CPA vs Affiliate Marketing – Which One Should You Use?

CPA vs Affiliate Marketing - Which One Should You Use

So, the debate between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is often one that comes down to the simple choice of which you should use to make money.

Which is easier? Which earns you more?

The fact is, there are so many affiliates and so many CPA networks out there, with so many products and so many offers to pick through, that it’s impossible to recommend any one system, network or product above all others.

A few examples of affiliate networks are:

A few examples of CPA networks are:

Even the best high-converting offer earns you nothing if your site is terrible and you can’t sell.

Conversely, you can make a ton of money out of bland, low-commission offers with a great site and sub-niches.

Here’s the thing; you can do both. In fact, you very likely should do both.

If you design your site properly, and you integrate your ads into your content with appropriate disclosure, you can do very well.

Someone coming to your site might be looking for something somewhat related to the products you offer.

If you’re limited to just affiliate marketing, you lose the conversion, because the items you have on offer aren’t exactly what the user wants.

If you have a few CPA offers scattered throughout, however, then the user can contact various sellers to ask about a product that meets their needs. Rather than a bounce, you get paid for a lead.

One benefit of affiliate marketing is the lack of human contact necessary to be successful.

I can easily write dozens of blog posts with affiliate links peppered in, and make money from people clicking through.

On the other hand, you can be successful with CPA without a website.

You can run successful CPA ads on a blog, for example, without needing a landing page between the user and the seller.

You just need to know your audience, know your niche, and have plenty to invest on ads and retargeting.

When you bring both methods together, that’s when money-making harmony sings.

Design a nice site in a good niche, run CPA offers and affiliate links, and make money from a dozen different sources at once.

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Talk soon,

Leo Reynolds

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