How To Rank Simple Affiliate Videos On Google and YouTube

How To Rank Simple Affiliate Videos

Did you know that it only takes a spark to get a fire going and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing?

Hey Leo here,

Remember that old campfire song?

Well, in the world of Youtube, it only takes a TARGETED KEYWORD to get your first sale.

So how to start with i.e Clickbank to sell products with (your) simple and ugly affiliate videos?

For example, if you were promoting a Clickbank product like this weight loss product called “Venus Factor” which is the highest grossing selling product on Clickbank of all time…

You would title your video “Venus Factor Review | My Own Venus Factor Review CLICK NOW”

As you see that title of your video has several elements in it necessary for your success:

Let me break it down:

#1. Use the Title of the Product because it’s your golden BUYER keyword, not just folks looking for a weight loss product – this is KEY.

#2. Use interesting SYMBOLS to stand apart from the usual videos (remember it’s true, if you’re BORING, you’re BROKE… there’s lots of competition online, but no worries, there is still room for YOU and your videos)

#3. Use the Buyer keyword TWICE in the title to give you some extra ranking juice.

HINT: I use this Niche Domination tool to get my videos ranked at the top of Youtube like a rocket.

#4. Use a CALL TO ACTION, such Click Here, View Now, See This, Peek Inside since marketing experts tell us that we like to be given the next step.

Now, you have 4 Golden Video Tips to Get You RANK AND GET More Clicks, Views and Sales.

Remember, If you think you CAN, you’re right!

Keep calm and upload videos that rank and sells!

To your awesome success

Leo Reynolds

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