E5 CAMP Review – Todd Brown’s E5 Customer Acquisition Marketing Protocol Method

E5 CAMP Review

Welcome to my E5 CAMP review & training tutorial.

[Last Updated] Tuesday, July 4, 2017 (EST)

E5 CAMP Masterclass – PAY NOTHING!

I have just received below email from Todd.

Tomorrow – Wednesday, July 5th and Thursday, July 6th – he’s doing a limited 48-hour enrollment re-opening to offer a “Pay Nothing For 6 Months” PayPal financing option.

This is only being extended to MY READERS on the LAUNCH LIST. And will NOT be advertised publicly.

Just wanted to keep you in the loop.

Talk soon with more updates,

Leo Reynolds  🙂

Hey it’s Todd…


toddSince enrollment in the E5 CAMP Masterclass closed last week…


Dozens of of your readers have reached-out asking if there was another way to get in. Or a different, smaller payment-plan option.


The answer has been an unfortunate, “No, sorry”…


But, that all changed after Teddy Garcia, our CTO, researched a “Pay Nothing For 6 Months” financing option offered by PayPal.


And our whole leadership team agrees – it’s AMAZING!


And it’s the perfect way for your readers to get into the E5 CAMP Masterclass WITHOUT paying anything today.


In fact, your readerts don’t even have to make a single payment until January 2018. And if your readers decide to pay it then, there’s not even any interest payment of anything.


Only bummer… it’s ONLY available for folks based in the United States.


So, here’s the scoop…


If your readers who live in the U.S., want to enroll in the E5 CAMP Masterclass, and want to pay nothing for the next 6 months…


Here’s the deal:


(1) Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, July 5th), beginning at 10AM ET (New York Time), we’ll be re-opening a brief window of enrollment for the E5 CAMP Masterclass…


(2) Only 300 of these enrollment spots will be available – because we’ve never offered this PayPal option before. So this is a test for us. So we’re limiting it to just the first 300 people.


(3) This enrollment re-opening window will only be offered for 48 hours or until the 300 spots are claimed. Whichever come first.


So, if your readers who is interested in getting a spot in the E5 CAMP Masterclass without paying anything for the next 6 months…


They able to get E5 CAMP Masterclass tomorrow at 10AM ET.


Click Here To Get E5 CAMP Masterclass – PAY NOTHING!


Todd 🙂


Don’t miss it.

[Last Updated] Thursday, June 29, 2017 (EST)

Enrollment is CLOSING in less than 24 hours.


Hey, this is Reynolds


For the past handful of days I’ve been telling you about Todd Brown’s E5 CAMP Masterclass…


…and why I feel you should absolutely enroll.


Because it’s the answer for how to get new customers buying your product or service, every day.


Today is your LAST CHANCE to get the E5 CAMP Method so you can start seeing steady new customer sales.


Because… registration for Todd Brown’s E5 CAMP Masterclass is CLOSING TONIGHT (11:59 PM PT).


And once registration closes, you will NOT be able to get in.


So you need to ACT NOW to make sure you don’t miss-out.


Click here to secure your spot now in the E5 CAMP Masterclass


What you’ll be part of is the same program and method which is producing results like…


$1.5 million in just 12 months!” – Eddie Coleman, info-marketing


$105K in just 53 days!” – John Hutchison, eCommerce


“$3.5 million in just 8 months!” – Tim Donovan, MLM


“$42K from one webinar with 232 registrants!” – John Rood, software


“$1 million in just 11 months!” – Aaqib Ahmed, coaching


And so many more…

e5 camp cart close day

Click here to get in now before tonight’s DEADLINE


This is YOUR CHANCE to have a proven and reliable method for getting new customers buying your product or service, every day.


Never again have a zero sales day!


But, you must act now if you want to get in.


Once the doors CLOSE… that’s all she wrote.


And you really do NOT want to miss this…


To your awesome success


Leo Reynolds

[Last Updated] Sunday, June 25, 2017 (EST)

#1 – E5 CAMP Method Tuesday Webinar Invitation!





E5 CAMP Masterclass Webinar Replay

Hear first hand the radical results the new E5 customer acquisition marketing protocol is producing for a-player marketers and newbies alike!


Tuesday, June 27th 7:00pm EST

E5 CAMP Method Tuesday Webinar Invitation

#2 – CASE STUDY: First time marketing this way = 58K RECURRING! (Here’s how…)


Todd said he just got this message on Facebook…

Does E5 CAMP Work Case-Study

This marketer learned how to use my E5 CAMP Method to generate new customer sales for his product…


A product he STRUGGLED to sell for almost a year!


And, JUST DAYS after learning the E5 CAMP Method…


On his first try doing a webinar using this approach, generated over $58,000 in RECURRING monthly income.


So cool, right!


And, if you’re curious…


The E5 CAMP Method doesn’t only work with webinars. It works with video sales letters, long-form sales letters, video series, launches, and even the ASK Method (quizzes + surveys).


So what is the E5 CAMP Method?


It’s a VERY DIFFERENT way of structuring your marketing message so it turns completely cold prospects into pre-sold buyers.


It uses a unique type of “education” to turn your prospects’ desire for a benefit into demand for your product or service… before you even tell them about the offer.


So, once they hear the offer, they already WANT to buy from you.


And it does all of this WITHOUT any of the sleazy, scammy sales tricks lots of marketers are using. (Stay away from this garbage.)


If you’re interested…


Here’s a FREE training that walks you thru the core of how the E5 CAMP Method works.


You’ll see right away…


THIS is how you’ll generate consistent new customer sales.




Leo Reynolds 🙂

[Last Updated] Friday, June 23, 2017 (EST)



Just writing to make sure you know…


Todd Brown has officially OPENED the doors to his E5 CAMP Masterclass Coaching Program!


For those of you who have been following along with the video training series…


You likely realize how valuable this opportunity is…


Because, with Todd’s E5 CAMP Method, you’re getting a system for structuring your marketing campaign so it brings you predictable new customer sales, every day.


And it works regardless of your product… regardless of your price point… and regardless of how crowded your marketplace may be.

Todd Brown E5 Camp Launch



Enrollment into the E5 CAMP Masterclass is only going to be available for a very short time. Just a few days.


So this is your chance to finally take the guesswork out of launching or growing your business…


For you to have a profitable, fast-growing business… getting new customers, daily… getting your product into the hands of more and more people… and feeling good about the impact you’re making!


But you need to act quickly…


Because the E5 CAMP Masterclass kicks-off next week…


And with your enrollment, you’ll have Todd and his entire E5 Faculty working side-by-side with you for the next 6 weeks…


Giving you PERSONAL direction, coaching, and guidance the whole way.


PLUS: Todd is also including some incredibly valuable BONUSES that make it brain-dead simple for you to have your new customer-generating campaign launched in just 45 days…


All the details are here


You get everything you need so you can finally start seeing new customers buying your product, every day!

[Last Updated] Thursday, June 22, 2017 (EST)

The E5 CAMP Method vs. Other Programs


To my readers: If you read my email yesterday…


You know that registration for the E5 CAMP Masterclass will OPEN tomorrow (Friday, June 23, 2017 EST)!


There’s so much excitement and buzz about this program. So, of course, lots of questions…


So, I’ve asked Todd to answer the top 5 questions, for you, I’ve seen…


Q1: How is the E5 CAMP Method different from the other marketing methods being taught?


Todd: The E5 CAMP Method is not a sales funnel model or tactic.


It’s a process for creating a marketing campaign and message that generates “buying demand” for your specific product or service.


So it works to bring you new customer sales without the common hype or sales tricks.


It’s a unique way of “educating” prospects that perfectly sets-up the sale of your product or service. And ONLY your product or service.


So it gives you the piece missing from every other marketing course — how to structure a real marketing message that turns prospects into eager buyers.


And… it can be used in conjunction with almost any other method, including: the ASK Method, PLF, webinars, and more.

E5 CAMP Method Todd Brown

Q2: I don’t have a list or business or even a product yet. Can I still do this?


Todd: Absolutely. Because the E5 CAMP Method will ensure you pick the right market, with the right target audience, with the right marketing message that produces the sale for you.


And it gives you a complete blueprint for how to start getting new customers and sales. The right way.


So, rather than wasting time trying a bunch of different tactics, with the E5 CAMP Method you have the most essential piece of your new business in place.


And the ability to get new customer sales right out of the gate.

E5 CAMP Masterclass Result

Q3: Does this work for all products and services? And brick and mortar businesses, as well?


Todd: Yes. The only type of product the E5 CAMP Method is not appropriate for is… if you’re selling a pure commodity, like a gallon of gasoline.


Currently, there are marketers in 23 different countries, offering hundreds of different types of products and services, in over 65 different markets and niches, successfully using the E5 CAMP Method to launch and grow their businesses.

E5 CAMP Masterclass Membership

Q4: Do I need to have a lot of money for software or anything else for this?


Todd: Nope. The entire E5 CAMP Method can be implemented with common marketing tools under $100 bucks.


No special software. No crazy technology.


And you can even start with free traffic. Or a small budget of $30 if you want to get rolling with something like paid Facebook Ads.

E5 CAMP Masterclass Testimonial

Q5: How much personal help and guidance will I get?


Todd: Tons! Because, first, you and I will be meeting in a group setting once a week to answer all of your questions.


Second, you’ll get personal feedback and guidance from my E5 Faculty as you’re implementing the E5 Method Method.


And, third, as part of the E5 Community, you’ll have even more support from all of our other successful E5 students. As well as your fellow marketers going thru the Masterclass with you.


So your hand will be held the entire time.


So, there you have it…


And that didn’t even cover the 100% money-back guarantee… the bonuses… or the easy payment plan.

What is E5 CAMP Masterclass

So, here’s what I recommend you do now:


Go ahead and sign-up for the E5 CAMP Masterclass…


Take the next month to go through the entire program… get coaching from Todd… get direction from his Faculty… enjoy the community… download all the bonuses… and then decide.


You’re either head over heels thrilled with everything… or you can let Todd know within the next month, and get all of your money back.


It’s a total risk-free way for you to check it out.


Here’s the registration link one more time:


Click here to join the E5 CAMP Masterclass


Best Regards


Leo Reynolds

What would things be like for you… if each morning when you jumped online… you saw new customer sales? Every day.

Sales… you knew would continue to come-in consistently and predictably.

Sales.. you could bank on.

How much more confidence and peace of mind would you have?

If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, this would be absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL for you.

Well, what if I told you there was a new and very different marketing method being used by hundreds of marketers around the globe that could give you that steady stream of new customer sales…

…regardless of what product or service you’re selling… regardless of the price point… and regardless of how crowded or competitive your marketplace is.

Well, as crazy as this may sound – that method exists!

It’s called the E5 Customer Acquisition Marketing Protocol (E5 C.A.M.P.).

E5 CAMP Download

It’s the exact marketing method used and taught by Todd Brown, the guy the other marketing experts go to when they need help with their own campaigns.

And it’s completely different from any of the common sales funnel models and strategies being taught.

Todd Brown Marketing Funnel Automation

Todd normally charges $12,500 for a single day of consulting to teach this method. And he requires folks to fly-in to West Palm Beach, Florida to learn it.

But here’s the thing:

For the next few days Todd has made a special training, covering his E5 C.A.M.P. Method, available to public.


This is an incredible, rare chance for you to get and use Todd’s highly-sought-after method for producing steady, reliable new customer sales in your business.

You don’t want to miss this.

It’s all here in this FREE training

PS – Yes, this is the same Todd Brown you may recall being mentioned in the initial video series for 12 Week Mastery. Am honored to introduce you to him in this free video series.

E5 CAMP Tutorial

E5 CAMP Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Todd Brown
  • Product Name: E5 C.A.M.P
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jun-15
  • Launch Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $374-$1999
  • Niche: Customer Acquisition Marketing, Training
  • Launch Network: Infusionsoft
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

What is E5 CAMP?

This course is Todd Brown’s magnus opus and will educate you on every aspect of building a winning and scaleable funnel.

The E5 C.A.M.P (Customer Acquisition Marketing Protocol) Masterclass is a comprehensive blueprint for researching, engineering, evaluating, optimizing, and scaling a mega-hit customer-acquisition marketing campaign:

  • Examine
  • Engineer
  • Evaluate
  • Enhance
  • Expand

It shares in detail, for the first time ever, Todd Brown’s entire 5-stage Customer Acquisition Marketing Protocol (i.e. E5 C.A.M.P.).

It’s the exact process he personally use to create all of the six and seven-figure customer-acquisition campaigns he’ve become known for.

It’s the same methodology well-known marketers fly-out to West Palm Beach – each paying $12,500 for the day – to have Todd Brown install in their businesses. And it’s the same process his agency has used to create marketing campaigns for some of the biggest direct response companies selling online today.

So, the E5 CAMP Masterclass is truly Todd Brown’s life’s work in the world of direct response marketing over the past fifteen-plus years… distilled into a dialed framework, taught over 15 hours, with a series of 8 modules, 30 masterclass lessons, 18 step-by-step Execution Guides, and handouts for everything.

And, the entire program is delivered via a custom portal designed from the ground up.

So I can say without hesitation – there is nothing like it on the planet. And you are going to absolutely love it.

Buy E5 CAMP Masterclass

E5 CAMP Masterclass Demo

Why You Need E5 C.A.M.P

1. Generate New Customers Sales, Every Day!

No more zero sales days or sporadic new customers. Now, you’ll have an evergreen marketing campaign that brings you new customer sales, every day. Consistently. Predictably. That you can bank on.

2. Create “Buying Demand” For Your Offer… Without Hardcore Selling!

Forget the obnoxious hype and exaggerated claims. Now, you’ll have a message which creates excitement, hope, and an eagerness to buy within your prospects. Without having to use any of the common aggressive “sales funnel” tactics or trickery.

3. Turn Prospects Into RAVING Fans That Buy!

Experience sky-high sales conversions… with a marketing message prospects value & appreciate. One that positions you as an authority, builds trust, and creates goodwill.

4. Get Attention For Your Marketing… Even In A Crowded Market!

Operating in a saturated and competitive market? Now, your marketing will stand-out & create engagement. So your emails get opened, your ads get clicked, and you get the leads and sales!

5. Scale Cold Traffic, FAST & Profitably!

Never struggle again to get traffic. Now, you can scale your flow of leads and new customers as big and as quickly as you’d like. Just turn it on… and watch.

E5 CAMP Masterclass ED DALE

E5 CAMP Masterclass Marissa

You Get

Here’s what you get with your enrollment in the E5 CAMP today:

1. The Entire E5 Training Suite

  • 8 modules walk you start-to-finish through building your own high converting E5 campaign
  • 30 video lessons make it easy to follow step-by-step, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just getting started
  • Implementation worksheets save you time and simplify the entire process for you
  • Conveniently delivered over a 6-week program so you stay on track and get the results you want

2. 6-Week E5 CAMP Group Coaching

  • Live weekly calls with Todd himself where you have direct access to ask Todd about any business and marketing questions you have
  • On these live coaching calls, Todd will be treating your business and marketing campaign as if it was his own, giving you the expert advice and direction you need to rapidly grow your business

3. Personal Implementation Feedback & Direction From E5 Faculty

  • Any time during your 6 week class submit any of the engineering pieces of your new E5 campaign for review, critique and approval by E5 CAMP’s trained E5 faculty.
  • You never have to wonder whether you’re on track. Because Todd’s personal team will be on hand, and ready for you, to make sure your new E5 campaign is spot-on and totally dialed.

4. Lifetime Access To The E5 CAMP Community

  • You will get access to E5 CAMP’s insider club of E5 marketers who assist and support one another in order to guide you in your journey.

5. Bonus #1 – Complete Campaign Swipe File & Dissection Bundle

E5 CAMP Bonus 1

This package is easily worth $4,997 itself. Because inside you’re getting access to 6 of my personal, real-world marketing campaigns that have generated over 8-figures in online sales.

  • You get all the pages, all the images, all the offers, and all the copy. This way you have the exact page templates and layouts I use in my own million-dollar-plus E5 campaigns you can model and swipe for your own campaigns.

This way you don’t have to worry about how to layout and format any of your campaign pages… you can just swipe mine!

  • You also get access to a behind-the-scenes view and dissection of 4 more of my E5 campaigns that have produced multiple millions of dollars.

You’ll see everything. You’ll see what I said, when I said it, why I said it in each of these campaigns… including how I developed the Unique Mechanisms and Big Ideas, all the psychological triggers used (and why), how I strung together the claims, promises, and proof.

  • Includes 12 video scripts, 8 slide-decks, 2 mind maps, and a long-form sales letter dissected and ready for you to model and swipe.
  • Discover how and why I structured the offers the way I did, why I used the bonuses I selected, the follow-up sequences and emails, the ads I ran, even the videos and graphics used.

Including your own unedited copies of the video scripts and video slide-decks that you can model for your own campaign.

Like I said, this package is easily worth $5,000 itself. With your enrollment in the E5 CAMP Masterclass today, you get it FREE!

6. Bonus #2 – Todd’s Private Complete Email Sequence Swipe File

E5 CAMP Bonus 2

Inside you’ll find 15 different and complete email sequences you can swipe, model, and use in your own E5 campaign and any additional campaigns you have or set-up.

And these aren’t just some templates thrown together. These are email sequences I personally wrote and used inside of real E5 campaigns.

So, with your copy of the Complete Email Sequence Swipe File, you never have to worry about staring at a blank page or what to say or how to say it in any of your campaign emails.

Because you now have 15 complete email sequences you can swipe and deploy.

If you were to pay someone to create this volume of emails and sequences for you, even a C-Level copywriter would charge you at least several hundred dollars just for a single email, if not more.

With your enrollment in the E5 CAMP Masterclass today, you get it FREE!

7. Bonus #3 – The MFA Internal Traffic & Media Buying Video Manifesto

E5 CAMP Bonus 3

Never shared publicly before. You get access to a private, internal video manifesto from the COO of my company, Damian Lanfranchi, breaking down our company’s entire traffic generation approach from beginning to end.

You’ll see right away, the way we approach and generate traffic is very different from what most average marketers are trying to do.

And this this isn’t just some training on traffic generation…

  • Discover how we scaled our traffic from just $30 bucks a day to tens of thousands of dollars in new traffic, daily visitors, and customers.
  • Complete behind-the-scenes view of how we approach traffic generation, select channels, design campaigns, choose audiences, set our budgets, review our metrics, and more.
  • And because it was recorded as an internal debrief for our leadership team, you won’t find any fluff or hype or bogus tactics in here

And when you’re done watching this, you’ll have everything you need to successfully and profitably scale your new E5 C.AM.P. campaigns using paid traffic to get even more new customer sales.

The E5 CAMP MasterClass

E5 CAMP Membership

Module One: Examine – Part 1

  • Lesson #1: Conducting The Prospect Analysis
  • Lesson #2: Conducting The Product Analysis
  • Lesson #3: Conducting The Competitive Analysis

Module Two: Examine – Part 2

  • Lesson #4: Conducting The Promise Exposure Spectrum Analysis
  • Lesson #5: Conducting The Prospect Awareness Pyramid Analysis
  • Lesson #6: Creating The Three Dimensional Prospect Profile

Module Three: Engineer – Part 1

  • Lesson #7: Your Engineering Tools
  • Lesson #8: Engineering The Perfect Customer-Generating Product
  • Lesson #9: Engineering The Perfect Offer
  • Lesson #10: Engineering The Perfect Marketing Funnel Thesis
  • Lesson #11: Engineering The Perfect Big Idea

Module Four: Engineer – Part 2

  • Lesson #12: Flawless Funnel Copywriting
  • Lesson #13: Engineering The Perfect Headline & Lead
  • Lesson #14: Engineering The Perfect Marketing Message

Module Five: Engineer – Part 3

  • Lesson #15: Engineering The Perfect Minimum Viable Funnel
  • Lesson #16: Engineering The Perfect Lead Capture Page
  • Lesson #17: Engineering The Perfect Marketing/Sales Page
  • Lesson #18: Engineering The Perfect Order Form

Module Six: Evaluate

  • Lesson #19: Testing Your Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)
  • Lesson #20: Understanding Your MVF Response

Module Seven: Enhance

  • Lesson #21: Enhancing With The Perfect Upsell Sequence
  • Lesson #22: Enhancing With The Perfect Follow-Up Sequence
  • Lesson #23: Enhance Overall Conversion
  • Lesson #24: Setting-Up The Perfect Testing

Module Eight: Expand

  • Lesson #25: Expanding Your Level Of Acquisition Aggression
  • Lesson #26: Expanding With Competitive Analysis
  • Lesson #27: Expanding With The Perfect Tracking Set-Up
  • Lesson #28: Expanding Your Acquisition With B.A.C.O.
  • Lesson #29: Expanding With The Perfect Metrics Reporting
  • Lesson #30: Expanding Through Your Backend

E5 CAMP Masterclass Case-Study Video

If you haven’t checked-out these Case Studies, these are well worth a few minutes of your time as well:

Case-Study Video Begins at: 33:05

  • CASE STUDY #1 (RORY STERN): “From Wanna-Be Entrepreneur To 7 Figures!”

E5 CAMP Case-Study 1

  • CASE STUDY #2 (KEVIN DASILVA): “Broke… To Living Like A Rockstar in Miami!”

E5 CAMP Case-Study 2

E5 CAMP Explained Video #1

E5 CAMP Explained Video #2

E5 CAMP Explained Video #3

My Personal Exclusive “E5 CAMP Masterclass” Bonus

(High-quality and closely related to “E5 CAMP” System)

  • Bonus #1: Sales Funnel Explosion – Learn how to maximize each visitor and customer by creating a sales funnel that can double or triple your conversions and revenue!
  • Bonus #2: Sales Funnel Authority Video Series – Discover the secrets to creating a sales funnel that turns leads into high-ticket customers. And the steps that successful businesses, entrepreneurs and brands use to convert visitors into customers!
  • Bonus #3: Apply Content Strategy to Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel – How to apply content strategy to each stage of your sales funnel. Clever content can lead, influence, encourage, reassure, promote, inform, and nudge your customers at every stage of the funnel. Learn how to build the most effective content marketing sales funnel!
  • Bonus #4: Easy Copywriter Software – Software gives you over 1000+ of the best fill-in-the-blank swipes you can instantly use for your internet marketing!
  • Bonus #5: Salespage Writer Software
  • Bonus #6: Master Conversion Hotspot – How to find the HOT spots in internet marketing!
  • Bonus #7: Find HOT spots in Marketing – How to locate hot spots in Internet marketing topics in a methodical way that anyone can follow.
  • Bonus #8: 524 FB Interests Lists
  • Bonus #9: FB Hot Content Seeker
  • Bonus #10: The 50 FB Ad Templates – Edit text, color, images and what wver to your needs! You can use it with Keynote or Powerpoint.
  • Bonus #11: The FB Targeting Cheat Sheet – All of Facebook’s targeting options in one EPIC cheat sheet! Use in conjunction with customer worksheet and FB sds manager.
  • Bonus #12: 100 AutoResponder Marketing Emails Swipe
  • Bonus #13: 100+ Proven Autoresponder Messages
  • Bonus #14: 49 Internet Marketing Promo Emails
  • Bonus #15: 70 IM Sales Letters Swipes

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Simply contact me, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/contact-me/

E5 CAMP Masterclass Chaunna and Justin Brooke

E5 CAMP Masterclass Andre Chaperon

E5 CAMP MasterClass Guarantee

A full 30 days 100% money back guarantee:

You have a full 30 DAYS to see if E5 CAMP Masterclass is right for you. If you try it out and decide it’s not for you, just let them know and they’ll gladly give you a FULL REFUND!

E5 CAMP Masterclass Matt Bacak

E5 CAMP Masterclass David Abrams

E5 CAMP MasterClass – Questions Answered

Why is this program different than any other program?

The E5 CAMP Masterclass teaches you how to market ANY product or service in ANY niche or marketplace. It is a comprehensive course on understanding your prospects wants/needs, and creating a deep desire for your product or service before ever even mentioning it to your prospect. Most other courses teach you how to SELL using short-lived sneaky sales tactics for a specific type of marketing channel, whereas the E5 CAMP Masterclass teaches you how to leverage the desire that is already within your market, and turn those desires into buyers without ever selling.

Will this work with ANY specific Niche or market?

Awesome Question! It doesn’t matter if you are selling mattresses or Ninja swords, or cooking classes… the E5 Framework is designed to ignite a buying desire from your prospect that gets them to say YES to whatever it is you are selling. It works in ANY market, with ANY niche.

What if I am new and I don’t have a product yet?

VERY good question! If you do not have a product to sell, but you are planning on having something to sell in the future, then E5 CAMP is for you. Even if you are not sure exactly what product to be selling, E5 will guide you in uncovering your prospect’s biggest needs, wants and desires- as opposed to creating a product just for product creations sake.

This sounds complicated, is it difficult to do?

There is nothing more essential to the success of your business and nothing that will change your life and income more than the ability to consistently get new customer sales. And if it was easy, everyone would have 6 and 7 figures businesses. It is going to take some work on your part. The unique thing is you will be following in Todd’s proven path and have Todd and his team with you every step. With the E5 C.A.M.P. method, anyone willing to do the work can start getting the new customer sales you want and need to have a thriving business!

What if I sell high-ticket coaching programs.. will this still work?

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you are selling a simple entry-level product, or a high-ticket coaching program, the E5 CAMP system takes the desires that already exist in your marketplace and leverage them so that your prospect says YES to you when you ask them to buy. We have many students who sell coaching programs over 5 figures and do very well because of the E5 Framework.

Will this work with Physical Products?

The E5 CAMP works with anything you are attempting to sell online or otherwise. It is a system based upon the desires and needs of your marketplace or niche, and uses those desires and needs to get the prospect to make a buying decision.

How and where should I build my website?

Great Question! You are probably asking this question because there are a lot of different website builders out there, and we like to say that we are tool agnostic. What that means is that our E% Framework works with any of the page building systems out there. As long as you can create a message, our framework works with it.

Where do I get traffic for my business?

With so many traffic sources available today like Facebook, Instagram, Google display ad’s, etc… it really doesn’t matter where you get your traffic from just as long as you are able to target your specific audience- which you can do in all of the examples I just mentioned. The E5 CAMP Masterclass focuses on getting your traffic to convert into a buyer. THAT is the most critical piece of the puzzle.

What if I miss one of the live coaching sessions?

If you miss one of the coaching sessions due to a pre-scheduled event or even something like an emergency (we know things come up all the time) it’s OK! All sessions are pre-recorded, and if you have a specific question it can be answered either on the following call, or in the secret Facebook group, where our team is ultra-responsive.

Who does the critiques?

We have a highly-responsive team with specific specialties for each one of the E5 core competencies. Our team is all versed in Todd’s E5 framework, and you will be getting responses from our entire team, including Todd!

E5 CAMP Masterclass Sean Donahoe

E5 CAMP Masterclass Curt Maly


Here’s recap of everything you get with the E5 C.A.M.P. masterclass TODAY:

  • Access to the masterclass modules
  • 6 weeks of access to the E5 faculty
  • 12 months of access to the E5 community
  • The complete campaign swipe file
  • The ultimate email sequence swipe file
  • The private MFA traffic training

My Thoughts

It’s the marketing method used and taught by Todd Brown, the guy the other marketing experts go to when they need help with their own campaigns.

And it’s completely different from the common sales funnel models and strategies being taught right now.

Todd’s method not only works to generate consistent and reliable new customer sales.

You’ll likely also experience a new customer BUYING FRENZY when you use his method. That’s what others are reporting.

Todd normally charges $12,500 for a single day of consulting to teach this method. And he requires folks to fly-in to West Palm Beach, Florida to learn it.

But, for the next few days you can get FREE access to a special public training which lays-out his E5 C.A.M.P. Method. And, believe me… you want it.

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my E5 CAMP review & training tutorial.

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