PayDrill 2.0 Review – All In One PayPal Management & Tracking Software

PayDrill 2.0 Review

Welcome to my PayDrill 2.0 review & software tutorial.

Have you ever wanted to know what your best selling products are?

How much money you’re making online month after month, monitor fees, refunds, average customer value, return customers and more.

Well now you can across ANY platform that integrates with PayPal.

PayDrill 2.0 Discount

You can do it with the new release of PayDrill 2.0.

(If you’re a previous customer of PayDrill login to your dashboard to get the upgrade)

This easy to use downloadable software allows you to…

Find Out:

  • What’s your average value per customer?
  • Where are most of your customers from?
  • What TIME do you get most of your sales/orders usually? (peak order time)
  • How often do you make sales on average?
  • How much did you spend in paypal fees last year?
  • What % of your sales got refunded throughout the year?


  • Who are your most LOYAL customers?
  • Where do you get most of your refunds from?
  • How many sales do you make every day?

It’s super fast and easy to use.

It can manage your entire PayPal account and allow you to also:

  • Download transactions
  • Export Customer Data
  • Send money or issue refunds
  • List Your BEST & Worst customers

If you’ve ever wanted to keep a hold of whats happening across all of the platforms you sell products on that use PayPal or integrate with PayPal this software will do it.

PayDrill 2.0 Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Ankur Shukla
  • Product Name: PayDrill 2017 Edition
  • Launch Date: 2017-Feb-01
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Niche: Marketing Tool, Feedback Tool, eCommerce, Online Payment System, PayPal, Software
  • Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

What is PayDrill 2.0 (2017 Edition)?

PayDrill 2.0 (2017 edition) is an all-in-one PayPal management and tracking software that allows you to find all of your key metrics of PayPal transactions for your online business.

PayDill was launched last year, and was HUGE, people loved how easy it was to sort their thousands of transactions, but their was room for improvement.

People had so many suggestions on how this software could be better, so the dev. took that to heart and revamped it!

PayDrill 2.0 Demo

PayDrill 2.0 Download

So now, on top of having features already like…

4 in-depth dashboards showing you a close look at your account, like:

  1. Summary Dashboard to get a holistic overview of your business with important metrics
  2. Transactions Dashboard to find any paypal transaction instanty
  3. Sales Dashboard shows details of all your sales
  4. Payments Dashboard shows you outgoing payments and important metrics about it

But NOW, this software comes packed with even MORE features like:

  • New Dashboard that displays 200% more data!
  • See multiple currencies at the same time!
  • See email addresses of your customers by default!
  • New PayPal Account Set-up wizard, that makles adding another
  • PayPal account a breeze!
  • Easily switch between accounts now!
  • Add tags to any email address you recieve transactions to/from
  • Create Reciepts from any transaction!
  • Add tracking numbers to an order with eBay!
  • Support for 40 different timezones!
  • Auto-refresh your dashboard!
  • Floating alerts!

And a lot more.

PayDrill 2.0 Software

PayDrill 2.0 System

How PayDrill 2.0 Work?

  • Step 1 – Activate PayDrill with your License Key.
  • Step 2 – Connect it to your Paypal account & download data.
  • Step 3 – You’re DONE – PayDrill is ready show a whole new world.

PayDrill 2.0 Works

PayDrill 2017 Edition Tutorial

PayDrill 2.0 Explained Video

PayDrill 2.0 Demo Video – Software In Action

This demo video will shows you what you get INSIDE each of the 4 amazing PayDrill dashboards:

  • Demo #1 – Summary Dashboard: An Overview of Your Online Business
  • Demo #2 – Transactions Dashboard: Your 5000 Latest Transactions in 1-View, Easy to Find & Download
  • Demo #3 – Sales Dashboard: Complete View of Your Sales Shown With INTELLIGENCE
  • Demo #4 – Payments Dashboard: Track your Expenses, Purchases & Subscriptions Easily

My Personal Exclusive “PayDrill 2.0” Bonus

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3. Bonus #3: ImagePlus WP Plugin

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5. Bonus #5: WP Left Behind Plugin

With this software you will be able to:

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6. Bonus #6: WP Review Me Plugin

With this software you will be able to:

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7. Bonus #7: WP Cash-O-Matic Plugin

With this software you will be able to:

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8. Bonus #8: WP Profit Page Creator Plugin

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9. Bonus #9: WP Bot Blocker Plugin

With this software you will be able to:

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10. Bonus #10: WP Marketing Graphics Plugin

With this software you will be able to:

  • No more will you have to pay huge money to buy graphics for your marketing. This plugin lets you instantly Add marketing graphics to any WordPress page or post.
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11. Bonus #11: WP Reports Plugin

With this software you will be able to:

  • Want to know how active your content is? Want to see detailed reports that WordPress does not show you? This plugin Displays post and comment activity per blog and per user so you can track which content is more effective for you.
  • You can Install on Unlimited Sites
  • Product Value : $97

How To Get Your Bonus?

Bonuses delivery – After making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside the “PayDrill 2.0” members area and JVZoo customer portal, so no wait for your bonuses.

PayDrill 2.0 Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special ” pricing is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

30 days 100% money back guarantee

PayDrill 2.0 Guarantee

30 day test drive (free return if you are not 100% satisfied): You’re covered by a full 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. Try out the “PayDrill 2.0” for 30 days and if for whatever reason you feel it’s not for you, then just let them know and they’ll refund your money.

No question asked. Just a full refund.

PayDrill 2.0 – Questions Answered

What type of Paypal account do I need for this?

You need to have a PayPal Premier or Business account. Thats when Paypal gives you the API access which Paydrill uses to fetch your transactions. The good thing is, upgrading your account to a premier or business one is just 2 clicks of work!

How many transactions will this track and analyze for me?

PayDrill will track and analyze the latest 5000 transactions in the regular version and if you have a business that does more volume, you will get a chance to upgrade to our PRO version on the next page after your purchase here.

Where and how do I start with PayDrill?

Follow the page link that will get you started with PayDrill in under 5 minutes:-

How do I connect PayDrill to PayPal?

Here, is a page that explains everything about connecting PayDrill to PayPal:-

How secure is PayDrill?

At PayDrill, we take data security and privacy very seriously. PayDrill talks directly to PayPal. We take all the necessary security measures like communicating with PayPal over secure protocols (HTTPS/ Secure SSL) and encrypting your data before saving it on your computer, where we use AES 256 Military Grade encryption techniques to safeguard your data. We made the encryption keys 100% unique, thus ruling out the chance of anything being able to view your data, but the PayDrill application running on your computer.

What information is stored on the PayDrill servers?

We only store the software license info on our servers which is checked every once in a while. Other than that all data related to your transactions and Paypal is stored on your computer and nowhere else.

How many Paypal accounts can I connect?

In this version, you can connect one Paypal account, you will later be offered a Business Edition that can connect upto 5 accounts.

How long does PayDrill take to download/synchronize the data from PayPal?

This entirely depends on how many transactions are being downloaded and upto which date have you configured PayDrill to download transactions. Default is 1 month of data, but you ask PayDrill to go back and fetch data for upto 5 years! With a good internet connection, PayDrill does anywhere between 1600 – 2000 transactions/hour.

How do I check if I have the latest data?

PayDrill automatically connects to your PayPal account and pulls in fresh data when you start the application. It also does so every few minutes (which is configurable) while you are working on PayDrill.

How to Send Money to someone using PayDrill?

Click on the ‘Send Money’ button, enter amount and email address to which you wish to send money. Note, that you need to have Mass Payments enabled in your PayPal account to use this feature.

Can I stop data download?

Yes, Just go to the Settings Dashboard -> API tab and hit the Stop Sync button.

Can you change the data download date once configured?

Yes you can! Once the existing data download/sync completes, go to Settings Dashboard -> API tab and hit the ‘Edit Date’ button. Select any date in the past (upto 5 years) and that will kickstart PayDrill to fetch data upto the selected date.

Does this work OFFLINE? Do I need to be connected to internet at all times?

All the data that’s already synchronized can be accessed anytime, anywhere even without a working internet connect. You’d only need that if you want to see the latest data.

How many computers can I run this software on?

With a single license, you can run the software on one computer or laptop.

PayDrill 2.0 Bonus

My Thoughts

Every business needs data to see how it can grow further. Even with just a simple tweak, you can easily double your earnings.

All this data is hidden inside PayPal, but simply logging in to your account won’t reveal them. Instead, all you will get is useless stuff that won’t help your business at all.

PayDrill 2.0 software aims to change that by providing you all the info you need get better ROI instantly.

Just like you, we have been using PayPal for years and have desperately been waiting for tool that automate this instead of taking endless hours crunching all the numbers manually.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling physical products, training, coaching or consultancy. If you are using PayPal for your business, this is something big.

So if you never bought or even heard about PayDrill software, you definitely need to see what your missing.

jvzoo wso launch review try it

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my PayDrill 2.0 review & software tutorial.

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