TextDeliver 2.0 Review – Most Popular SMS Marketing Platform

TextDeliver 2.0 Review

Welcome to my TextDeliver 2.0 review & software tutorial.

Consider these shocking facts for a moment:

  • Open Rates – Email: 22% / SMS: 98%
  • Click-Through Rates – Email: 7% / SMS: 14%
  • Conversion Rates – Email: 2% / SMS 8%
  • Time to Open – Email: 384 minutes (if ever) / SMS: 90 seconds

It’s PROVEN that SMS gives you 4X better response than email marketing.

  • Nearly 100% deliverability
  • No “spam” folder or “promotions” tab to worry about

A new updated, time tested and proven SMS marketing platform called TextDeliver v2.0 has just been released to help you deliver SMS messages seamlessly.

IMPORTANT – For Existing TextDeliver v1.0 members:


Any existing TextDeliver v1.0 member can get a significant discount on the upgrade to 2.0.

TextDeliver 2.0 Discount

1. Existing customers upgrading MUST use their existing TextDeliver email address to upgrade at the discounted price.


If you are an existing TextDeliver v1.0 member – Click Here to Get a Discount for V2.0 Upgrade


2. For new customers the launch price will be $197/year OR $27/month (limited time)


If you’re new to TextDeliver – Click Here to Get “Early Adopter Special” Pricing

TextDeliver 2.0 Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Mark Thompson
  • Product Name: Text Deliver 2.0
  • Launch Date: 2017-May-02
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $197
  • Niche: Marketing Platform, Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing, Software, Training
  • Launch Network: PayKickstart
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

Changes Everything about the Way You Use SMS Marketing

In this day in age, we are lost without our phones.

We feel naked without them.

So as a Marketer or Business Owner, doesn’t it just make sense to focus on the 1 device that follows your subscribers and potential customers around 24/7?

  • This is the reason that over 98% of text messages are OPENED.
  • This is the reason that CTR and conversions are HIGHER than email.
  • This is the reason that texts are opens in seconds (not hours/days).

So if you are not using text message/SMS marketing now or moving forward in 2017, you better rethink.

TextDeliver 2.0 Works

TextDeliver 2.0 Membership

This is why I and thousands of other marketers are using this best-selling TextDeliver SMS platform to manage their text message marketing, just like an email marketing platform.

The only difference – are the results!

  • No battling to deliver in their inbox.
  • No battling with the hundreds of other daily emails.
  • Delivered each and every time.
  • Opened nearly 99% of the time.

This is why the cost per interaction/click is the lowest compared to things like Facebook Ads, Adwords and Email.

So What Exactly is Text Deliver

Text Deliver 2.0 is a cloudbased/SaaS SMS Marketing software that is a fully fledged autoresponder platform – just like aweber, getresponse etc. – but… for text message marketing!

So, about 1000% more responsive and dollar for click, a lot cheaper than other methods of traffic generation (like email AR’s and Facebook ads).

TextDeliver 2.0 Demo

TextDeliver 2.0 Software

What’s New With v2.0

The TextDeliver team just opening up their v2.0 release and have added a lot of killer features, including:

  1. API Integration: Connect with your other lead gen services or other platforms easily (docs included)
  2. Zapier Integration: Allows instant automation of functions in more than 750 other online services
  3. Custom Fields: Create your own custom fields and use them in follow ups for even higher conversion rates
  4. Schedule Based Triggers: Now you can collect someone’s birthday or anniversary date and send a special text message to them to celebrate their special day
  5. Clickatell Integration: One of the hottest text messaging platforms is now fully integrated with Text Deliver 2.0 as an extra option alongside other popular platforms like Twilio, Callrail, Callfire and more
  6. Webinar + Email Integration: Now you can add someone to your mailing list AND register them to a webinar at the same time

Not to mention…

Enhancements have been made to the features you already LOVE, giving you a system that’s as easy to use as your Email Autoresponder, BUT for SMS (and 100x better results):

  • Unlimited Subscribers: Create unlimited contact lists & add as many subscribers as you like.
  • List Management: Easily segment your subscribers into different targeted lists.
  • Automated Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Be 100% compliant without having to do any of the work yourself, automatically adding STOP and HELP messages where required.
  • Keyword Shortcodes: Allow people to text a specific message to a shortcode number in order to subscribe and receive a coupon code, hyperlink, or message.
  • Timezone Detection: Text Deliver will automatically detect the subscribers location and avoid texting between the hours of 9pm and 8am so your messages get through for maximum benefit.
  • One-Click Broadcasts: Send out one-off SMS blasts to one or multiple lists.
  • Message Sequences: Send out automated SMS sequence, just like a regular autoresponder so that your subscribers receive timed messages.
  • Inbox Management: Manage your text message conversations with subscribers similar to an email inbox, sending to their phone and receiving messages in the easy to use admin area.
  • Integrations: Integrate with your favourite text-message delivery service like Twilio, CallRail, CallFire and many more.

…and so much more!

TextDeliver 2.0 Tutorial

TextDeliver 2.0 Download

How TextDeliver 2.0 Work?

Creating a TextDeliver campaign is EASY:

  • Step 1: Create a New Campaign
  • Step 2: Hook up your SMS service provider (TextDeliver integrate with Twilio, CallRail, CallFire, Plivo, Weemo, Tatango, Trumpiaa and Wiggio)
  • Step 3: Add the embed form to your site


Now you can start seeing new MOBILE subscribers coming into your account.

TextDeliver 2.0 Comparison Chart

Just take a look at how TextDeliver 2.0 stack up against others:

TextDeliver 2.0 Comparison Chart

Recap: What TextDeliver 2.0 Can Do For You and Your Business TODAY

1. Capture Phone Numbers From Your Website

Use our drag and drop form building tool, you can build your responsive mobile list as it was to capture emails in the ‘old fashioned’ way.

2. Add your subscribers to a list

Adding your subscribers to a mobile, adding list with Text Deliver is simpler, faster and obviously more effective than using an autoresponder

3. Create Unlimited Automated Campaigns

Set up as many lists as you choose, targeting your niches. This works for

4. Host an Unlimited Number of Subscribers

You are not charged extra like aweber, getresponse etc. for having large subscriber bases, so you can grow your campaigns into the thousands, or hundreds of thousands, without any unexpected fees;

5. Our ‘Smart Scheduling’ Technology

Allows you to deliver your messages when they are more likely to be read (and NOT send at 3am for example;

6. Use Broadcasts To Make Contact

You have full creative control within the central management system, so at any time, you can monitor and edit any campaign, in any client account

7. Uncover In-Depth Insights on Your Marketing Campaigns

Within the dashboard you can drill down for each of your clients and their subscribers, check interaction, when and what they are clicking and tailor your campaigns with expert knowledge

8. Send Replies Via Your Dashboard

You will be able to see what people are responding to, over multiple campaigns… so you will be in a unique position to recommend what is working well and cash in on the REALLY well converting campaigns for even better ROI for your clients (and yourself!);

9. Expert Integration Options

To make it “point and click” simple for you to build your own phone number list, we’ve integrated Text Deliver with industry leaders such as Twillo, CallRail and so you don’t need to worry about fussing with extra ‘bits’.

10. Simple, Point-Click User-Friendly Interface

you can set up multiple campaigns in just a few minutes, without any confusion or long training learning curve. Every part is intuitive and easy to use;

11. Professional 24/7 Online Customer Support

With more than 10 years experience developing software, we know how important customer support is. Our team is ready to guide you through every part, from set up to send, to help you gain this mobile advantage easier, faster and better ? now.


Send your messages with confidence, using our state-of-the-art failsafe app with compliancy already built in to the app, as well as step by step best practices training and documentation.

Will This Work For You?

If you follow the tutorial and training, and actually do the work, you will be amazed at the results you will achieve with this complete SMS Marketing software.

TextDeliver 2.0 Explained Video

TextDeliver 2.0 Demo Video

My Personal Exclusive “TextDeliver 2.0” Special Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “TextDeliver 2.0” Software)

Bonus #1 100 SMS Marketing Campaigns ExposedBonus #1: 100 SMS Marketing Campaigns Exposed ($37 Value)

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Bonus #2 The Anatomy of the Perfect SMS KeywordBonus #2: The Anatomy of the Perfect SMS Keyword ($47 Value)

This 19-page report walks you through step-by-step how to create a killer keyword campaign that will help you to find the perfect SMS opt-in keyword for your marketing campaign.







Bonus #3 SMS Marketing JumpstartBonus #3: SMS Marketing Jumpstart ($27 Value)

This guide will provide a precise and informative overview of the SMS marketing industry and the best practices for running and managing SMS marketing campaigns.







Bonus #4 QR Offline MarketingBonus #4: QR Offline Marketing ($47 Value)

This software is the perfect all-in-one service for creating embedded QR codes and QA advertisements on the fly.






Bonus #5 Point-of-Sale Editable PostersBonus #5: Point-of-Sale Editable Posters ($97 Value)

Use these editable posters to promote a short-code SMS campaign you have running, where you tell your customers to text a word to that short-code to subscribe, win cool stuff or be entered into a contest.







Bonus #6 Instant Mobile Sites SoftwareBonus #6: Instant Mobile Sites Software ($197 Value)

Easy to use tool to create Mobile landing pages. Easy to use tool that allows you to create mobile landing pages for your clients and your own sites!





Bonus #7 Local Lead Booster SoftwareBonus #7: Local Lead Booster Software ($197 Value)

Boost your local leads online! The perfect tool to create a new opportunity for your business and generate email leads online through your wordpress website. One easy to use theme will make it possible for you to grow your business by targeting locally online!



How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Simply contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/contact-me/

TextDeliver 2.0 Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special ”pricing is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

TextDeliver 2.0 Guarantee

30 Day Test Drive: TextDeliver 2.0 do a full 30 days no question asked money back guarantee.

Get full access to “TextDeliver 2.0” for a 30 days and if for ANY reason, this isn’t for you… just send them an email, and they’ll give you 100% of your money back.

TextDeliver 2.0 – Questions Answered

How does Text Deliver help me increase deliverability and response rates?

Compared to around 22% with email, SMS messages get around a whooping 98% opened rate, which means you can get more eyes on your marketing messages.

How do you charge for SMS sending?

TextDeliver does not charge any additional fees for sending. We provide various integrations with 3rd party services that offer various plans based on your sending requirements. Plans are extremely affordable, as low as $0.0075 per message.

Can I import a list of phone numbers?

Unfortunately not at this time. To comply with TCPA, a subscriber MUST manually approve the right for you to send SMS messages to them. We are looking into opening up manual imports in the near future, as long as you provide IP and Signup URL data for each subscriber.

Is there an easy way for subsribers to Opt-Out?

Yes, every subscriber will have the ability to reply back with “STOP”, which will add them to a Do No Contact list so you don’t have to worry about sending to subscribers who have asked to stop receiving your messages.

Does TextDeliver comply with the TCPA legal requirements?

Yes, we have gone to great lengths to ensure TextDeliver is TCPA compliant, by providing not only fail-safes inside the app itself, but also providing best practices documents to ensure your mobile marketing efforts comply with the law.

Does it work on Mac or PC?

TextDeliver is a web application, which means it can be accessed by any computer or device with an internet connection and web browser.

Do I have to invest today?

Of course not, however we are running a limited time promotion currently, which means we have discounted our plans significantly. We reserve the right to increase these plans after the initial charter period is over.

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to TextDeliver, you’ll be excited to know that this is one of the best ways to connect with your audience.

Many people are getting so many ‘push notifications’ they are starting to block certain apps…

But what app is usually still enabled for instant notifications?

Text Messages!

Which is why text messaging is the most effective way to get your message to people, fast.

For a limited time you can get exclusive Charter Access to TextDeliver 2.0, which means:

  • Manage Unlimited Subscribers
  • Manage Unlimited Lists
  • No Monthly/Annual Costs

and so much more.

But this exclusive offer won’t last long.

Grab your copy of TextDeliver 2.0 during this short launch period and get an insane discount.

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As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my TextDeliver 2.0 review & software tutorial.

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