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Welcome to my Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula review & training tutorial.

[Last Updated] Monday, October 30th, 2017 (EST)


Facebook Ad Formula by Ben Adkins – Useful Links:

  1. Foolproof FB Ads (Full Page)
  2. Foolproof FB Ads (Features Page)
  3. AdLab (Main Page)
  4. Ad Lab (Monthly)

There aren’t many things that you can learn in 5 minutes that will both save you a fortune and make you a fortune… but recently I stumbled upon one of those rare moments thanks to Ben Adkins (A Facebook Marketing Expert).

Read what I discovered below… you won’t be sorry.

Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Ben Adkins (Fearless Social)
  • Product Name: Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula
  • Front-End Price: $20
  • Niche: Social Media, Training
  • Affiliate Network: Sam Cart
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Discount Click Here

I See It Everyday…

People trying to promote their businesses and products on Facebook and they lose a ton of money because they don’t understand one simple way that Facebook Ads work.

Here it is:

“The More Mature a Good Facebook Ad is, The Less You Pay”

foolproof-facebook-ad-formula-bonusEvery single day I hear from someone that tells me that they are getting a good click through rate on their ad, and they are getting good results on their landing pages and sales pages… but the ad is just too expensive to keep running.

This kind of thinking has cost people millions of dollars and it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how Facebook Ads Work.

So… Let me Give You a Simple Strategy that is going to change your “Facebook Ad Game” Forever.

Facebook’s Ad Algorithm Works Like This:

The more engagement your ad gets, the cheaper Facebook will make your ad over time, even if you’re being outbid for the same audience by other people.

Check Out This First Scenario:

  • We have a $25 Product for sale.
  • We setup a new Facebook Ad and send our target audience to the sales page.
  • On day 1 we decide to spend $100 per day.
  • That first day it costs us 65 cents per click.
  • We get a click through rate of 3% (not too shabby on Facebook)
  • We spend all $100 and get… 154 clicks (because it cost the .65 per click)
  • We make 1 stinking sale and are $75 in the hole.

This is what kills most people because they lose too much money early on in an ad campaign and they panic and kill the ad and start a new one from scratch.

Let’s Make a Few Tiny Changes to the above and watch what happens:

  • We Still have our $25 Product for Sale.
  • We setup that same ad from above.
  • On Day 1 we only spend $20.
  • That first day still costs us 65 cents per click.
  • We get a click through rate of 3%.
  • We Spend all $20 and get 31 clicks (because of .65 per click)
  • We make 0 sales and are $20 in the hole.

You may say that this is still bad because we are in the hole, but this is where the magic starts to happen.

Because we had a strong clickthrough rate and got engagement with our ad, Facebook will start to reward us and take our cost per click down.

how-to-get-cheap-facebook-adsSo… Each day, your cost per click goes down and you start getting more clicks every day for that same $20.

On many occasions we’ve had an ad that started at .65 per click down to .15 per click because it was a good ad.

So… after 5 days, we’ve gotten way more clicks, nailed down sales, and we now have an ad that is running at a much cheaper per click rate and….

We’ve spent the same $100 to get there. (we just gamed the ad algorithm so that our ad spend went way farther).

Now… think about what happens when we continue to let this ad run over time.

The Secret to Profitable Facebook Ads is This:

  1. Start with a Low Daily Budget and Let your ad mature.
  2. An ad that gets good clicks, even at a low daily budget, gets cheaper fast.
  3. Only ramp up your ad spend when you have achieved that cheaper clickthrough.
  4. Only ramp up your ad spend when your ad is making sales at that cheaper clickthrough.
  5. Be okay with not making money the first few days an ad is live. It will start to make money once your ad matures (as long as sales are coming through).

So… With that said.

How do you create an ad that is almost guaranteed to get good engagement so that your ad cost goes down quickly?

I’m glad you asked.

Read on…

[7 Boxes] Ben’s FB Ad Success Checklist

facebook-ad-hackSo we are shared a Strategy called “Facebook Ad Maturating” above. It’s something that a ton of people miss and, in doing so, they end up killing good ads before they should. (you may not have even realize that you’ve done this before).

Now I am going to walk you through Ben’s “Facebook Ad Success Checklist”.

There are “7 Boxes” that you have to check off anytime you create a Facebook Ad.

The 7 Things that Get You Cheap FB Ads:

1. The Ad Image

Most people mess this up because they don’t understand the simple psychology principles that you should use to pick ad images.

2. The Brand Image

Most people don’t even think about this, but the “brand image” is something that people check without even realizing it (and it can make or break your ad).

3. The Post Text

Almost everyone overdoes this and it cost them the click (and totally screws up the ad maturing process)

4. The Ad Headline

There is a simple headline formula that I stumbled onto a little while back that helps me absolutely skyrocket clicks to our optin and sales pages. (stay tuned and I’ll give you an opportunity to get this simple but effective formula).

5. The Comments/Shares

If you understand this, you’ll have people commenting on and sharing your ads with their friends. This is overlooked by 99% of FB Advertisers but completely changes everything once you “get it”.

6. The Likes

Getting People to Like your ad may not seem important. Why would you want to pay for someone to click like on your ad instead of paying to get them to you website. The Answer will shock you (hint: it ends up making your ad cheaper and helps it convert as it matures).

7. The Audience Targeting

People make this way too hard. If you focus on 3 things when targeting your ad to your audience, you’ll win almost every time right out of the gate.

Now… Each of these things come together in order to help you create an ad that gets progressively cheaper as it matures.

In short…

You get more clicks for less money as the ad gets older and seen by more people.


What if I told you Ben Adkins (The Facebook Ad Expert I told you about yesterday) could teach you the specifics behind each of those 7 things so that your next ad campaign could be a lot cheaper and more profitable?

What if I told you that Ben has worked for the last few years developing a formula and simplifying it for his own team… and that he could teach you everything… in 1 Hour?

Read on.

The “Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula”

I have walked you through a way to drastically cut your Facebook ad cost by using a technique called “Ad Maturing”.

And it’s all about creating an ad that gets lots of engagement and clicks so that the Facebook Ad Algorithm will reward you with Cheaper Ad Clicks…

This has been Mind Blowing for me and my team! It is that little gem that will change the way you run Facebook Ads.

I also walked you through an overview of the 7 Key Things I focus on to Create an Ad that People Just Can’t help but click on.

Today the doors are opening on the powerful System that has changed the way I advertise on Facebook.

It is called “Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula”. It’s a deceptively simple blueprint for creating Facebook Ads that Convert Like Crazy.

Video: Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula Review by Ben Adkins CEO Fearless Social

So… Who is This For?

If you have a product for sale that you’d like to get in front of more of the right people, this Blueprint will Change Your Business in a big way.

What’s Inside of “Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula”?

1. The Full Ad Maturing System

You’ll get all of the details on why bidding low and being a little more patient is the secret to creating ads that are insanely cheap (as long as you follow the formula and get good engagement… more on that in the next bullet point)

2. Ben Adkins’ 6 Part Ad Creation Formula

6 Power Pieces that you must focus on in order to create an ad that is a little “odd”. This simple ad creative formula makes ads that are shareable and hard not to click on. Yes… This Type of Ad Creative makes People want to SHARE Your Ad.

3. Ben Adkins’ Simple Ad Image Creation Formula

He will show you the powerful psychological triggers that he uses when selecting an ad image. Doing this will take a few extra minutes when you look for an ad image, but the results make it worth it in a big way.

4. The Brand Image Secret

how-to-get-low-cpc-on-facebookMost people don’t realize how much this little image matters to your ad. When you shift how you use this image, however, you’ll notice a big spike in engagement because people stop feeling marketed to.

5. Ben Adkins’ Post Text Rule

He will show you the simple reason why “less is more” when writing the text that surrounds your ad.

6. Ben Adkins’ Ad Headline Formula

This is worth 100x what you’ll pay for the course. You could ignore everything else in the course and this one thing would change your ad clickthrough immediately (but don’t ignore the other stuff… I want you to get every advantage possible in your next ad campaign!)

7. The Ad Comment, Like, and Share Secret

Ben will show you why his ads get a ton of likes, comments, and shares, while most people can’t even get link clicks. He will also walk you through why getting likes, comments and shares is extremely important to your ad spend going down.

8. How to Put It All Together in 1 Ad.

You’ll learn how to put everything you learn about my ad formula together to create an ad that plays perfectly into Facebook’s Ad Algorithm.

Click here to be 1 of the 300 that gets to be apart of “The Foolproof Ad Formula”

But Hang On… We are not done.

When you click on the link above you’ll notice two options. You can get everything inside of the Foolproof Facebook Ads Formula for the crazy price I was able to negotiate for the first 300, or you can invest a little more and get the “Foolproof Facebook Ads Advanced” Package…

What’s Inside the Advanced Package?

You Get Everything Inside of Foolproof Facebook Ads and you’ll also get access to Ben’s Proprietary “Facebook Ad Targeting Formula”.

When you use the Foolproof Ad Formula with the Foolproof Targeting Formula you’ll see the real secret behind why we pay 50% less for our ads than most people on the planet.

The Targeting Techniques Inside the Advanced Package Include:

  1. Ben Adkins’ 3 Part Facebook Ad Targeting Technique.
  2. Ben Adkins’ Broad Targeting Method.
  3. Income Based Targeting Explained.
  4. Ben Adkins’ Secret Weapon: Buyer Intent Targeting.
  5. How to Combine all 3 for Rock Bottom Ad Spend and Maximum Conversions.

1-cent-per-click-facebook-ads-tutorialThis simple 3 Part Facebook Ad Targeting Method has been a secret weapon for Ben and his mastermind members for months and now you can get access to it for your business.

Everything you’ll be Learning in “Foolproof FB Ad Formula” and the “Advanced Package” have cut our ad spend by over 50% and Ben normally reserves this information for those in in his Private Facebook Ads Mastermind… but.. Today he has agreed to share it with you!

As Small as Your Investment will be if you are one of the 300 to get in before it is sold out, Ben is also offering a monster guarantee.

Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula Guarantee

You’ve got 60 Days to Put this into action with your Facebook Ads. If it doesn’t cut your cost per click down by at least 30% in the next 60 days, Ben will gladly refund you in full.

30-days-money-back-guarantee-jvzoo-wso-launch-reviewYou’re Protected by our 60 Day Money back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, contact our support team at within 60 days from the time of your purchase and we will refund your purchase in full.

Ben’s customer success rate is rated at the top of the online industry it’s because of our top of the line support staff and customer satisfaction policies.

If, after using our products, you aren’t convinced that got at least 10x the value of what you paid, they will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

But Please Remember… There are only selling 300 Copies and then it closes down.

Click Here to Get it Now. You’ll be Glad You Did.

Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula Bonus

Bonus Added – FFAF just got even Better.

Everyone who has purchased Foolproof Formula or the Advanced Package so far will all get access to Something Called:

“How to Use Facebook’s Lead Ads to Crush it”

get-foolproof-facebook-ad-formulaIn this special bonus video Ben will walk you through how to use Facebook’s Lead Ad Option so that you can get targeted leads for your business without your prospects ever leaving Facebook.

This is one of Ben’s most requested training programs and you can get it for free, just by getting inside of the “The Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula.”

I know you’re going to love this short walkthrough of how to use Facebook Lead Ads… and even better… It’s Free for everyone who gets in before we sell out.

I’m so excited for you to use this in your Next Ad Campaign!!! You will see why I worked so hard to get Ben to let me bring this “Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula” to you.

Why Jillian Told Ben She Didn’t Buy FFAF

If you are still on the fence you should read below. Ben Adkins has shared with me some of the top questions he has been asked about “The Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula”. What may be holding you back may just be the reason you should join.


One of the questions that Ben received was from Jillian…

Jillian Asked:

“Ben, the Course looks great, but I’m not sure that it will work for what I’m trying to do.

Will this work for Local Businesses and Ecom?”

Ben’s Answer to Jillian:

Yes! The Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula is great because it works with Local, Ecom, Digital, Memberships…. Just about anything you can throw at it.

And it works because the ad creative you learn to put together with FFAF is designed to get attention and engagement… and that works with any niche or vertical.

Some other Great Questions Ben has Received:


“Ben, I’m brand new to Facebook Ads. Is this suitable for newbies?”

Ben’s Answer:

Absolutely. I would recommend, if you’re brand new, to grab the “Advanced Package” as it covers my Facebook Ad Targeting Method to. The Advanced Package will deliver everything you need to get started from the ground up.

and then there was this one… that was almost the exact opposite…


“I’ve been using FB Ads for a while, should I pick this up or am I too advanced?”

Ben’s Answer:

In short… you’ll love FFAF. It takes all of the complicated things you’ve probably learned about Facebook Ads and boils it down to an easy to learn, repeatable, and effective ad creative system… that just gets results (and cheaper clicks)


“Ben, I don’t have a product to sell. Is this something I should pick up?”

Ben’s Answer:

Absolutely Not. This works great for selling your products and affiliate products, but if you don’t have something in mind that you want to promote using Facebook Ads… this probably isn’t for you. If you know what your business is about and what you want to sell, however, this is perfect for you.

[Last Updated] Monday, October 30th, 2017 (EST)


Facebook Ad Formula by Ben Adkins – Useful Links:

  1. Foolproof FB Ads (Full Page)
  2. Foolproof FB Ads (Features Page)
  3. AdLab (Main Page)
  4. Ad Lab (Monthly)

So… It’s Decision Time…

Make sure you Consider These things if you haven’t gotten in yet….

  1. If this course only worked 1/4th as well as it has for Ben and his mastermind clients (the only folks that have ever seen this) wouldn’t it be worth it to get 5-10% cheaper clicks for your ads on Facebook (Most people reduce their cost by 30-50%)?
  2. If all this course did was give you a blueprint to create ads so that you didn’t have to think so hard about it…. and saved you hours of guessing and testing… wouldn’t it be worth it?

If either of those things is true… Get in Now Before They Close.

foolproof-facebook-ad-formula-ben-adkinsWhos is behind the Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula?

Ben Adkins (CEO of Fearless Social) has written thousands of high converting facebook ads in the past 5 years. He specializes in helping small business owners and the world’s top entrepreneurs to Profitably spread the message about their product or service on Facebook using the Ad Platform.

Inside of the Program, Ben will walk you through the Unorthodox Ad Creation System he developed in order to get his clients more traffic and more sales (without breaking the bank to get there).

Final Thoughts

Be an action taker (you deserve good things). With Ben’s Guarantee in place you risk nothing by not letting the clock make your decision for you.

You’re going to be blown away by the Simplicity and Power of this Foolproof System Ben has put together.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula review & training tutorial.

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