Smarketly Review – All In One Smart Marketing Automation Platform

Smarketly Review

Welcome to my Smarketly review & platform tutorial.

Smart Marketing Funnels are on the rise – you’ve probably seen them pop up here and there over the last couple of years.

Platforms like Clickfunnels for example…

Platforms like Clickfunnels and leadpages have led the way for a number of years… they are first generation Smart Marketing Platforms.

As such they control a large market share and they are popular, which is why they are expensive.

However… Smarketly is the MOST SMART funnel platform you’ve never heard of.

Smarketly Membership

Smarketly lets you build pages and funnels, has an autoresponder inbuilt, an email copywriter app, sementation software, analytic software, traffic optimising software and more… all accessible in one dashboard.

If you do anything online, you need all these apps and it can get expensive and very confusing really fast if you buy them all separately.

With Smarketly, you get all of these and more, accessible from a single dashboard, for a simple one time payment.

From building entire pages, popups and funnels to auto generating email sequences and even BEHAVIORAL segmeneting (advanced tech that gets super high ROI and taps into what your traffic actually WANTS without asking them).

This software is A COMPLETE system to make sales online.

It comes with:

  • A Page & Funnel Builder
  • Drag & Drop Editors
  • Smarketly Integrations with 100s of other services
  • Email Automation and Autoresponder
  • Plenty of Automation Rules
  • Popups and Overlays to avoid bounc off traffic
  • Facebook Automation to run better ads and retargeting
  • Embedded Analytics to track everything
  • Contact Management for adding your existing lists

and much much much much much much much… (I mean a lot more)

Smarketly Discount

Smarketly Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Craig Crawford
  • Product Name: Smarketly
  • Release Data: November 15th, 2017
  • Product Price: $37-$297
  • Niche: Smart Marketing Platform, Smart Marketing Funnel Builder & Funnel Management, All In One Smart Marketing Automation Platform, Software
  • Launch Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

So What is Smarketly?

It’s a brand new platform that brings ALL of these softwares and solutions under ONE roof.

Saving you hundreds per month while making your life simple.

It allows you to build 7 figure funnels with EASE, without technical knowhow and do it within minutes.

It allows you to create funnels, full email sequences (DFY), FB optimization built in, analytics, segmenetation and “ROI” focused campaigns in any niche within MINUTES!

An epic, all in one platform that brings ALL of the tools you need to make money online, FAST & easy, and then automate it all while being focused ON THE MONEY rather than on the HEADACHES.

That also saves you HUNDREDS per month, every month.

Smarketly Demo

Smarketly Download

Smarketly Software

Who is it for?

Perfect for social media marketers, eCommerce vendors, affiliate and CPA marketers, Retargeters, local marketers, list builders and product sellers.

Comprehensive Smarketly’s Features Checklist

  1. Conversion funnels
  2. Funnel templates
  3. Funnel builder
  4. Page hosting
  5. Page and funnel cloning
  6. Element cloning
  7. Landing Page builder
  8. Popup builder
  9. Form builder
  10. Email builder
  11. Hundreds of templates
  12. Mobile responsiveness
  13. Custom domains
  14. SSL Certificate
  15. 2-step optin
  16. Countdown timers
  17. Progress bars
  18. Material box
  19. Page redirection
  20. Pricing table
  21. WordPress integrations
  22. Agency package
  23. Subscriptions
  24. Custom scripts
  25. Custom CSS
  26. Custom HTML
  27. Hidden elements
  28. Automation rules
  29. Lead magnets
  30. Exit intent/welcome mat
  31. Precise element positioning
  32. Instant publishing
  33. Embedded analytics
  34. SEO page settings
  35. Lead capture tools
  36. 100% flexible editor
  37. Smart Facebook Pixel
  38. Facebook integration app
  39. FB Lookalike audience builder
  40. FB Custom audience builder
  41. Easy video embed
  42. Vast font selection
  43. Video autoplay
  44. Social sharing buttons
  45. Form validation
  46. Sticky header
  47. Contacts activity feed
  48. Timed elements

Smarketly Explained Video

Smarketly Demo Video

Here’s My PERSONAL “Smarketly” Bonus Offer for You:


(High-quality and closely related to “Smarketly” Software)


– Bonus #1: Sales Funnel Explosion – Learn how to maximize each visitor and customer by creating a sales funnel that can double or triple your conversions and revenue!


– Bonus #2: Sales Funnel Authority Video Series – Discover the secrets to creating a sales funnel that turns leads into high-ticket customers. And the steps that successful businesses, entrepreneurs and brands use to convert visitors into customers!


– Bonus #3: Keyword Buddy – It’s a famous and vety practical keyword tool for all SEO marketers. Quickly and easily organize a huge list of keyword into tightly focused for your NEEDS!


– Bonus #4: Easy Copywriter Software – Software gives you over 1000+ of the best fill-in-the-blank swipes you can instantly use for your internet marketing!


– Bonus #5: Pixel-Perfect Icon Graphics – With these 1000 high definition icon marketing graphics, you can implement the power and value of visual appeal in your marketing efforts… grabbing the attention of audience, engaging and converting them with ease!


– Bonus #6: 191 Social Media Header Graphics Templates – Available for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus And Youtube… Custom designed for the most on-demand niches. They come with impeccable quality and dimensions for any purpose.


– Bonus #7: InfoBar V2 – Brand new app creates stunning notification bars to boost conversions, promote your offers and grow your list in only 3 easy steps. Increase user engagement, drive more traffic and make more sales with infobar!


– Bonus #8: Button Graphics Creator – Create professional-grade buttons; simply click on the size button to change the size, choose from 50 high resolution icons, add the color scheme that suits, modify the text, and boom… you are set.


– Bonus #9: Headline Graphics Creator – Create high converting headline graphics for your sales pages, landing pages, blogs, social marketing and pretty much for anything in just a few seconds flat!


– Bonus #10: Buyers List Blueprint – How Gaurab build a 30,000+ buyers list, 10x more profitable, 10x cheaper than any other traffic source… with no product, no jv connections, no skills, no big budget and how you can do the same!


– Bonus #11: Over 100 Proven Autoresponder Messages – You will get 100+ proven and tested autoresponder messages for the marketing-niche that you can queue up in your autoresponder right away, without doing all the hard work yourself!


– Bonus #12: 3 Steps To Build A $100k-1M/year Business Online!


– Bonus #13: Product Launch Blueprint – Product Launch Blueprint is a 2h+ webinar I’ve held on specifically how to properly launch your product!


– Bonus #14: Launch Craze Profit Kit – Learn how to play the big money game and cash in with digital product launches!


– Bonus #15: Digital Product Launch Kit – This exclusive training shows you exactly everything you need to build a successful digital product business online from scratch to your first $500 per day within your first month!


– Bonus #16: Bob Bastian’s Product Launch Secrets


– Bonus #17: How To Structure Your Product Launch


– Bonus #18: $100 Product Launch System


– Bonus #19: FB Hot Content Seeker – Do you really like to discover how to quickly and easily find and share the hottest Facebook content? Because Facebook doesn’t give you the option to search based on popularity, this type of high-quality content can be tough to find.


– Bonus #20: The FB Targeting Cheat Sheet – All of Facebook’s targeting options in one EPIC cheat sheet! Use in conjunction with customer worksheet and FB ads manager.


– Bonus #21: YouTube Ad Mastery – Inside this training you will learn exactly how to set up YouTube Ads so you can quickly and easily deploy your videos on YouTube and start getting traffic.


– Bonus #22: Facebook Video Ads Mastery – Inside Facebook Video Ads Mastery you will learn how to set up FB Video Ads so you can start getting cheap, quality video traffic from Facebook straight away.


How To Claim Your Bonuses?


After making your purchase, simply contact me subject “Smarketly Bonus” with your receipt, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:


IMPORTANT NOTE about bonuses delivery: Most of my bonus emails will be sitting in your email inbox “spam folder” because the word ‘bonus’ catched by your email provider spam filter so always check your email spam folder before ask me again. Thanks!

Your Questions Answered by Smarketly Launch Team

Q. What is Smarketly?

Smarketly is an affordable, highly-developed marketing automation solution for entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels that puts advanced marketing automation features at your fingertips.

Send your visitors on an ideal journey by setting up a conversion funnel that responds to user behavior. Streamline the process using the most popular web apps and do it all without the help of professional coders or designers.

Q. How is it different from Zapier?

Zapier allows you to move data from one web app to another.

In additional to Smarketly’s multiple features, it allows you to create behavioral targeting triggers based on data that you get from each one of the web apps and set up actions based on these triggers.

It is the home for all your marketing and sales activities – where all the spokes come together.

Q. What features does the platform have?

Smarketly offers a wide range of must-have features for every marketer and small business owner.

With it, you can set up converting marketing funnels, create unique landing pages, popups, forms and emails with the Drag & Drop Builder, link your favorite web services and apps to streamline data exchange, break down your audience into segments, manage contacts and create behavior-based automation rules – all through one platform.

Q. What makes Smarketly different from other marketing tools?

Smarketly lets you to manage all your marketing campaigns from one place without having to integrate a vast number of expensive tools to get small tasks done or hire a team of developers and designers, saving you tons of time, money and effort.

Q. I am new to marketing automation. Will it still work for me?

Of course! The platform is designed for seasoned and novice marketers alike.

We set up extensive step-by-step guides to onboard and activate new customers, in addition to our growing Knowledge Base article library. Plus, our Support Team is here to assist and guide you through any process.

Q. Is Smarketly easy to use?

Yes, it is. For the most part, the platform is quite intuitive & self-explanatory, but we have a vast resource library to help you out.

Make use of our guides to learn the ropes and tutorials to cement your knowledge of Smarketly’s features and forget about all the troubles of hiring developers and designers. See for yourself!

Q. Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is. You can get a full refund within the first 30 days. However, we are confident you’ll enjoy our product so much that it’ll become your faithful and trusty companion in all of our marketing campaigns and efforts.

Q. Why do you have a special offer?

We present this offer as a sign of gratitude to everyone who decided to join us on the ground floor. With your participation and feedback, we will make sure that Smarketly has all the tools and features you need to run successful campaigns.

Moreover, the Early Adopters Program offer helps us spread the word about Smarketly straight out of the gate. We hope you’ll be so excited with the capabilities of our marketing automation platform that you’ll share it with your colleagues and fellow marketers.

Q. When does this offer end?

We will end the special deal and close the cart on Monday, 20th of November at Midnight EST. The price of Smarketly will significantly increase once we close the cart and will never be as low ever again, so jump on board now and save big!

Q. What if I am a small business owner and have zero coding or designing skills?

That’s not a problem. We have a number of free templates for you to choose from, plus we have illustrative guides so that you don’t have to write a single line of code yourself.

Q. How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with our Support Team by following this link. For a quicker solution, look for an answer in our Knowledge Base.

Smarketly Works

How to Contact “Smarketly” Support

How to Connect Directly to the CEO for Business

  • Smarketly CEO: Simon Sela
  • Skype: selashimon
  • Facebook: selasimon
  • Email:

My Thoughts

A while ago, I was actually bought a high-level marketing event (with a virtual online summit) and this information & tools are EXACTLY what they are teaching and talking about… the ability to build systems for affiliate marketing, social media marketing, CPA marketing, eCommerce marketing, local marketing, email marketing, retargeting etc… so this is a very well-timed training & tools that you do not want to miss!

get jvzoo wso launch discount

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Smarketly review & platform tutorial.

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