5 Mid Ticket Promo Tips As An Affiliate

5 Mid Ticket Promo Tips As An Affiliate

I’m back today with some mid ticket promo tips as an affiliate which could help you with a nice 4. Or 5 figure promo.

So I’ve talking about anything between the price range of $297 – $2,997.

Golden Rule # 1 – Presell

Presell like crazy, warm you list up and show them how important the offer is. Rather than slapping together a 5 minute promo, write a series of emails warming your subscribers up for the main offer of the week.

Golden Rule # 2 – Promote The Pre launch Webinar.

My most successful promotions have always been sending leads directly to a pre launch webinar where I can expect sales before the cart opens to the public.

Golden Rule # 3 – Offer A Bonus

Go all out with your bonus. Let’s say you’ve a $997 product and you normally offer 50% commission, deal with support, offer prizes you JV’s and all the rest. You would probably be happy with $248.50 if you were just giving it away. Makes sense right? Stack the value and put together the best bonus package you can think of.

Golden Rule # 4 – Mail Often, Never Just Once!

Everyone’s got their own favourite promo scheduling strategy so I’ll just share mine and tell you straight out that the once a day promo email does not work for maximum impact, Doing this is leaving a crap load of money on the table.

So here’s my norm for filling up Paypal:

1. Twice the day before launch for the pre launch webinar or bonus page.

2. The day of launch I send 3 emails. One hour before, at launch and 6 hours after.

3. From there I follow up with 2 emails per day for 2 days

4. And close off with 3 emails on the last day.

It’s a promo strategy which is proven to work time and time again.

Golden Rule # 5 – Don’t Mix Offers

Might seem like a obvious one but confusing your subscribers is the last thing you ever want to do. As a rule here I never send a two offers in the same day and never include links to two offers in any one email. It’s a massive conversion crusher.

Hope this helps.

Leo Reynolds

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