Serplify Review – All In One Geo Ranking Software

Serplify Review

Welcome to my Serplify review & software tutorial.

Yesterday I mentioned Serplify and told you get on the waiting list for your launch day discount.

1. In case you are not in my list, let me go further in to what Serplify can do for you:

Once you login, you are literally only 60 seconds away from a perfect local niche site being built for you on complete autopilot (that’s ready to rank page 1 on Google.)

Seriously – there is a demo video of the creator setting up an entire local niche site in only 60 seconds, I’m not kidding. Check it all out here and you’ll soon want to start putting this beast of a software to work.

All you have to do after that is sit back, relax and watch the free traffic and sales opportunities come in, without ever having to touch the sites again.

And, Mo Miah (the creator) is going to teach you how to make these sites last long term, and how to really use Serplify to grow a long term real business as well.

Serplify Bonus

2. In case you missed my email yesterday and don’t know what all the hype is about, let me tell you how Serplify will change the way you make money with local SEO:

Imagine targeting thousands of cities and zip codes for your keywords that are super easy to rank for (plumber, dentist, lawyer ect), then automatically adding thousands of optimized pages full of themed content for each keyword, ranking them all on page 1 of Google, and being able to build this all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Well, that’s exactly what Serplify will do and more. Serplify is the ONLY web based software that mass builds, customizes, GEO-Optimizes, monetizes, schedules, syndicates and builds you fully fledged unique sites that rank page one on Google.

The best part?

There’s nothing to install… literally a campaign takes a few minutes to setup on Serplify. After that, you’re done.

Serplify Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Mo Miah
  • Product Name: Serplify
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jan-18
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic, Offline, Local Marketing, Website Ranking, Software
  • Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount (62% OFF) Click Here

What is Serplify?

Serplify is a new software for ranking for local keywords in a big way!

Then once you’ve ranked your website for the local keyword you can use your new ‘traffic’ to sell advertising spots to local businesses.

Or generate leads and sell the leads to local businesses.

It’s unique and the first software I can remember with a clear and easy to use ‘geo ranking’ system built into it.

Serplify Demo

Serplify Download

How Serplify Work?

Heres how it works:

Step #1: Connect your website with the software

First connect your website with through a ‘WordPress Plugin’ to the software.

From there you’re able to easily post from the software to your WordPress blog.

Step #2: Choose your ‘target location’

The first step after connecting your website and naming your campaign is to choose your ‘target location’.

You can choose differnet countries, states or even cities that you want to be targeting.

Step #3: Add & Split Your Content

You can now add the content that you want to post and spin it.

Because of the ‘content spinner’ you can post an article thats related to the ‘keyword’ that you want to rank for and then click ‘Spin’.

The software spins the content.

You can also use ‘short codes’ to add in your ‘local targeting’ such as the country, state, city or zip code you want to target.

Step #4: Syndicate Your Content

It’s optional but if you want to you can take your article and automatically syndicate it to the following websites:

Syndwire, Onlywire, SocialMonkee, Social Adr, Social Crusader

Step #5: Publish or Schedule

You can then instantly publish your chosen content or schedule it to be posted at the time of your chioce.

The article when posted will be posted to your website and from there you can target different keywords in Google.

Serplify Software

Serplify Tutorial

Who is this for?

If you want to rank your own websites locally that you make money from or if you want to help businesses by ranking websites for them this software is for you.

It’s easy to use and it makes a lot of sense when it comes to ranking locally.

Serplify Explained Video

Serplify Demo Video

My Personal “Serplify” Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “Serplify” Software)

  • Bonus #1: PBN Blueprint ($37 Value) – How to build your own Private Blog Network for as little as $15 per domain.
  • Bonus #2: The Fast Rank Plan of Action that Works! ($197 Value) – Ultimate recipe for page 1 success.
  • Bonus #3: The Secrets of The $500k/Month Man ($97 Value) – $500k per month interview with full insiders view into his entire process.
  • Bonus #4: Video Immersion Course ($297 Value) – Currently selling for $297, EVERYTHING about video marketing business to make 6-figures.
  • Bonus #5: Need For Speed Writing Course ($997 Value) – Eeverything you need to be a preselling master.
  • Bonus #6: Client Sign Up And Proposal Contracts ($2,997 Value) – Exact contract to easily get clients signed up and pay us anywhere from $500-$3,000 a month. And also the EXACT contracts we used for one-time services (like selling a video to a client).

Just Added:

  • Bonus #7: Offline Business Traffic Strategies
  • Bonus #8: Offline Goldmine
  • Bonus #9: Offline Eclipse
  • Bonus #10: Offline-Fortunes
  • Bonus #11: Offline-Gold-Forum-Thread
  • Bonus #12: Offline Social Gold
  • Bonus #13: Offline Marketing Made Easy
  • Bonus #14: Offline-Monopoly
  • Bonus #15: Local Marketing Secrets
  • Bonus #16: Click And Call Pro
  • Bonus #17: Customize Your WordPress Theme
  • Bonus #18: Mob Marketing Trends
  • Bonus #19: SEO and Relationship Building
  • Bonus #20: Minisite Geek
  • Bonus #21: Surefire Local Launchpad
  • Bonus #22: Self-Starters
  • Bonus #23: Local-Marketing-Made-Easy
  • Bonus #24: Local-Search-Product
  • Bonus #25: How-To-Find-Locally-Targeted-Keywords
  • Bonus #26: Offline Client Getter

How To Get Your Bonus?

Simply contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:

Serplify Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special ” pricing (62% OFF) is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

30 days 100% money back guarantee

Serplify Guarantee

30 day test drive (free return if you are not 100% satisfied): You’re covered by a full 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Try out the Serplify for 30 days and if for whatever reason you feel it’s not for you, then just let them know and they’ll refund your money.

Serplify is:

  • 100% Risk Free
  • Contains No Monthly or Hidden Fees!

Serplify – Questions Answered

What is Serplify?

Serplify is the ONLY web based software that mass builds, customizes, GEO-Optimizes, monetizes, schedules, and builds you fully fledged unique sites that rank page one on Google.

I am a newbie, can I do this?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or tech skills, as long as you have a wordpress site, we’ll show you step by step exactly how to quickly build and scale sites with Serplify.

Does Serplify have other countries added such as UK and Australia?

Due to the costs to maintain such databases, the UK and Australia are only unlocked to those that buy the upsell, which includes free life time updates to any other countries we add in.

What’s the special offer?

You get up to 62% off the actual retail price in the first 48 hours of the launch, and then up to 50% off on the last 3 days of the launch, once the launch is over, the price automatically doubles to it’s actual retail price.

How can I make money with this?

With just a few clicks you can build Serplify sites for local businesses in the area. For example you can build a site for a dentist, plumber, lawyer, florist, roofer ect, and rank for that trade in every city and zip code in the country.

Once it’s on page 1 of Google, you can reach out to local businesses giving them advertising space on your Serplify site in exchange for your fee (easy 4 figure payday), and that’s all with 1 Serplify site that took minutes to set up.

Serplify Works

Serplify Discount

Is there a result guarantee?

Unfortunately, because we do not control Google, we can never guarantee results and the same applies to every other SEO service or software out there. However our staffs are trained well to go the extra mile to ensure your sites are a success.

Not only will we be able to look at your site, but also diagnose any potential issues that are affecting your rankings, we can then give you suggestions to improve and boost your rankings.

Also this is a 100% risk free purchase, so you have nothing to lose here. If for whatever reason you’re unhappy, you’ve got a 30 days iron clad money back guarantee.

My Thoughts

The software has some really key opportunities.

1. You can rank website posts then sell the advertising spots to local businesses

2. You can rank website posts and sell leads to local businesses

3. You can rank your website posts for your own business.

The software works and does what it says it does.

If you’re interested in ranking your websites or clients websites this should do a really good job.

jvzoo wso launch review try it

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Serplify review & software tutorial.

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