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Welcome to my Clixplit review & software tutorial. Now You Can Tweak Any Link in Seconds to Maximize Visitor Clicks by A Factor of Two, Three or Even FOUR!” How Does Double, Triple or Quadruple the Attention to Your Income Streams Sound? (from the same amount of traffic you currently receive…)

You just witnessed first-of-its-kind tech that sends your traffic to two pages at the same time.

  • Each page will receive the same amount of clicks.
  • Both pages will get equal attention.
  • Even on mobile.

Is it magic? Nope. Just a Powerfully Simple WordPress Plugin that sends your traffic to two separate pages at the same time.

Clixplit Review – Launch Overview

  • Vendor: Travis Morgan
  • Product Name: Clixplit for WP
  • Launch Date: 2016-Nov-07
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $17-$67
  • Niche: Software, WordPress Plugin
  • Affiliate Network: Warrior Plus
  • Delivery Period: Immediate Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Official Site: Clixplit Discount $10 OFF Click Here

Clixplit Assists You In Effortlessly Maximizing Visitor Clicks by Up To 300%. That means 3x the attention to any of your business’ most important web properties.

And that’s WITHOUT the use of:

  • Obnoxious Popups
  • Obsolete Popunders
  • Invasive Slide-In Ads
  • Confusing Interstitials
  • Distracting Overlays
  • Ineffective Footer Ads
  • Or any other Engagement-Killing “strategy.”

In the past, maximizing clicks meant implementing these non-pleasant gimmicks that only ended up turning your visitors away from otherwise valuable content. It wasn’t streamlined and it definitely wasn’t user-friendly.

Think for a moment.

Which of your web properties could stand to get some more attention right now?

You’ve got stuff that needs eyeballs. And you’re working hard to get visitors you need to see the pages that matter most to your business… pages like:

  • Squeeze pages
  • articles
  • videos
  • reviews
  • sales pages
  • Blog posts
  • affiliate links
  • cpa offers
  • opt-in forms
  • Order pages
  • etc.

Or maybe you’re a solo ad vendor who depends on funnel clicks, click banking or traffic arbitrage to keep your business flowing smoothly. Whoever you are, if you rely on traffic for your business, Clixplit will increase the value your traffic brings.

A POWERFUL Opportunity is MISSED Every Time Someone Clicks a Link On Your Site.

But don’t feel bad, because up until now, for lack of technical know-how or market innovation, only the most tech-savvy internet entrepreneurs and website owners have been able to tap into this opportunity.


It has been widely missed by web-preneurs such as yourself because it involves a knowledge of programming that quite frankly, 99% of marketers are unaware of, much less prepared to utilize for themselves.

But now, you are about to tap into a piece of little known internet tech… The same tech that, until recently, has only been available to those with development teams and technical expertise…

And once you do, you’ll have the power to:

Effortlessly Double or triple the exposure to pages that matter most to your business.

This simple trick relies on a unique, strategic tweak to your hyperlinks that optimizes user engagement with your links.

When used properly, this “trick” is so simple and covert, many visitors will have no idea you’re even using it, which is great news for your user experience because you’ll be maximizing clicks while keeping it classy.

Not only do Ad Blockers have zero impact on this “click trick,” but its seamless execution means your visitors will see no need for one.

And in case it needs saying, this is all WITHOUT the need to:

  • be a skilled programmer
  • mess around with confusing code
  • open the scary “guts” of your website
  • risk messing up your page formatting
  • spend time learning a new skill
  • do anything other than point and click

I’ll explain how everything works shortly. (hint: it’s super simple, smooth and clean, and takes just seconds)

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here…

You don’t even know who I am or… Why I am certain you will benefit from this deceptively simple 10-second trick.

clixplit-plugin-creator-travis-morganHello, I’m Travis Morgan…

First off, I want to make this quick because as we speak, your website is hemorrhaging (profusely bleeding) highly-valued “clickortunities” (click opportunities). And the more rapidly we plug that hole, the better.


I’ve always been an innovator.

I got my start online in 2009 when I started creating graphics for businesses of all sorts. This inevitably led to me learning how to grow my own business and income.

From then on, whatever I got involved with, I would always find a way to create an advantageous twist and then share it with those looking to improve their marketing game.

Some of the first hacks I discovered were unique innovations for marketing strategies that already existed, such as Facebook marketing, traffic conversion, video SEO and CPA marketing.

“From Facebook Ads, SEO and Traffic, to Email Marketing, CPA and Conversions”

With all of the above, I merely added a small “tweak” to make it easier and more effective for both myself and others new to the industry to finally start seeing some results.

During that time, I had the privilege of helping hundreds of individuals reach their marketing goals and bypass dangerous stumbling blocks in their online journey.

clixplit-customer-reviews-sarah-williamsHere are just a few kind words from some of my favorite customers and students over the years:

It’s one thing to work hard for my traffic, but to maximize the value I receive from that traffic is another thing entirely! The tact and classiness of this plugin increases my clicks by 200% on average while preventing loss of delicate engagement. Stoked Customer – Stoked, Inc.

Travis ROCKS…I’ve bought every one of his WSO’s and got an advanced review copy of this one… I’m actually going to buy it right after this writing this review. Because I always make easy profits with Travis’ stuff… And heck yes I’m telling my gang about this it’s totally awesome stuff that works. Get this it’s a steal.. Yours For Prosperity, Anthony Aires

As you can see, plenty of individuals have clearly benefited from several of the tweaks I’ve shared.

And from these experiences, I know that I’m about to share with you can improve so much about how we utilize the traffic we work so hard to receive.

We can all agree that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. That being said…

Right Now, Your Traffic Is Being SEVERELY Under-Utilized!

Whoever you are and whatever your goal happens to be online, there are, or are about to be, dozens, hundreds or thousands of people visiting your web properties, clicking on links.

Please, slap me if this is a falsehood. You won’t. Because you know it’s true!

At some point in this journey, you either already have, or are soon about to have traffic visiting your web properties.

Whether it’s through content marketing, paid advertisements, solo ads, your own subscriber base, blogging, auto blogging, arbitrage, SEO, you name it…

Receiving traffic is an inevitability for any online business serious about its results. Each visitor that hits your web property and clicks on something, opens up an opportunity for your most valued pages to be seen and get more attention.

This means…

Without Clixplit, Your Site is Leaking Visitor Value With Every Single Click!

Your site is leaking clicks.

And it has been happening right under your nose this entire time! Yes, for the entire life of your internet career, you’ve been missing out on much-needed attention to your most valued pages.

Whether they were articles, calls to action, internal SEO links, advertisements, “no thank you” links, images, downloads, links to videos, or anything else your visitors click on…

You’ve been losing at least half (50%) of your chances to:

  • Gain hungry subscribers
  • Snag a CPA commission
  • Make another sale
  • Send a click to an advertiser
  • Increase your CPM or PPC revenue
  • Spread awareness for your cause
  • Get attention to any other type of link

And up until now, with the exception of a very few elite who really know what they’re doing, these chances are completely missed. Every. Single. Time.

Every new page your visitors open is a new clickortunity. Even every time someone attempts to leave your website, there are more clickortunities. And all these clickortunities have been blissfully ignored under the assumption that “there’s nothing more I can do.”

But Clixplit exploits all these opportunities. And how little or how much you take advantage of them is completely up to you. Knowing this, my “tweaker past” and long-time goal to release powerful tools have intersected, and…

“My Latest “Tweak” Gets 3x More Attention to Your Business’ Most Valued Hyperlinks.”

…Without any coding or programming knowledge, technical hoo-hah or confusing mumbo-jumbo. Just a clean, point-and-click, 10-second routine.

And now, I want to share this brilliantly simplified click tweak… Which you can apply to any of your desired hyperlinks though our simple yet powerful new WordPress Plugin.

Introducing… CLIXPLIT

From here on out, maximizing visitor clicks is smooth, covert and practically undetectable. Plus, it’s super easy to do and takes just seconds.


Not to mention, it no longer scares your valued traffic away!

“How The Heck Does Clixplit Work?”

I’m going to show you in a moment. Until then, you can rest assured that Clixplit does not achieve its astounding results through any cheap parlor tricks others use like:

  • Magically inflating your page views with no real viewership
  • Tricking your database into showing a fake increase in clicks
  • Click-baiting your hyperlinks
  • Coercing your visitors into incentivized clicking
  • Unethical and dangerous Click-Jacking
  • Or any other sketchy and utterly useless digital gymnastics

Clixplit is a magic WordPress Plugin that exploits a hidden layer of traffic activity that every online entrepreneur has been missing out on for the life of their business.

The Core function of Clixplit gives you the power to insert any two URLs into a single hyperlink, so that whenever it receives a click, both pages open up for equal exposure.

The first page your viewer sees is entirely up to you.

Additionally, Clixplit will detect when someone is about to leave your page and quickly show them an alternative page of your choice right before they hit that dreaded “X.”

That’s without a popup alert message, which you can also implement if you wish.

“See With Your Own Eyes Why Clixplit is So Irreplaceably Powerful”


  • URL Enhancer
  • Exit Intent Detection
  • Exit Pop Alert
  • Mobile
  • Tutorials
  • Resources

Whether you’re a product creator, services vendor, content marketer, (auto)blogger, solo ad seller or buyer, CPA marketer, search engine marketer or even a traffic arbitrage tycoon, Clixplit will absolutely maximize the value you receive from your traffic.

Put plainly, any business that relies heavily on visitor clicks will benefit immensely from this powerfully simple WordPress Plugin. And last time we checked, that’s literally every online business.

Clixplit is especially for you if you’re involved in any of the following businesses:

  • Blogs,
  • Auto-Blogs,
  • Solo Ads,
  • Content Marketing,
  • CPA,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Traffic Arbitrage,
  • On-Site SEO,
  • Selling Advertising,
  • eCommerce,

And Yes, It Works On Mobile!

With 56% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices (as of feb 2016), we’d be silly not to have included mobile integration.

So not only will you be maximizing the value you receive from your desktop web traffic, you’ll also be getting the most out of all your mobile visitors too!

Everywhere your sites can be seen, Clixplit will be working hard to maximize the use of your visitors’ clicks. We simply do not want you to lose out on a single clickortunity with Clixplit.

“Here’s A Small Handful of The Businesses That Will Love Clixplit…”

For Solo Ad Buyers and Sellers:

You’ve got a Solo ad to send, a click banking gig to fulfill, or maybe even a funnel clicks campaign to provide. You want to send traffic to your click banking partner and to your offer at the same time.

In the past, this wasn’t possible without rotating the URLs and dividing it up into fractions of the original campaign size. Or maybe you have two customers and you want to send clicks to both of them with one single campaign so you can lower your prices to more competitive rates.

Now, you can do that. And they will both receive equal valued attention.

Add this tweak to your landing page and watch as your traffic is sent to both offers simultaneously, on their own legitimate web browser pages or tabs. It’s not split testing, and it doesn’t divide traffic.

100 clicks would quickly turn into 30 to 50 clicks instead. No good! But with Clixplit, if 100 people click through your landing page, both offers will receive 100 clicks.

For PPV Marketers:

Imagine you’re running a PPV campaign and you want to test a few offers on 1 visitor. In the past, we had to split test. This meant that every visitor only saw only ONE of several offers.

A better way to split test a few offers would be to show them all to each visitor. Well, now you can do that by having your landing page click through to a Clixplit-enhanced URL.

And when your visitor clicks through, they’ll see both offers, one at a time, on 2 separate pages.

For List Builders:

A popular method for building a list today is to send your traffic to an opt-in form and provide a free gift in exchange for their email address. If you’ve been doing that (hey, it simply works), you’ve been missing out on valuable clicks!!

Every time someone goes to download your freebie from that “thank you” page, you miss out on the chance to show them your “money page.” Sure, you might have banner ads and links that lead to your money page, but the one link you are certain will be clicked, is that download link.

Now with Clixplit, as soon as someone downloads your freebie, they will see your money page. Or any other page you desire. It’s really up to you how you want to use this powerful tool!

For (Auto)Bloggers & Content Marketers:

Perhaps you’re a content marketer, blogger, auto blogger or SEM and you want to capitalize on the clicks to and from your internal backlinks and other hyperlinks peppered throughout your content?

Now you don’t have to choose between a quality internal backlink and a valuable related affiliate offer or squeeze page. Linking to other articles, pages and media is now an opportunity to get more attention to your “money pages.”

Now, your article link will open up the article (as intended) and your desired alternate page simultaneously.

Imagine running a blog on dalmatian obedience training. You have a visitor that clicks on an internal link to an article entitled, “Easy Dalmatian Training 101.”

With Clixplit, you can send that visitor to the article, AND a related affiliate product all at the same time.

Now you’ve got a chance at a commission for that “Dalmatian Training for Newbies” course you’re promoting. And your visitor never had to click on a banner ad or call to action.

For Product Owners & Launch Businesses:

How awesome would it be to send your new customers to a thank you page while also snagging some attention on an up-sell? Or, you know that little “No Thank You” link at the bottom of your OTO pages? Have it open the product access page and show them your OTO down-sell simultaneously.

Now you don’t have to decide between showing them your final Down-Sell and giving them the product they have already purchased. Your customer will be happier, and they will still see the next offer in your funnel.

The options for product launches and Clixplit are manifold. You can do it however you want. Bonuses, download pages, OTO’s, related offers, you name it.

For eCommerce, eBay & AZon Entrepreneurs:

Virtually every link to an information page, article, gallery or product review can now increase your chances of having a multi-item checkout.

How powerful would it be if, when a customer clicks on a product review, they were not only shown the product review, but brought directly to your purchase page link? Or if you wanted, have a bundle page open up that includes more related items in a similar package to the individual item they had just clicked on?

Heck, you can have your visitors see a random YouTube video if you want. The way you decide to utilize Clixplit is entirely up to you! And there is no limit to what types of pages and links you can increase clicks to.

The Applications for This First-of-Its-Kind WordPress Plugin are Limitless.

And now you’re getting in on the ground floor of a whole new hyperlink ballgame.

It’s time you got in on this powerful yet simple technology that until now, has only been available to and utilized by some of the web’s most highly-trafficked sites.

If you’ve made it this far, surely you’re seeing how Clixplit can add tremendous value to your online business in many different ways. Your mind is likely already spinning with all the new and creative ways you can use Clixplit to maximize the value you receive from your hard-earned traffic.


What Will You GET from Clixplit?

When you invest in your copy of Clixplit today, you’re getting full access to the Clixplit Core WordPress Plugin which includes all of the following powerful features:

  1. The Clixplit Core URL Enhancer
  2. Clixplit Core Exit Detection & Redirect Technology
  3. Complementary Exit-Pop Alert Redirect
  4. The Clixplit Core Mobile URL Enhancer
  5. Clean intuitive user interface for ease of use
  6. No-brainer “one-click” URL enhancement options
  7. Easy Page/Post-Level Exit Redirect Options
  8. Quick & Easy New User Tutorials & Tips
  9. Seamlessly open 2 separate links simultaneously
  10. Choose any two links to open on a single click
  11. Designate which page I want a visitor to see first
  12. Multiply my visitor clicks by up to 300%
  13. Split test several offers on the same visitor
  14. Send 1 visitor to up to 4 different advertisers
  15. Gain the upper hand on my Click competitors
  16. Serve multiple clientele all at once
  17. Maximize attention on my funnel pages
  18. Add a new powerful factor to all my traffic campaigns
  19. Increase my website CPM and/or CPC
  20. Experiment with new Marketing Strategies
  21. Come up with my own covert use for Clixplit
  22. Suggest new features, report bugs and get support


  • Single: $17 – $27 (37% off) (One-Time Payment)  – All of the above features on a single site.
  • Multi: $37 – $47 (21% off) (One-Time Payment) – All of the above features on up to 10 sites.
  • Dev: $57 – $67 (15% off) (One-Time Payment) – All of the above features on unlimited sites AND client sites.

But Hold Up!

You’ll be relieved and excited to know that your purchase of Clixplit is covered by a good ol’ fashioned 60-Day Money Back Guarantee:


Try Clixplit on your web property for 60 days (two whole months!) to experience the awesome power of this unique click trick on your traffic.

If you find at any point that this innovative WordPress Plugin is not working the way we’ve demonstrated, just reach out and let us know. We’ll be happy fix the issue or refund your purchase in full.

Quick, Upload Clixplit to Your WordPress Site Before You Lose Any More Clicks!

Go ahead, snag yourself a Clixplit license right now.

Once you get into the member’s area, you’ll see that uploading Clixplit and getting it running on your first hyperlinks is extremely simple to do. This is thanks to your clean and organized User Interface that makes every action clear-cut and confusion-free.

As soon as Clixplit is uploaded into your WordPress site, you’ll be just a couple clicks and a few seconds away from enjoying your new highly-optimized hyperlinks for utmost maximization of your hard-earned traffic.

You work your booty off to get your traffic. You pay for that traffic. You stress for that traffic and probably even sweat for that traffic.

So why not do yourself a favor and add Clixplit to your WordPress site. Get the most out of your traffic efforts and say goodbye to lost clicks once and for all.

Multiply the attention your most valued pages receive, even from the most casual of browsers.

How’s It Feel, Losing Out On These Extra Page Views?

Clixplit does not simply cosmetically enhance your stats to make you feel good. It’s not like dropping a website pixel on your pages to inflate your data and appear more impressive.

No. That would be entirely useless and devoid of any value for you or your visitors.

Clixplit actually INCREASES the amount of real attention from real eyeballs on your most valued pages. Picture your site with Clixplit installed and imagine all the current hyperlinks peppered throughout your website.

Each one of those links can easily be enhanced with Clixplit.

Every single one of them could be working overtime for you right now as you read this… driving double the attention to your Squeeze pages, articles, reviews, videos, sales pages, blog posts, affiliate links, cpa offers, opt-in forms, order pages, checkout pages, shipping pages and more.

Up To 75% of Your Clicks are Leaking—no, POURING—Right Out of Your WordPress Site!

But obviously, you have a chance to change that right now at this moment.

It’s a problem you never even realized existed. Until today, you were doing your best to get the most from your traffic and, as far as you knew, there was nothing more to be done.

But now that you’re aware of this entire new layer of user engagement, it’s up to you on whether or not to take action and plug the gaping holes that are costing you every day.

It’s Your Choice: Continue Wasting Your Traffic or Fine Tune Your Site for User Engagement.

Things have changed for you. Choices you didn’t even realize you had until today, are now being presented to you and it’s up to you to decide what to do about it.

For one, you can do what plenty of other individuals who fail to see the power in this will choose to do:

  • Say “no” to up to a 300% increase in visitor clicks.
  • Skip out on this chance to implement some of the internet’s most useful and underutilized code on your site.
  • Accept that competitors in your corner will now have an upper hand on your traffic efforts.
  • Throw out the opportunity to multiply browser AND mobile traffic by up to a factor of four.
  • Deny your most valuable pages and links the attention they deserve.

Continue on getting up to 75% less clicks from your traffic than you know you’re now capable of attaining. I don’t know about you, but all of the above sounds kind of painful.

This is the same code, mind you, that only a handful of the web’s largest trafficked websites even know about, much less, know how to implement.

That leaves you with a second choice, one which will be taken by the web’s most forward thinking and innovative entrepreneurs. The second you saw this, you caught on quickly and knew that it would benefit you and your business in some way.

Whether that would be through more eyes on your affiliate links, cpa offers, squeeze pages and sales pages… or through creating a competitive edge in your corner of the web with solo ads, blogs, auto blogs, advertising services and traffic arbitrage.

You quickly recognized that this will take your traffic activity into totally new realms of possibility. And the only real limit is your imagination and creativity.

But in case you still don’t see it… I’ll spell it out:

More Clicks Means More Traffic, More Attention, More Conversions and More Sales.


So it’s time to choose. Go back to the old days of wasted clicks and squandered opportunity… Or take action on the progression that lies before you, snag a brand new one-of-a-kind traffic tool and step into a new world of click value and user engagement.

Final Thoughts

Clixplit is the only WordPress Plugin available today that will increase visitor clicks on your desired hyperlinks by up to 300%.

This means, when fully utilized, Clixplit will create up to a FOUR-FOLD increase in attention to your most valued offers and pages. Pass up this opportunity at your own risk of click loss!

This isn’t just some “Wordpress Plugin” that may or may not work. Clixplit takes a little-known HTML loophole and makes a tiny, almost unrecognizable tweak to multiply interaction with your hyperlinks. No other WordPress Plugin does this for your website.


P.S. Your investment in Clixplit is backed by a full 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee as we’re shouldering all the risk for you.

So that if you upload and install Clixplit to your WordPress site and find that it doesn’t do exactly as we’ve promised it would, you can reach out at any time, get full tech support, bug reporting and feature requests or get your investment back in full.

You can invest with the confidence that comes from knowing you’re not only getting exactly what is shown, but you’re also backed by a full refund guarantee, should Clixplit not perform as stated.

P.P.S. Now is your chance to be the among the first to utilize this new powerfully simple technology to send more traffic to your squeeze pages, articles, reviews, videos, sales pages, blog posts, affiliate links, cpa offers, opt-in forms, order pages, checkout pages, shipping pages and more.

Whatever links you need more attention on, Clixplit will help you do it.

P.P.P.S. Still reading this? You’ve made it this far and you’ve clearly seen the immense benefit Clixplit will have on your traffic. What are you waiting for?

The longer you go without Clixplit, the more clicks your site continues to bleed! Grab Clixplit today and enjoy the increase in visitor engagement with your desired links.


As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Clixplit review & software tutorial.

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