faucet!


Imagine starting a website about Poodles. Add channels that share videos of poodles, and when they post a new video, you post it to your website and your Facebook page, and each video has links to YOUR paddle store on Amazon or Shopify!


As you can see, this is FLIPPIN’ BRILLIANT, and can allow you to help an existing site, or start a brand-new niche site without having to create your own content!


I hope this clarifies some of your questions.


Wishing you a viral success

Leo Reynolds

Traffikrr – Automated Websites That Generate Traffic – is now LIVE!

If you want Google to send you as much traffic as possible to your website there are 3 things that you really need:

  1. High Quality Content
  2. Social Activity
  3. Products Your Visitors Can Buy

If you’re doing these 3 things yourself it can take some time. You’re probably going to have to get:

A website online, find 1) content, 2) post it, 3) share it and hope that google picks it up and then sends you 4) traffic.

Traffikrr is a new tool that saves you a lot of time and makes it much more easy to do everything listed above.

It’s an “all-in-one” WordPress plug in that:

  • Finds content on YouTube
  • Turns it into website content
  • Shares on social channels for traffic
  • Monetizes the content with overlays, clickable links and opt-ins.

and it can also completely automate the finding of the content and posting of it.

There is an inbuilt in ad creation tool for your overlays and its backed up with a good training resource as well meaning it super easy to get started.

To see how easy it is to find content, post it and monetize it, check out here

Traffikrr Discount

So What Exactly is Traffikrr?

Traffikrr is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly build money-making sites filled with fresh content and videos directly from YouTube on complete autopilot.

The plugin automatically adds new videos to your site and creates a post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr to attract free traffic on autopilot.

Google loves fresh content, and Traffikrr builds you a website using the newest videos posted onto YouTube.

This will get you viral traffic, and beyond that you can add overlays to the videos with links to affiliate offers, CPA offers, your own product offer, etc.

Or you can build a huge list on complete autopilot with the optin overlay feature.

It will then keep your site updated automatically by searching for new videos on channels that you select, in any niche, as often as you wish, and then when new videos are posted, it will post them directly to your site.

That means that you will end up with the freshest videos on your blog, as well as on your Facebook page if you have one.

This is groundbreaking technology, and you have to see it to believe how simple it is…

… and also how affordable it is.

Traffikrr Demo

How does Traffikrr work?

What it does is pull brand new viral videos from YouTube that are related to your Niche and adds them to your WordPress Site…

Not only that it shares them to Facebook and other Social Media sites so you get Daily Traffic to Site.

It also adds a clickable overlay to your videos so that you can sell affiliate offers to your visitors.

There is a lot of potential for this newbie friendly plugin – It will add free content to your sites, monetize and give you traffic… pretty much everything that you need.

Traffikrr Bonus

Top Features Included

It BUILDS You A Website & Gets You Viral Traffic In Minutes Using Other Peoples Videos.

THIS can be used for ANY NICHE and can automatically build as many sites as you wish. It is plug and play and fully automated:

  1. Newbie Friendly plugin that’s easy to install and use – Even with ZERO tech skills
  2. Traffikrr builds you a complete site with the newest content and videos on complete autopilot
  3. Traffikrr automatically posts this content onto your Facebook fanpage
  4. One click install with a very basic one-time setup required to get a forever flow of traffic to your “mother site”
  5. Traffikrr helps to grow your Facebook fan page by posting brand new videos on autopilot…
  6. Destroy your competition by having the NEWEST videos posted on your site and fan page before anyone else…
  7. Videos posted on your site can have ads appear at any time during playback
  8. PLENTY of monetary strategies..
  9. Works in ANY NICHE & ANY Videos can be automatically posted to your fan page & site – Just select which channels you want the system to post from!

So as you can see this is a very nice product that works and gives you a full business solution right at the end. You can use this to generate MANY sites on auto.

Traffikrr Explained Video

My Personal Exclusive “Traffikrr” Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “Traffikrr” Plugin)

  • Bonus #1: Click Pop Engage White Label Licence – Perfect for Traffikrr! Engage using video, viral news and video websites with optins, images and call to actions! You get White Label Licence so sell it 100% profit!
  • Bonus #2: Viral Video Box – Viral video box plugin for WordPress allows you to brand audio and video players with your logo. You can even add time stamp callouts too (optinns, CTAs and other pop ups.)
  • Bonus #3: Vid Connect – VidConnect curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot so you always have fresh, high converting and easy to rank content on your sites!
  • Bonus #4: Logo Studio Software – Create logo for your new Traffikrr video sites! Creates amazing logos with the push of a button from hundreds of high-quality templates. Get ready to get your minds blown away?
  • Bonus #5: Keyword Buddy – It’s a famous and vety practical keyword tool for all SEO marketers. Quickly and easily organize a huge list of keyword into tightly focused for your NEEDS!
  • Bonus #6: Viral Article Producer – A powerful software that will help you produce content ideas for your content creation procedure.
  • Bonus #7: Hashtag Genius – Hashtag Genius brings you viral social media traffic at the push of a button, all with the power of hashtags!
  • Bonus #8: Article Buddy – Article Buddy generates 100% unique content at the push of a button!

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Simply contact me subject “Traffikrr Bonus”, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:

My Thoughts

I can see the Potential that this could have for any site but especially ones that get a lot of videos on YouTube like pets or celebrities.

If you want to build profitable sites with fresh video content added daily, check out this new WP plugin.

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