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Leadz Review

Welcome to my Leadz review & software tutorial.

This new software allows you to easily follow and turn Twitter users into ‘leads’ using a unique followup strategy.

Twitter has millions of users on it right now.

You can tap into Twitter traffic in order to generate results, communicate with your ‘target’ audience and generate leads.

The problem with Twitter is that it’s difficult and can take a lot of time to find the right ‘target audience’.

Thats where Leadz comes in:

It’s a software that allows you to search for different ‘keywords’ which relate to Twitter users.

From there you can choose to follow those users.

Not only that you can also choose to search by ‘Twitter Profile’ and follow people who are following a particular user you’ve searched for.

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From there Leadz takes you step by step through the process of naturally:

  • Liking Users Tweets
  • Retweeting Users Tweets
  • Reply To Users Tweets
  • Mention User In A Tweet
  • Unfollow User

Through this process you can identify whether the user you’re following and engaging on Twitter has an interest in what you’re selling.

Or what your client is selling.

If they don’t and you don’t make any progress with them then the software will unfollow them.

If you are making progress and they are someone who has an interest then you can continue to communicate with them and follow them.

This helps you to find the right types of people over Twitter and make the most of your communication.

The software also makes it super easy to see exactly what you’re doing and keep track of who you’re following.

Leadz Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Andy Fletcher
  • Product Name: Leadz.io
  • Launch Date: 2017-Feb-14
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37-$47
  • Niche: Lead Generation, Social Media, Twitter, Software
  • Network: JVZoo
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

What is Leadz?

Leadz io is a systematic, proven way to creating a Twitter buying audience without EVER paying for ads.

The software helps you generate leads using Twitter and automatically identifies hot prospects, new leads, potential customers and then begins an auto-engagement and nurture process to build rapport with the target leads.

This new software will build you REAL twitter leads, and then let you message your affiliate offers to them DIRECTLY every day 24/7.

1. You can get REAL prospects you can promote your affiliate offers to every day. Works in any niche.

2. All you need to do is enter your keywords, and you’ll be presented with the top prospects on twitter to get you conversions.

3. You can message directly with your affiliate offers, and make the easiest sales you’ve ever had online.

4. Get 50-100 new fresh leads every day… for EACH campaign you run.

5. PLUS you can run UNLIMITED campaigns, get hundreds of leads in different niches each day.

Leadz Demo

Leadz Bonus

Leadz Discount

How Leadz Work?

Leadz software gets you 100% QUALIFIED LEADS from Twitter at zero cost.

This software will:

  1. Find Targeted Leads for you
  2. Follow Them
  3. Engage them
  4. Contact Them
  5. Turn them into QUALIFIED LEADS that will buy from you – all 100% simple.

All that for zero cost, no ads, no marketing needed.

Leadz Download

Leadz Software

Leadz Works

Leadz Explained Video

Leadz Demo Video

My Personal Exclusive “Leadz” Bonus #1

(High-quality and closely related to “Leadz” software)

  • Bonus #1: WP Link Tweet Plugin
  • Bonus #2: True Tags Software
  • Bonus #3: 100+ Proven Autoresponder Messages

How To Get Your Bonus?

Simply contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/contact-me/

Just Added – Leadz Bonus Package #2

Leadz bonus added 1

Leadz bonus added 2

Leadz bonus added 3

Just Added – Leadz Bonus Package #3 (Content Reaper)

The New Bonuses: Content Reaper Software which Retails at $67

Leadz bonus added 4 - Content Reaper Software

Content Reaper has some very powerful feature which will save you some serious time and headaches.

All you have to do is enter the keyword into content reaper and it will pull all the trending, viral and hot content, which includes blogs, posts, pictures videos, offers and anything else around that keyword straight into the dashboard and it will be in order of popularity.

Note: How to get these added Bonuses?

After making your purchase, these bonuses will be instantly available inside the “Leadz” members area and JVZoo customer portal, so no need to wait for your bonuses.

Leadz Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Special ” pricing is currently going on.

Claim your extremely discounted early pricing copy right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long.

30 days 100% money back guarantee

Leadz Guarantee

30 day test drive: Leadz do a full 30 days no question asked money back guarantee.

Get full access to “Leadz” for a 30 days and if for ANY reason, this isn’t for you… just send them an email, and they’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Leadz – Questions Answered

How many Twitter accounts can I add to Leadz.io?

You can add an unlimited number of accounts. Organize your search for leads into campaigns, so you can easily create campaigns in different niches.

How many leads can I add to my account?

You can add 50 leads per day, 350 per week and 1400 per month. This is more than enough quality leads for anyone. Finally, you’ll be able to get all the leads you need without paying a penny for them.

What happens if I want to add more than 50 leads per day?

Leadz.io limits you to 50 leads per day because it’s not realistic to try and interact with more leads than this on a daily basis. 50 qualified leads per day is much more valuable to you than 50 freebie seekers grabbing your gift and disappearing.

How does the Easy Engage feature work?

It’s simple to set up. Simply provide your Twitter App’s API Key and API Secret to enable semi-automated engagements to get started. (We’ll show you how to find the API Key and API secret inside your Twitter account.) Once you’ve added these, Leadz.io will ask to to reauthorize your account. After you’ve taken these steps, Leadz.io will give you a list of actions to take with each lead to nurture and engage them – with the end goal of getting new followers.

Leadz Tutorial

My Thoughts

Twitter is an UNTAPPED source of leads.

Most marketers are going after Facebook.

That’s where using this software helps you, a LOT.

This is lead generation for 2017 and beyond. Smart, fast and with ZERO risk or ad spend.

No matter what business you’re in, you always need new customers. Now you can add up to 50-100 fresh new leads EVERY day, and follow a proven formula to turn them into EASY sales.

You’ll get fresh, high value leads that are engaged, targeted and ready to buy from you.

jvzoo wso launch review try it

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Leadz review & software tutorial.

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