How to Build a Buyer List for $5.00


Get 300 Subscribers to Your List for $5.00!

Are you tried of trying to set up standard list building approaches that don’t work?

Get 300 Subscribers for $5.00!

This is the step-by-step program that attracts as many list subscribers as you want!

Guaranteed automatic list creation utility!

How to Build a Buyer List for $5.00

Why Do So Many Marketers Stuggle to Sign Even 100 List Subscribers, Yet Some Enjoy Thousands?

Now you can become a top online marketer…


You Business Can Only Make Money If You Have an Email List.

This is obvious, but it is fact…

“A business is only FINANCIALLY VIABLE if it attracts an audience to derive profits. If no one is on your list, there is no profit.”

Why should list building be so hard.

It doesn’t have to be.

Get 300 Subscribers to Your List for $5.00!

These are real people that need your help.

How would you like attract to your list:

300 Subscribers for ONLY $5.00!

…And then as more as you want for as low as 10 cents each!

  1. Buyers
  2. “Real Email” addresses
  3. Targeted by Interest
  4. Targeted by Country
  5. Tier 1 subscribers (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.)

With a group of 300 to 1000 of these list members, you can have a successful – and PROFITABLE – business.

Usually, however, nobody knows you list exists.

This is when the process is hardest, and you likely know what it feels like – maybe you’ve started many websites over the years and can’t get list subscribers.

Do You Know How To “Guarantee” List Subscribers?

The challenge is not in finding techniques to publish pages, get traffic and entice enrolments – it’s figuring which techniques are time and cost effective!

Maybe you find yourself overloaded with too much information about the processes – from page building, site SEO, PPC advertising, banner ads, backlinking, site marketing and much, much, much more…

What Is The Most Important Consideration For Email List Building?

Taking action is important, but getting good results from those action is tops.

Usually it involves setting up various options and testing the results. You drive traffic to offers, hoping to get some success. You tweak, scale, and even restart, in your attempts to improve the situation.

Eventually you will arrive at the most important consideration: the best ways are those that have the best ROI, or return on investment.

Best Way to Build Your Cash Buyers List

The 2 ROI Pillars for Email List Building:

Pillar #1: Action Takers

You can get action takers or “freebie seekers” on your list. Which is better? Action takers, od course. They have already expressed a willingness to spend money and may well do so in the future.

Freebie Seekers might eventually buy, but there is no guarantee. For best ROI, a small list of action takers will generate more revenue than a huge list of freebie seekers.

You should do everything you can to attract as many action takers to your email list as possible. Maybe even 100% action takers. This is worth money to you should be prepared to devote more resources for this type of subscriber.

Focus on obtaining action takers for your list!

Pillar #2: Valid Information

What if your list is made up of subscribers who use anonymous, or temporary email addresses? Like freebie seekers this type of subscriber is not worth much.

Instead, getting people’s best email address, the one they use every day, is gold for your list.

“Best Email Addresses” are worth more to you so you should expect to devote more resources for these, compared to anonymous addresses.

Email List Autogen – How to Get 300 Buyer List for $5

Why bother with traffic to get leads?

Skip that and get real subscribers. Start with your first 300 for only $5.00. Get as many more as you want for the best rates, far better than CPC campaigns.


This program teaches you how to obtain real list subscribers:

  • How to limit to action takers only
  • “Best” email addresses only
  • Get targeted “tier 1” subscribers
  • How to get dozens, hundreds, or thousands of subscribers, virtually as fast as you want
  • And keep them coming!

The program focuses on complete ROI as the fundamental objective.

“You will learn how to get subscribers but you won’t devote your life to the process. You will build a stable and valuable subscriber list quickly giving you more time to provide great content to your subscribers.”

You will get these types of subscribers:

  1. They all are action takers (buyers)
  2. They all have best (valid) email addresses

Follow the steps, techniques and best practices of the program and your list will automatically grow.


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