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Connect Explore Review

Welcome to my Connect Explore review & software tutorials.

[Last Updated] Tuesday, June 13, 2017 (EST)

How to Find HIDDEN Audiences 95% of Marketers Miss…


For the last 6-8 months, me and our team has been ramping up our Facebook Ads (you’ve probably seen them or even clicked on a few) – pushing all types of Lead and Sales Funnels.


Anyways – while your Ad Design, Bidding, Ad Type are all important – you want to know what has the most impact?




Seriously, once you can narrow in on the right audience… WOW… it’s like free money.


It’s just connecting the dots. Taking a passionate buyer and exposing them to our offer.


However 95% of marketers fail to find the correct audiences


Why? It’s simple.


Facebook only provides you with limited information. They give you only a fraction of the audience targets that you can use to serve your ads too.


Which is why we use this tool to find the audiences everyone else is missing…


Gem after gem – we can find all of those hyper focused groups of a thousand or couple thousand – which is small in terms of targeting – but who are raving fans around a specific topic.


That’s who we all want, right?


We want the people who live and breathe our niche!


That’s what Connect Explorer does.

  • Uncovers targetable interests other tools can’t
  • Eliminates interest split testing
  • Optimizes your ad sets with 1 click
  • Saves you hours of time (and lots of money) from going after the wrong interests

So go and see how Connect Explorer can do what it current does for our Facebook Marketing efforts.


It’s a MUST have for every marketer. It pays for itself after your first ad is live.


You’ll see what I mean, when you watch this


To your online success,


Leo Reynolds

[Last Updated] Sunday, January 8, 2017 (EST)

Connect Explore – Q & A + Bonuses


Hey there,


Already we’ve had many people take up this offer, who have therefore locked in their account at this low rate & claimed the added extras we offered.


Fortunately, for those who haven’t there’s still a chance to get in.


Here’s the demo + added extras


Since there were also a lot of various questions as well, I figured it would be best to send out a quick “Q&A”.


Q: What is ConnectExplore?


A: It’s a cloud-based platform that takes the guesswork out of interest-based Facebook Ad targeting, so you can get more results while spending less. Some of the things it does:

  • Uncovers interests other tools can’t (the most powerful search engine I’ve seen so far).
  • Eliminates interest split testing (it breaks down your FB stats on an interest-per-interest basis)
  • Optimizes your ad sets with 1 click (immediately remove non-performing interests so your ads will improve over time)
  • Saves you hours of time (and lots of money) from going after the wrong interests

I recommend to check out the demo to see exactly what’s under the hood.


Q: Is it easy to use?


A: It’s super easy to use, actually (surprisingly even, they did a great job!). They’ve made it super intuitive and something I’d happily use on a daily basis.


Q: Does the interest-per-interest breakdown work on my existing ads as well?


Yes, even for the FB Ads you’ve created yourself (without any help of ConnectExplore) you can break down the statistics on an interest-per-interest basis, so you can see exactly how each of your targeting interests are performing.


Q: Is this tool approved by Facebook?


A: Yes, all Connectio products are 100% approved by Facebook. In fact, one of their tools is actually recommended by Facebook themselves.


Q: What is the ConnectSuite bonus exactly?


A: Wilco and his team have created various cutting edge Facebook Ads tools (it’s an official bonuses not mine), which they’ve all included in their suite of products called ConnectSuite. When you purchase ConnectExplore, you’ll automatically get a free 30-day trial of ConnectSuite to try out. Don’t worry though, you’re not locked in any way! You can simply cancel the trial at any point in time, and you’ll keep your lifetime access of ConnectExplore.


Q: Is training included?


A: Yes, of course! You’ll get clear video instructions (not that you’d need it, but just in case). There’s also a rock-solid support team behind this in case you’ve got questions.


Q: Is there a guarantee?


A: Of course there is! There is a 30 day refund guarantee. Just give it a go and try it out for 30 days. In case it’s not what you expected, just send Wilco a message within 30 days. He’ll then personally send your money back, no problem at all (and we’ll still be friends).


Q: When does the special offer end?


A: We’re closing the special offer on Monday-night (midnight ET/NY).


Take a look at the bonuses (below are my personal bonuses).

  1. WP Scarcity Plus
  2. UberOptin
  3. The “Email List Maximizer” Formula
  4. The “Facebook Powerhouse” Formula
  5. The “Retargeting Conversions” Blueprint
  6. Smart Funnel Blueprint
  7. Facebook Recurring Mastery
  8. Build Strong Relationships With Your List
  9. List Authority ? The Ultimate Game Plan
  10. List Building ? Pitfalls Revealed
  11. List Cleaning from A to Z
  12. 100+ Proven Autoresponder Messages

Get in now before the lifetime licences are gone Click Here


Only If you want the epidemy of Facebook Marketing.





[Last Updated] Wednesday, January 4, 2017 (EST)

Connect Explore – Now it’s LIVE!


What does it do?


Connect Explore is a new cloud based software that helps you to save time when finding ‘Facebook users’ to advertise to.


It does it by allowing you to more effectively target your audience with two main options:


Option #1: Audience Search


This is the fastest of the two search engines.


It allows you to search by keyword and presents you with other keywords you can also search for at the same time.


You can then search based on a range of different extensions such as:


Associations, Academy, University and more…


Or you could even create your own extensions to search by.


Option #2: Page Search


This is the second way you can search with the software.


It allows you to search through different ‘pages’ on Facebook to find ‘related pages’ that you can target.


Do you know a page your audience might be a fan of?


The software will find that page based on your search and you can target that audience.


It doesn’t stop there though.


It finds all of the pages that your chosen page is a fan of and allows you to target those pages as well.


This feature allows you to find more of your audience to target and target your audience more effectively over Facebook.


The software also includes:


It also includes a ‘Breakdown’ feature that tracks the effectiveness of your campaign ‘interests’.


This software also works with all types of languages so if you are marketing to another language thats not english this software will support it.


Who is it for?


If you’re doing any kind of advertising over Facebook and you don’t want to spend hours looking for interests or people to target over Facebook then this is for you.


The key to a successful and profitable Facebook advertising campaign is your ‘targeting’.


This software is going to give you a range of different and new ways of more effectively finding and then targeting your audience.


Get in now before the lifetime licences are gone Click Here

Software finds HIDDEN Interests + ANALYZES which ones to kill or scale!

Facebook Software Finds Hidden Interests Your Competition Doesn’t Know Exist

The most innovative and amazing FB ads related software I have had the pleasure of using in a LONG time.

No more “guesswork” when targeting interests in FB ads.

No more ‘Split Testing’ ad sets..

No more spending big money on ADS without knowing what will happen.

Buy Connect Explore

This thing of beauty called “Connect Explore” is going live in a days and I, as usual, have prepared an Interview with the creator, an honest review & a HUGE bnus package for you.

Thousands of people are competing for the same Interests like you right now…

This allows you to find hidden high profit low competition keywords…

90% of your Interests are underperforming in your ads and only 10% are actually buying/clicking…

You could never know which until Connect Explore…

Connect Explore Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Wilco de Kreij
  • Product Name: ConnectExplore
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jan-04
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $97
  • Niche: Social Media, Facebook, Software
  • Affiliate Network: Zaxaa
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Official Site: Launch Pricing Discount Click Here

What is Connect Explore?

Connect Explore puts interest-based targeting at Facebook… on steroids.

Connect Explore Demo

Just to name a few things…

1. Find Hidden Interests

ConnectExplore finds more hidden interests to target than any other tool could. Includes easy filtering, works in any language and only shows usable results.

2. Hyper-Targeting

Easily add your interests to your Facebook Ads account with a single click, while being able to hyper-target your audience using automated layering. No more copy-pasting!

3. Interest Analytics

See which interests are working for you by breaking down your Facebook Ads statistics on an interest-per-interest basis. No more split-testing!

Connect Explore have been been featured on:

Connect Explore Membership

Who Can Benefit From ConnectExplore?

1. CPA Marketers

Get more targeted traffic to your offers for less ad spend and bigger profits.

2. Affiliate Marketers

Target buyers your competition is ignoring for an unfair advantage. Adding layering uncovers raging niche fans . . . scale up your offers fast.

3. List Builders

Get more leads for less money by optimizing your ad sets with ConnectExplore.

4. Local marketing consultants

Each local businesses owners like never before. Perfect for those wanting to enter lucrative foreign markets as well.

5. eCommerce Marketers

Get more sales with less ad spend. Find interests you never knew your customers had . . . gives you tons of ideas for new hot selling products to stock in your stores

6. Social Media Marketers

Your competition will never know how you are getting so many leads and sales. They’ll wonder what the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal is!

Connect Explore Software

Connect Explore Download

How Connect Explore Work?

Connect Explore is our brand new tool to uncover the most profitable Facebook interests to target..

It works its magic in 4 simple steps:

1. Discovery

Find interests to target, many of which are simply unavailable to your competition.

2. Filter

Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, keenly engaged in your offers.

3. Target

Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI.

4. Analyze & Scale

Measure which interests are working best. Your ads perform at the highest level, putting money back into your pocket.

Connect Explore Facebook Software Finds Hidden Interests

The Interest Targeting Tool Facebook Marketers Need Right Now…

Connect Explore built an interest gathering and analytics tool for Facebook unlike ANY other on the market.

This advanced (yet simple-to-use) tool:

  1. Pre-qualifies every interest as highly relevant for the keywords a user enters
  2. Shows instant performance metrics of each & every interest – without any guesswork or complicated split testing
  3. Finds untapped interests other tools can’t access – giving you a one-sided advantage over your competition
  4. Adds interests directly to your ad manager in a single click – without any cutting and pasting (massive time savings)
  5. Includes interest ‘layering’ in your targeting options… (more on how layering significantly increases your conversions soon)
  6. Doesn’t need any outside tracking tools to measure results (which are a pain to set up)

In short, this tool FINDS targeted audiences that are hidden from your competition, RATES those audiences for profitability, & helps you serve PRECISE ads for maximum ROI.

At last, our new targeting and analytics tool was ready to be put to the test.

Connect Explore Case Study

Beta Tester Makes Jaw-Dropping $2838 Net Profit In 7 Days Flat.

While we were confident would see great results … our team couldn’t believe the actual numbers:

Connect Explore Tutorial Case Study

Connect Explore Explained Video

Connect Explore Demo & Case-Study Video

My Connect Explore Bonus (High-quality and closely related to Connect Explore)

Bonus #1: WP Scarcity Plus

Bonus #1 WP Scarcity Plus

Improve your conversions even further by adding powerful countdown timers to your WordPress pages & funnels using this easy to use WordPress plugin!

Bonus #2: UberOptin

Bonus #2 UberOptin

Once you’ve retargeted someone, use the UberOptin WordPress plugin to get them to opt-in to your email subscriber list so you can get them into your funnels over and over.

Bonus #3: The “Email List Maximizer” Formula

Bonus #3 The “Email List Maximizer” Formular

This guide will teach you how to build stronger bonds, instill stronger credibility and increase your opt-in list response with relative ease!

Bonus #4: The “Facebook Powerhouse” Formula

Bonus #4 The “Facebook Powerhouse” Formula

Discover how to finally drive huge traffic from Facebook! This guide is filled with tips and ideas that will allow you to take your Facebook game to the next level.

Bonus #5: The “Retargeting Conversions” Blueprint

Bonus #5 The “Retargeting Conversions” Blueprint

This video training will teach you all there is to know of retargeting. A must-have course to increase your conversions!

Bonus #6: Smart Funnel Blueprint

Bonus #6 Smart Funnel Blueprint

In this 9-part video series, you’ll learn how to properly set up smart sales funnel so you can sift the serious buyers from the non-serious buyers – so you will maximize the results from your retargeting campaigns!

Bonus #7: Facebook Recurring Mastery

Bonus #7 Facebook Recurring Mastery

Recurring revenue is the holy grail of online business. This course teaches you how to create a recurring revenue stream using the power of… Facebook Groups!

Bonus #8: Build Strong Relationships With Your List

Bonus #8 Build Strong Relationships With Your List

They say the money is in the list ? but it’s not. The money is in the relationship with your list. That’s why it’s important to work on a strong relationship with your list for maximum long-term profits.

Bonus #9: List Authority ? The Ultimate Game Plan

Bonus #9 List Authority – The Ultimate Game Plan

This ebook will teach you the exact game plan top marketers use – all the way from the core basics… up to monetization strategies, smart follow-up sequencing and more.

Bonus #10: List Building ? Pitfalls Revealed

Bonus #10 List Building – Pitfalls Revealed

When it comes to email marketing there are MANY mistakes you can make… which is what we’d like to prevent. This ebook will show you all $1000 mistakes people make, and teaches you how to prevent them.

Bonus #11: List Cleaning from A to Z

Bonus #11 List Cleaning from A to Z

Discover how to maintain high response rates by effectively cleaning your lists… without cleaning too much! This specific video course was designed so you can watch step-by-step, click by click, what you need to do to ensure you are able to successfully and effectively maintain your email list the right way.

Bonus #12: 100+ Proven Autoresponder Messages

Bonus #12 100+ proven autoresponder messages

Setting up autoresponder sequences are the most effective way to leverage your email list. That’s why you’ll even get 100+ proven and tested autoresponder messages for the marketing-niche that you can queue up in your autoresponder right away, without doing all the hard work yourself!

How To Claim Your Bonuses?

Contact me with your receipt, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours:

Connect Explore Discount

There’s an “Early Adopter Lifetime Special” pricing is currently going on!

The early bird discount is activated, you can get it at the lowest price ever, so, claim your extremely discounted early price right now. This exclusive offer won’t last long!

Connect Explore Guarantee

Connect Explore Guarantee

30 day test drive (free return if you are not 100% satisfied): Connect Explore do a full 30-days no question asked money back guarantee.

ConnectExplore – Questions Answered

Is ConnectExplore (and the ConnectSuite) compatible with my Mac?

All the products in the ConnectSuite (including ConnectExplore) are 100% cloud-based. There are no compatibility issues with any operating system, and nothing to download. Simply login, and get started right away.

I already have some ad sets set up. Will I be able to optimize them with ConnectExplore?

Absolutely! You can optimize any of your ad sets with ConnectExplore, even if you created them previously.

Connect Explore Facebook Software

Which languages are supported by ConnectExplore?

Currently, ConnectExplore supports 43 languages. Just a few of the major languages supported are: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (China, Taiwan & Hong Kong dialects all supported), Portuguese and Japanese . . . along with many other Asian, European and African languages.

What makes ConnectExplore different from other targeting tools on the market?

The biggest difference is that ConnectExplore integrates fully with Facebook’s Ad API. Only a handful of companies are extended this privilege by Facebook after passing stringent requirements. This means we are able to access data others can’t.

It allows us to perform deeper searches than our competitors and access in-depth analytics. In addition, it means ConnectExplore can connect directly with your ad manager. (You’ll be able to add your ConnectExplore interests to your ad manager without any cutting and pasting ? saving you tons of time & effort.)

Get Connect Explore

I’m skeptical about getting a free trial for ConnectSuite. Will my credit card be automatically charged?

As long as you let us know you’d like to cancel before the 30 day trial period has passed, you won’t be charged a thing.There’s no contract cancel at any time without penalty. If we don’t hear from you, in 30 days you’ll be charged $97 per month. This is big savings over paying for the tools inside ConnectSuite individually.

What if I decide I don’t want the Suite? Will I lose access to ConnectExplore?

You’ll keep lifetime access to ConnectExplore, even if you cancel your ConnectSuite trial. The only time you would lose access to both ConnectExplore and the ConnectSuite would be in the event you ask for a refund on ConnectExplore.

Connect Explore Suite

If I decide I don’t want ConnectExplore, can I still keep my 30-day free access to the ConnectSuite trial?

Sorry. The trial is only for purchasers of ConnectExplore. If you refund your purchase, you will lose access to ConnectSuite.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

ConnectExplore has a risk-free, 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I’m not very technical. Will I still be able to use ConnectExplore and the tools in the Suite?

Even if you’re brand-new to Facebook marketing, there’s a comprehensive video training library which will walk you through setting up each and every tool inside the ConnectSuite. And if you get stuck at any point, our support desk will be happy to assist you at any time.

Connect Explore Creator

Final Thoughts

This software is created as part of the ‘Connectio’ Suite.

It’s high quality, easy to use and the training that comes with it is very informative.

I really like this software and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their Facebook Ads campaigns.

This will be an effective tool to use in your business or with clients.

More than half the battle as an affiliate marketer using Facebook for traffic is finding the right Interests to target. Get it right? Make profits hand-over-fist.

Get it wrong? Bleed red ink and go in the hole.

What if you could guarantee you’re targeting the right interests?

Facebook advertising CAN be a real money maker.

Unfortunately, all too often it’s NOT. The reason why is it’s so difficult to find the right interests to target.

Right now, it involves way too much guesswork. You won’t know if you’ve hit the right targets without:

  • Complicated split testing
  • Pouring a lot of money down the drain trying to get it right

What if you could eliminate all the hassle . . . and know you’re targeting the right interests, every time?

You’ll get a 30-day free trial to all of his innovative FB tools with your purchase of Connect Explore . . . but hurry, this offer won’t be around for long.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Connect Explore review & software tutorials.

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