Profit Jackr Review – Video Launch Jacking Software

Profit Jackr Review

Welcome to my Profit Jackr review & software tutorial.

Ok – let’s be realistic… the contents of this review will NOT make you $38,000 in 30 days – You Won’t be driving a Ferrari in 2 months’ time & You won’t be able to retire in luxury by July this year.

I Said Realistic…

But if you are a little intrigued, read this short review and I’ll tell you what you can expect for around an hours work.

  • So you see a sales page and somebody says they made $38,000 in 30 days doing this and you can too…
  • Somebody else claims they made $603 in a day doing that and it’s easy

Great… But let me ask you; how much do you make?

  • Do you make $50,000 every month?… No?
  • What about $25,000 per month?… No?

The fact is very few people do make that kind of money online every month, because most people fail… I’m being brutally honest here!

Which one of these points is holding you back?

  • Big unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of experience
  • Unrealistic methods with huge learning curves
  • Lack of starting capital

One or more of those points is responsible… responsible for holding you back.

It’s the reason that the success you crave still seems just out of reach.

I can’t help you with unrealistic expectations… but I can help with the other issues.

So, last question… and remember, we’re being realistic here.

If I share a way of making $100 – $1500 for an hours work would that help?

Don’t answer yet – just consider that potential…

And if you are a little intrigued then read on…

I’ll tell you a little about one of the easiest but most overlooked ways of making money without a product, without websites and domains, without some ridiculous learning curve and without cost.

Video Launch Jacking Software

Profit Jackr Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Billy Darr
  • Product Name: ProfitJackr
  • Launch Date: 2017-Apr-16
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing, Launch Jacking, Software
  • Launch Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

What is Profit Jackr?

Profit Jackr “launch jacking software” helps you 1) find the most profitable product launches from muncheye to “jack”, and 2) connect your YouTube account to the software and 3) automatically gets you 1st page rankings by builds 2 tier backlinks + syndicated many social websites for maximum traffic then 4) get tons of traffic helping you earn lots of profits per campaign.

Profit Jackr Demo

What Exactly is Launch Jacking?

So… I’m talking about realistic sums of money – the kind of money that YOU actually CAN make.

Let me get straight to the point.

Products get released every day – there are popular and trending products & there are evergreen products.

What do they all have in common?

Ready made buyers… People are ready to buy these products, in many cases they have already decided to buy, so all you have to do is fill the gap. The gap between buyer and seller… And you aim to do it at the most opportunist moment, I.e at the point of purchase.

It’s called product jacking, or if a product is just launching you might know it as launch jacking… the point is, it works… and it works for anyone – not just the guys with money and experience – anyone can do it.

The Probmem

But the traditional “launch jacking” method has changed.

Just a few years ago I may have told you to build a highly focused “SITE” around a product or a launch and it would have worked. But today – achieving the same results take a lot more work… in fact its damn hard to do.

Plus it takes time and money… Can you really be bothered? Nope, Nor me…

The Solution

There is another way… the “VIDEO” jacking method.

Video Product Jacking to be pracise…

Video product jacking is actually quicker and far more effective and it costs nothing.

No messing around with websites – Hosting – content or any of that tedious stuff. 1 Hour – 1 good video… Job done.

Of course there are one or two tricks to this… but let me tell you… It works (Most of the time).

And unusually you can be up and running today, and actually making money tomorrow!

Yep, video product jacking is one of those little tricks which can actually produce a profit by tomorrow – without cost and with very little work.

Profit Jackr Download

Profit Jackr Software

How Profit Jackr Work?

1. Pick a product

Sounds straight forward enough. But consider the 1) audience, the 2) buzz/interest and the 3) potential competition when selecting – When you get this right you make more money.

2. Produce your video

There are lots of ways to do this… personally I like the 3 section approach which borrows from the vendor as it is easy to do and gets the best results.

3. Try adding a deal sweetener at the end of the video such as unique bonuses

You can get them for pennies from various sources i.e like PLR Database

4. Rank the video

People need to see it so you can make money; here’s how… share the YouTube link to all of your social platforms/accounts. Include the video description, title and tags. Once those links are in place send links to them (tier 2)… that will give the links pointing to your video extra power and then ping all those links so they register with Google.

Profit Jackr Explained Video

  1. Which products to target based on a simple traffic light signalling system
  2. 3 section video production
  3. Point of purchase targeting
  4. Auto rank & ping

Profit Jackr Demo Video

My Personal Exclusive “Profit Jackr” Special Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “Profit Jackr” System)

  • Bonus #1: Keyword Suggestion Software
  • Bonus #2: Article Buddy Software
  • Bonus #3: Vid Analytics Software

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Simply contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:

Profit Jackr Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special ” pricing is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

Profit Jackr Guarantee

30 Day Test Drive: Profit Jackr do a full 30 days no question asked money back guarantee.

jvzoo wso launch review money back guarantee1

Get full access to “Profit Jackr”for a 30 days and if for ANY reason, this isn’t for you… just send them an email, and they’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Profit Jackr – Questions Answered

What is Profit Jackr?

Profit Jackr is a brand new cloud based app that makes “launch jacking” fast, simple, and profitable… every single time.

Not only does it help you find the BEST launches to “jack,” it makes getting traffic as childsplay. The software does ALL the work for you and automatically gets you 1st page rankings and tons of traffic…

…making you hundreds of dollars per campaign.

Is Profit Jackr newbie-friendly?

Yes, it’s 100% newbie-friendly. Although the software is simple and extremely easy-to-navigate, we’ve also included step-by-step video training that shows you all of the software’s features, how to use them, and how to make as much money as possible.

What’s included with Profit Jackr?

You get the Profit Jackr cloud based app, step-by-step video training, and some very special bonuses that will help you make even more money.

Do I have to install anything?

Nope. Because Profit Jackr is hosted in the cloud, there’s nothing to install… ever. Use Profit Jackr from any computer, Mac Os Or Windows!…

How does the Profit Jackr app work?

Profit Jackr is a complete “launch jacking” software tool that automates everything complicated and time-consuming about launch jacking.

It will help you find the best launches to jack and then it works to create backlinks to your videos and get you traffic fast. With this powerful software, it’s easy to outrank other “jackers” and get tons of converting traffic in just minutes.

Will you show me how to make money with the Profit Jackr app?

Yes, the included video training gives you everything you need to start making money with the Profit Jackr app right away.

Do I need to invest money in traffic?

That’s the beauty of this… You don’t have to invest a dime in traffic. Profit Jackr will get you page 1 rankings and tons of converting FREE traffic on autopilot.

How much money can I make with Profit Jackr?

We constantly make $200-$500 on single “jacking” campaigns. If you want to make more money, you just start a new campaign… It only takes a few minutes with the Profit Jackr app.

How long until I start making money with this?

You can make money with this as soon as today!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You get 30 days to test-drive the Profit Jackr app and training and make sure it’s for you. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you a prompt refund…

Final Thoughts

I’ve already touched on why this works, basically, as long as you can position yourself in the right place at the right time you stand a very good chance of making money because there are people already at a point where they have decided to buy the product:

  • You don’t need a website, hosting or domains
  • You don’t need a list
  • Videos rank better and quicker
  • There’s very little work involved
  • There is almost Zero cost

And you can be up, running and making money tomorrow.

Remember you can do the whole thing manually, but you don’t have to… what used to take 10 hours or more was now reduced to just minutes and a few mouse clicks.

Ther best part is, it actually works and it’s pretty simple.

jvzoo wso launch review buy now1

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Profit Jackr review & software tutorial.

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