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Welcome to my Spin Rewriter 7.0 review & software tutorial. As you probably know, Spin Rewriter has been around since 2011 (it’s 6 years now) and they’ve got more than 100,000 happy users (including me). So it’s been around for years, constantly developed and updated.

It integrates with damn near every SEO tool available because it can produce content you can actually use. The algorithm on this beast is so smart, it’ll spin you an article and you’ll think a human wrote it. And right now, a brand new Spin Rewriter 7.0 version of this beast just went live.

I am an existing Spin Rewriter user since 2013 and I’ve recommended it consistently for a long time.


Spin Rewriter 7.0 Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Aaron Sustar
  • Product Name: Spin Rewriter 7.0
  • Launch Date: 2016-Oct-12
  • Launch Time: 12:00 EDT
  • Front-end Price: $77
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic, Contents
  • Affiliate Network: Spin Rewriter
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site: https://www.spinrewriter.com/

What is the Spin Rewriter?

It was September 14th, 2011, exactly 5 years ago, when a big-eyed and hopeful new piece of software greeted its users for the very first time. You’ve seen spinners before. But you haven’t seen one like this. Spin Rewriter is the go-to spinner of choice for half the internet marketing industry.

Why is it so popular? Because it’s the only one that comes with “emulated natural language”.

spin-rewriter-7-0-creator-aaron-sustarWhen you go check out the sales page, you might notice that Aaron, the creator, has a bit of a funny accent. That’s because he’s Slovenian. He had to learn English as a second language. And that’s given him the kind of understanding of the mechanics that most native speakers don’t have.

We can speak English great, but when someone talks to us about noun cases and verb declensions, your eyes kind of gloss over. But for Aaron, these things are parts of a machine. And he was able to build this machine with his spinning algorithm.

This means Spin Rewriter knows when you mean ‘book’ as in ‘novel’ or book as in ‘reserve’, and it adds the right synonyms. This means it can rewrite entire sentences.

It can even create whole new paragraphs. Which is how it produces content that isn’t just unique, it’s human-quality. Someone reads your spun article, they’ll think a human wrote it.

But look, I get that sounds a bit too-good-to-be-true. Really, to see just how good Spin Rewriter is, you need to try it out.

So What Makes Spin Rewriter DIFFERENT?

spin-rewriter-7-0-article-spinnerMost spinners just look up words in a huge table of synonyms which is why they get confused pretty easily.

In that sentence above, they’d swap ‘pretty’ for ‘beautiful’. But ‘they get confused beautiful easily’ makes no sense. Which means when you use a spinner like that, you have to spend your evening rewriting the mess they’ve given you.

Spin Rewriter is smarter. It uses something called Emulated Natural Language. This means it understands the context and realises that ‘pretty’ can mean ‘very’ – and make the right swap.

And what that means for you, is that when you use Spin Rewriter, your spins come out readable… first time.

You don’t have to spend ages checking and rewriting them. Just grab the text, give it a once-over, and stick it on your blog.

What’s NEW In Spin Rewriter 7.0?

Spin Rewriter has been the best spinner available since v4.0 was launched a few years ago. And since then, it’s just kept getting better.


With this new version, you’re getting:

  1. The world’s best spinning algorithm, able to produce content that reads like it was written by a human.
  2. A huge increase in the amount of content you can produce. Because you don’t need to rewrite every article, you can run far more blogs and get far more traffic from now on.
  3. You can automatically pull relevant images and videos straight into your articles.
  4. The ability to spin full sentences and paragraphs.
  5. The ability to automatically write new summarized paragraphs, on its own, for article uniqueness that no other tool can even comprehend.
  6. The most widely supported API in the SEO industry: huge numbers of tools let you plug Spin Rewriter straight in.
  7. Unlimited numbers of spun articles: No ’50 articles a month’ or whatever other spinners might offer. With Spin Rewriter 7.0, you can spin as many as you want.

But more importantly, you’re getting a tool that’s here for the long haul. We all know a lot of marketing tools appear in a blaze of hype and then just fade away.

Spin Rewriter’s been here for years. It’s consistently updated. It’s consistently supported. And it’s consistently upgraded. Eventually we’ll see v8, v9 and v10, all with better spinning and more features.

And if you get in now, you’ll get all those upgrades for free (5 days actually). This is a tool you’ll still be using years from now. And you’ll be amazed at the amount of time it’ll save you.

(Video) Quick Spin Rewriter 7.0 Demo

Here’s a quick demo of Spin Rewriter 7.0 creating 500 articles in 45 seconds. Phew!

In the video, Aaron do a hands-on demo where he create 500 great articles in just 45 seconds with a countdown timer. And 500 articles at $6 bucks each are worth $3000… in 45 seconds.

get instant access

Spin Rewriter 7.0 Testimonials

Why 6 people chose Spin Rewriter? Is it possible for 100,000 people to be wrong? Because that’s how many people have used Spin Rewriter. (I mean, even a bit more than that. But I can’t blame Aaron for getting bored counting when he got that high.)

This isn’t some fly-by-night spinning tool. This is the market leader. It’s not a secret I think Spin Rewriter is the best out there.

But don’t just take my word for it.


It’s helped Rod create hundreds of articles with little or no rewriting:

Spin Rewriter has greatly increased my productivity. I do a lot of content marketing, and being able to spin into unique articles without having to do much if any rewriting has made my process so much faster and efficient. If you are not using the power of Spin Rewriter in your business you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

It’s cut Tim’s content costs by 90%:

I love EVERYTHING!!!! Spin Rewriter is extremely easy to use, and the quality is the best available on the market… PERIOD!!! Even if you are new to marketing, you know that content is a major cornerstone. We use to spend thousands of dollars having content developed. Using Spin Rewriter has cut our costs by 90%. The best part is we did not have to sacrifice quality in order to increase production.

It’s one of Dan’s core set:

Spin Rewriter was one of the first marketing tools I ever bought – it’s the only marketing tool that I’ve stuck with over the past year and a half. Aside from competition & link analysis tools (MOZ, Majestic, Ahrefs & SEMrush) its the only product you really NEED to get yourself started. I use it weekly and would highly recommend it!


Michael was burned by other spinners, but Spin Rewriter restored his faith:

I purchased The Best Spinner first and used it for a few days before refunding my money because it just wasn’t as easy as advertised. I almost called it quits until I found Spin Rewriter and I was amazed at how simple the software was and the quality of the spins produced. You just won yourself a long time customer. Thanks!

Mike’s saved thousands of hours:

Spin Rewriter has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of hours. I have had articles and content that needed to be pushed and published to thousands of locations. With Spin Rewriter, with a few clicks, I was given thousands of unique articles in a matter of minutes. The time saved by using Spin Rewriter has been invaluable.

Kevin’s a big fan of how widely the API is supported:

I love that it integrates with most software on the market. I have tried all of the spinners out there and nothing compares to Spin Rewriter! It is by far the easiest to use, most powerful spinner that provides the best results on the market.

These are just a few of the people who have found that Spin Rewriter 7.0 put their business into overdrive. You can join them.

Spin Rewriter 6.0 Bonus

Here’s 7 bonuses to this Spin Rewriter 7.0 – 3 awesome spinning-related software products, and 4 great ebooks on SEO and content-marketing:


  1. Software – Merge Articles (Value: $39.95)
  2. Software – Content Screener (Value: $39.95)
  3. Software – Article Helper (Value: $19.95)
  4. Ebook – Articles Into Videos (Value: $19.95)
  5. Ebook – 30-Minute Keywords (Value: $29.95)
  6. Ebook – Content Marketing Strategies (Value: $29.95)
  7. Ebook – Ultimate Link Building (Value: $29.95)

How To Get Your Spin Rewriter 7.0 Bonuses

Step #1: Buy Spin Rewriter 7.0 FREE TRIAL using my link

Step #2: Send your order receipt to quickmarketingcrew [at] gmail.com [replace “at” by @] and I’ll instantly mail you your bonus package (almost always within 24 hours, until now). That’s it. Simple and fast.

Current Spin Rewriter 6.0 Users

All of current Spin Rewriter customers will receive a FREE upgrade to Spin Rewriter 7.0.

And if you don’t currently have access to Spin Rewriter, it’s a good idea to hop on board now. This way you’ll get to keep the current low price forever, even after the price bump in October.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Spin Rewriter 7.0 Now

If you want to create hundreds of high-quality, human-readable articles in 45 seconds whenever you need them…

If you want to have content on tap, as much as you want, whenever you need it…

Then let me be absolutely straight. You NEED Spin Rewriter.


Here’s 5 reasons you should be getting on this (one for each day of the free trial…)

  1. The easiest ever spinning tool: Add your article, hit the button, decide how many variations you want. That’s it.
  2. Dozens of high-end features: Spin Rewriter keeps it simple, but that doesn’t mean you’re short of tools if you need them. Nested spinning, paragraph creation, Copyscape analysis – it’s all here.
  3. Sentence and paragraph-level spinning: Spin full sentences and even full paragraphs. Spin Rewriter is smart enough to understand meaning and generate whole new versions.
  4. Create hundreds of variations in seconds: Literally hundreds, and literally seconds. Check out the demo video here.
  5. Never be stuck for content again: With Spin Rewriter on your side, you’ll never need to worry about getting content again.

More than 100,000 people use this for their SEO, their blogs, their clients and their PBNs.

Are they all wrong? Of course not. Time to find out what makes this so special.

Final Thoughts

Spin Rewriter is going to make all your content problems VANISH. There is simply no easier or better-value way to create articles than this.

Hire writers? They’re unreliable and the costs mount up fast. Use a non-ENL spinner? The content they produce is unreadable. No one – including Google – is ever going to believe it’s not auto-generated. You end up spending hours rewriting the mess.

With Spin Rewriter, its high quality every time. Pure natural language. And you shouldn’t just see this as a way of getting the content you need easier. Maybe now with Spin Rewriter, you can finally create enough content to manage a couple of PBN sites.

  • Imagine being able to generate enough high-quality articles to support a network of 50 sites!
  • Imagine being able to support dozens more blogs.
  • Imagine never having to worry about Google deindexing them for poor content, because it just looks so natural.

Other spinners promise this. Spin Rewriter delivers. Which is why so many people use it. And it makes far more sense to get it today, the very last day that this discount’s still on!


P.S: During the 5-days trial, there’s NO LIMIT on the number of articles you can generate. You get full features as the paid users. Includes stock photo integration, Copyspace integration, bulk articles spinning, and much more.

You can get access for five days for FREE. Get your FREE account here:


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Spin Rewriter 7.0 review & software tutorial.

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