How to Sell Ecom Product Online Without Investment

How to Sell Ecom Product Online Without Investment

Hey this is Leo.

Last night I was scrolling through FB and found this ad for pendants of ‘Game of Thrones’

People are selling small artefacts for $7-$10 using their WordPress sites…

And making profits like $5-$7 on each sale.

Imagine making 20-30 sales for pendants on GOT every day from your site… making upto 100 bux.

It’s not that difficult to sell small e-com products online.

So how to start a online store with no money

You just need to follow this simple strategy and I’m sure you’ll be making money by the next hour…


Search for the most popular fantasy show on the TV in your area/country.


Find artifacts like pendants, necklaces or key chains for that TV/movie show on amazon/alibaba.


Add products from amazon, alibaba to your wordpress site.

STEP #4 (Invest $5 a day)

Create a small fan page for that TV show… and post an image of the product on your page and run a $5/day ad for that image with your affiliate link.

Thats it!

With just 5 bux FB ad, you can easily bring some sales DAILY.

I’m sure you’ll make 10-15/day sales in the beginning.

Really? How you can be so sure?

Because I have tried the same thing last year… and it worked pretty easy…

So WHY did you STOP? – 3 REASONS Why I couldn’t make it in e-Com

Because I had to add every product on my site manually and then needed to maintain it categorised as per price, ratings and reviews.

Reason #1

I didn’t know that much of coding.

Reason #2

Also there was no such tool which can automate all these things and help me save lot of time.

Reason #3

I had to put lot of time in searching and creating relevant/viral content/videos to promote my products.

In one line – ‘TOO MUCH OF WORK’

Ok, that’s understandable… Whats the solution then?

SIMPLE: ‘Instant Ecom Machine’

Ecom Without Doing Ecom?

“It’s a Windows based software which allows you post and schedule top selling Amazon products on your WordPress website.

The program can post products right away or schedule hundreds of products with your affiliate links in them so you get credit when products are purchased through your site.”

Watch the sales page and DEMO here

I’m sure you can easily make upto 100bux by investing 5 bux and 5min of your day.

To your viral success

Leo Reynolds


Along with this mind blowing software, you’ll get access to my exclusive bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: 1500 Niches Report – Don’t know what niches to go in to? Then this list will show you 1500 niches that are profitable and ready for you to go into a dominate!
  • Bonus #2: FB Hot Content Seeker – Do you really like to discover how to quickly and easily find and share the hottest Facebook content? Because Facebook doesn’t give you the option to search based on popularity, this type of high-quality content can be tough to find.
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  • Bonus #5: 2,500 Top Selling Physical Products

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

After making your purchase, simply contact me subject “Instant Ecom Machines Bonus”, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:

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